First of all i want u to meet the youngest of our friends in Sri Lanka. His name is Muthumina Tharoon.First time we met our friends, his mom was 2 months pregant of him.
His family lives in Balapitiya.. had to suffer from tsunami ..This lil guys mom was 5 ,5 months pregnant of him om december 26 2004…..
He has an older bro his name is Dewmina….U see him left on the pic….He is very proud of his lil baby bro.
These pics are taken when he had his first rice…Its a tradition in Buddishm with the presence of buddist monks…..I love these pics….His such a cutie…and i wanna share these pics with u all. Hope U like these lil rascals….

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8 Responses to BaLaPiTyIa

  1. Princess says:

    Sooooooooo Sweet. 🙂 & Soooooooo Cute 🙂

  2. Deepak, or ppl call me deeeepakh says:

    thank u for the kind words and the sweet kiss.
    tryin to figure life out, i guess wen ure in luv, evrythin jus finds its way out. then u want to live a life not jus spend it screwin arnd. thts wat happ 2 me.

  3. Chandreyee says:

    I am touched by your matter of fact serenity and compassion. I am so glad that you have visited my blog. BTW,Im HIndu by birth but practice nichiren’s buddhism in India. Read more of me and my blog to know more. Would love to get to know you!
    Chat me up???
    Love and prayers

  4. Isabel says:

    Hi sweeti!
    Those photos brings me back so many memories…they are lovely!
    Hope u are having a great week end!
    Lots of Hugs

  5. Unknown says:

    Hallo marij *
    ben mijn goede humeur verloren, de telefoon zou meteen moeten werken volgens de boekjes ben nu al uren bezig ook brassboy maar geen sikkepit verder kan morgen pas bellen, grrrrrrr en kan moeilijk naar kijkshop terug ) verder is het een leuk toestelletje maar dan moet alles wel werken kan niks downloaden etc. balen…. heb nog een optie wat ik zo kan gaan bekijken op een site van Telfort laatste mogelijkheid heb alles gereset van de telefoon maar alles doet het behalve de internet.
    grrrrrrrrv anders breng ik hem terug en koop hem ergens anders dan maar vodafone dan kan ik in ieder geval terug met het toestel maar misschien is het iets simpels en is het morgen zo gewijzigd. hoop ik anders hoef ik deze niet meer
    Liefs Marianne

  6. Jaime Campbell says:

    He is SUCH a doll!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, so very cute.  I’m glad that you posted these. 
    How are you, girl?  Thanks for being excited with me.  I am soooo happy.

  7. ·¦·LiИќĪn_BoI·¦· says:

    Hi Marij!
    thanx for sharing all the pics with us…. yea well they seem to be full of life and its nice to see them being looked after, and cared by their family. its gud at least he has his brother, and his mom and some caring monks to look after him.
    i hope that god will protect him and help him have a life of decent happiness, and i hope he will acheive whatever god has planned for him.
    you are doing so much for the people of my country, Marij…. my GF and I are very proud of you…. and we are so greatful for all the support u have given our country and its people in need.
    may god bless you now and always!
    best wishes,

  8. SAURABH says:

    it shows how sweet u r… u r a real sweetie.. love u …mwuuuuaaaah….

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