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I found this and i thought to share this with u …. WHAT DO ANGELS LOOK LIKE? Like the little old lady who returned your wallet yesterday. Like the taxi driver who told you that your eyes light up the world … Continue reading

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Kiran …  good to hear ur dad is doing ok..  Thx God…..being healthy is the most important thing… Never forget …..    Abt Michael   Just had a call from my sis…Not such  a good news….Michael is very sick…his red blood … Continue reading

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Cyber – Harassmant

A real plague   It seems that the new methods of making contact is also inventing a new kind of plague. Trough SMS……mails  even….changing pics and  put them on internet for the whole world to see….hacking computers…..just for so called … Continue reading

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I  had a wonderful… joyfull day till now ……. Had some good laughs during lunch break   We have some guys here ..wellll they can make ur day  (Telling dirty jokes  LOL)     LIL Joke ( Not a dirty one ) Not in … Continue reading

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Im always a bit impulsive  with my words…Like i write in my profile..   But i know where im talking abt….   ..U know when ur always trying to be honest with ppl It can hurt….I try not to hurt ppl  … Continue reading

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LoVe AlPhAbEt

I put with permission from ArUn  this phonetic alphabet   Arun ‘s blog But I changed  it in a love alphabet   Dont hesistate to give me better words…… Phonetic Alphabets Useful for spelling words and names, such alphabets are variously known … Continue reading

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PeAcE oF mInD

    With wealth you can live in comfort.With drive you can make a comfortable living.With peace of mind, you can be comfortable in living.       Peace of mind…..yeahhhhh How do i get that?????? HELP         … Continue reading

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