Time ago i got from my friend Asela a site named  Wildmind Buddhist Meditation.
Got a bit to read  abt Buddhist mantras…………………there are so many  …. but Siddharta Gautama the first enlightened man always has my greatest attention……His mantra…… 

(Om muni muni mahamuni shakyamuni svaha)

Shakyamuni (the sage of the Shakyan clan) is the historical Buddha, also known as Siddhartha Gautama. He was almost certainly the first enlightened figure to be visualized. There’s a beautiful passage in the Sutta Nipata (an early Buddhist text) where Pingiya talks about how he is never separated from the Buddha. He says that at any time he wishes he can see and hear his teacher.

His mantra is a play on his name.Muni means sage. Maha means great. So the mantra reads "Om wise one, wise one, greatly wise one wise one of the Shakyans, Hail!"



I have a book   its titled THOUSAND WAYS TO ENLIGHTMENT


If somebody ask u a question u rather dont wanna answer  "

U SMILE and ask  :"Why do u wanna know?


I HAVE STILL SO MUCH TO READ    Why should i know everything…For most ppl it takes a life time to know.

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12 Responses to Buddhism

  1. Jitender says:

    I was much surprised to learn that there is a Buddhist group somwhere close to Siberia.

  2. Sudhir says:

    Hi haven’t been here for some time. how are you? You Budhist group in your area? Amazing. The question ‘WHY’ in English is very useful. It can be used as a question and as an answer too. so ‘why’?

  3. Kumari says:

    I am glad to know you are interested in Buddhism
    I would also liket to give you a  piece of advice as a born Buddhist
    Try to find the true Buddhism because there is a lot of false teaching everywhere.  Buddhism is more practising than praying or reading.  Reading is very important but practising is more important than anything else.  And also if you really want to practice Buddhism try to find a good teacher. 
    when next time you come to Sri Lanka visit a good monastic and see a monk and try to get an idea about Buddhism. that is very important.  Because Buddhism is not a religion it is an existing truth which we have to realise ourselves.  Buddhist teachings can only give you guidance and direction
    Hope you will not be angry thinking I am trying to convert you.  You must have realized by now there is no such things as conversion in Buddhism

  4. sweeti's says:

    He Mr K..
    I know buddhism is not a religion and i know practising …..Thats it….
    Thats why im so interested   it overwelmed me the times i was in Sri Lanka. Almost 2 years its keeping me busy on my mind…..
    It u should read this    can u contact me????????????????????

  5. Kumari says:

    Hi M
    I am glad that you addressed me. 
    Also, I am not a Mr.  I am a Miss from Sri Lanka.  But not Miss Sri Lanka he he 😉
    I don’t like to publish my e-mail address here. 
    Please give me your e-mail address if you don’t mind then I will send you a reply
    Miss K

  6. sweeti's says:

    He Mrs K.     Mrs Sri Lanka LOL
    He dunno if u got my mail
    but here again

  7. Anant M says:

    Good evening Marij (sweeti)
    Thank you for your spontaneous efflorescence with milk of human kindness. These ethereal hugs with encouragement are much appreciated.
    PS: what out for Older People posting I will be doing shortly.

  8. Anant M says:

    Dalai Lama Speaks On Dealing With Terrorism
    Yes indeed; it takes a life time to reach the ultimate truth. When you do you may not recognise it anymore and what’s more the public wont either.
    Is that the truth? about the truth?
    The dilemma is in the Maya (emotional attachments). The idea is to conduct one’s like free of attachements. It takes a lifetime to master just how to do it without causing undue pain. 

  9. ·¦·LiИќĪn_BoI·¦· says:

    Hi Marij,
    well im not a buddhist, but i do like to learn a lot about the religion. its always lovely to learn a lot about other religions and their teachings as well. it makes us open minded to everything and anything that we are not always used to… and yes its always gud to read, and even though buddhism must be practiced, reading still gives us a lot of information.
    as for somebody asking me a question i dun wanna answer, well yea, "why do u wanna know" is an ok answer…. not that it has always worked for me…. cos i usually end up anyway answerin da question! hehhe….
    tc marij, hope ur havin a gud week!
    best wishes,

  10. SAURABH says:

    "why do u wanna know" this is what exactly i say almost hundred times a day ..lol…:P

  11. Princess says:

    I too love to read book son budhism. I have a small one regarding Zen. Good Post. 

  12. pankaj says:

    mentioning of The Buddha reminds me of something much more meaningful
    and interesting that he once said….
             It makes so much of
    sense in this material world that we are living in… today.
    Gautama literally gave out the "Formula" to Peace and personal
    salvation ages ago…It means so much..
             Yet, we choose to
    ignore those golden woeds and continue to live in this disarray of the
    lives that we are leading….
    I just imagine….How beautiful this world may look….if we could just
    try it once.

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