Each trade in fur should be forbidden
The Canadian government has given permission to kill 325.000 baby seals this year.
Sometimes the babys are just one day old…..Did U see those pictures.
The hunters club them to death….and than take the fur off,,sometimes the seal is not even dead  They skin them alive…and let the naked bodies ..  there on the white surface…..Blood…..
Horrifying, terrible, degrading slaughter.They should be ashamed…Motive????
Money Much money…as always…
Cause…..Ppl who wear  fur…..
Its  a disgrace these ppl still excist…
They are the cause of a lot of animal grief, they support the disgusting  practices acc.the fur industry.
baby seals hunt and minknursery…
Canadian government says they have to do this…………… to keep the seal population in tact.  hahaha
                   VICTIM                     FOR THIS WOMAN  SHE WEARS A SECOND HAND COAT

inmagine inmagine

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19 Responses to BaBy SEALS

  1. Isabel says:

    Hi! Thanks for your comments…
    realy nice ones.
    I have something in my blog called – I rather go naked than wear fur- check it!
    Those events took place when I was in Nepal and Dalai Lama was in India…
    those people wearing fur are insane!
    Have a great weekend
    ps I will link you to my blog

  2. Isabel says:

    Wow! Just saw your pictures of Shri Lanka!
    Beautifull ones!
    So I see U can understand me…I need to go back asap!

  3. Utsav says:

    Its reallysad…but what can one do..keep seals population intac..hmm first we should look at keeping human population intact..!!

  4. Utsav says:

    n yeah maam i aint a party just the opposite..i llike to rest at jsut cause my mom was away taht iw as like crazy..usualy i like to just go out do nothing….randommmmmm…and yeah umm…ahh nothing…byeeeeeeeeeee

  5. Anant M says:

    Thank you Marij
    But all hearsay is not entirely true. The west has a lot to answer for in the way its media projects the so-called ‘third world countries’.
    For example having the read about Taliban etc you would have thought that women coming from Afghanistan must be subservient, docile, uneducated and therefore incapable of holding their own in the real world outside.
    Within social housing I have come across many refugee families from that part of the world – in which – all women without any exceptions – were highly qualified and articulate not only in their language but in English. The current Miss England is from that part of the world. It is the media that projects negative images all the time. However, some of the gender discrimination allegations are true but then we in Britain have the same problem (if you’d see my previous entries on inequalities) despite 40 years of legislation!
    Equality awareness, like charity, in my view must begin from home. It is a male ego issue which has to be eradicated knowingly and deliberately. One has to be exemplary if one wishes any one (including your children) to follow. They watch what you do not what you preach.
    See the link:
    Dubai women storm world of work
    I have recently been to Dubai – it is an exploitative society especially of migrant workers. See the link:
    However – it is progressing in new residential buildings, businesses etc at a pace unequalled anywhere on this Earth. I’ll put some of the photos on the site when I am able.
    Women have begun to assert themselves in almost all spheres of life and so they must. It is not a matter of being allowed or permitted to follow their dreams – they have to seize the opportunities and empowerment to handle their own destinies IF such change cannot be influenced or persuaded out of, or negotiated from the male dominated sector.
    See my recent entry ‘Persisting Discrimination’ – we, in Britain, have a long way to go yet in terms of equalities across the board.

  6. Utsav says:

    well it is sad to see any animal matter what way it dies…but yes cruelty hurts more…and a long lived life and death without suffering makes your heart say THNK GOD ATLEAST IT LIVED TO THE FULLEST
    Well arnt there any protests?

  7. Anant M says:

    Daily Inspiration

    To call woman the weaker sex is a libel; it is man’s injustice to woman. If by strength is meant brute strength, then, indeed, is woman less brute than man. If by strength is meant moral power, then woman is immeasurably man’s superior. Has she not greater intuition, is she not more self-sacrificing, has she not greater powers of endurance, has she not greater courage? Without her, man could not be. Mahatma Gandhi in Young India, 10/4/1930

  8. Anant M says:

    Daily Inspiration

    To give love is true freedom; to demand love is pure slavery. Swami Chinmayananda

  9. Anant M says:

    In life, to handle yourself, use your head, but to handle others, use your heart.
    Swami Chinmayananda (1917-1993), Vedantist writer, lecturer and Hindu renaissance founder of Chinmaya Mission International

  10. Anant M says:

    Dear Marij (Sweetie)
    Your comments raised my nap (noppe) at the back of my neck as I remembered attending the Centennial Anniversary of the Birth of Mahatma on 2 October 1969 in new Delhi in India at the place he was cremated according to our Hindu ceremony (on 30 January 1948.)
    As a young man, whilst studying in India, I have questioned his intentions (quite like the assassin Nathuram Godse), his motives, his aspirations and his inspirations. I have felt angry about the need to divide the land into India & Pakistan. I have felt let down by Mahatma on that issue but … through introspection and self -questioning I realised the greater good in his arguments. Growing up a bit wiser (vyaser) I now accept how he thought and felt at the time and how relevant those thoughts were in relations to the whole nation not only Indian side and Muslim side.
    I do believe that there isn’t a force on this Earth that could breakdown the passive non-violent genuine protest against any government policy.
    A quote becomes a thorn in the govt policy issue only when people begin to live it convincingly. Let us begin from here …
    May your God go with you

  11. meghna says:

    thats so terrible… how can the government allow this… and to keep the seal population intact. wat bullshit… the motive is clearly money, and its definitely not the kind of thing expected from a developed country… a poor country may still be excused on the grounds that they need the monet, though i think even doing that wud b stupid
    take care

  12. Unknown says:

    The fur trade has to be stopped thats a fact! And on another not we should try to help repopulation of animals like the Grey Wolf back into Canada and the U.S! Over here in the U.K as well the rest of Europe the wolf was hunted to till it was no more…….. reintroduction has started in Europe but farmers was up in arms about it…… cattle killings and such.
    Well off to bed lol
    Support the wolf… help the wolf!

  13. Arun says:

    Hey Sweetihow r u and hows lifei am fine had a great weekend…was on a small trip to eastern side of the country..more than 250km from was a great trip….o ya that fur trade…somthing that must be stopped…..check out ur mail…i hav send somthing…on the same its a powerpoint presentation …… killing seals….a horrible one…..killing any animal for pleasure or money must be banned and be punished….anway take carec u sooonarun

  14. Utsav says:

    he’s a guy

  15. ·¦·LiИќĪn_BoI·¦· says:

    Hey Marij!
    well, im almost in tears, as I read this… because for one thing, Seals are the most innocent creatures around our world, and they hardly ever hurt anyone, and here some mad humans are killin them on the reason to try and keep their population intact?!?! wat kind of nonsense is that!!! Meghna is right, all that is just rubbish and its just a motive to keep gettin more money.
    as a rule, I NEVER buy anything or any product that has been made from animal skin, specially innocent animals like seals or even polar bears.
    so yea, I guess thats the only way, we can make a difference ya?
    lets pray and hope some sanity will prevail soon and the killings would stop!
    tc marij and god bless,

  16. ·¦·LiИќĪn_BoI·¦· says:

    Heya Marij,  just stopped by to say Hiiii, and hope ur having a good weekend!!! 😀

  17. Kiran says:

    Hi Sweeti! I agree, this is so inhuman. How can we commit such a cruel act? I never saw a video of people killing seals except for that 2 sec clip in Michael Jackson’s Earth Song. I have read about it though in the newspapers all the time. It really needs to end. Hopefully the government will pay heed to the people’s protest and stop it…
    Hey yeah its funny! I always refer to my car as a "She" :)) I love her a lot, even though I really dont believe in material possesions. I do take good care of her :)) … i guess u do take good care of Him too… 🙂
    Take care Marij and have a great weekend!!
    Big Hug!

  18. Jitender says:

    Population could  be a real problem. Still, I don’t see why clubbing or stripping alive is necessary. A simple lethal injection can do the trick.And please remember that this is normal human behavior since ages past. Not all of us can be expected to cultivate modern "civilized" outlooks. Of course earlier it was a question of survival but nowadays it’s fashion.

  19. Yousef says:

    Hi Sweeti
    How are you?! I hope you are fine…
    Of course you do have a point here but who listens??!!
    Yousef Hani

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