Time ago i bought this lil sculpture …Its mexican Thats the only thing I know.
It felt like …. a kind of the whole world belonging together … 7 persons…..holding hands on each other shoulder……
If anyone can give me the real meaning of this …Cause i saw this sculpture in other ways Smaller Bigger …Modern old clasic……
Hope somebody can give me the correct meaning  I would be gratefull
Click to enlarge….
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8 Responses to UnIt

  1. FreeBird's says:

    By the looks of the bigger figure, what I feel like is that as if its a sign of bonding which cant be broken.
    UniTy as in when the people come together and this forms a strong joint of feelings, relations and emotions.
    Frankly my head isnt in a state to comment but I will come back.
    And I just have to say that : ur words made me smile and the way u wrote em … I simply like to read them again and again….
    I will keep dropping by ur space…

  2. Arun says:

    Hey Sweetithr r 7 persons in that pic right….now just see the MSN space logo u can see 3 persons holding hands on each other shoulder…i thinking its friendship that cant be broken…will be togther what ever the situation is..anyway take care tomorrow is a weekend in this part of the world…..havnt decided what to do…thinking……c u sooooonarun

  3. Jacqui's says:

    I looked up your figurine and found it! http://www.creativeoutlet.net It says "Since the beginning of time,friendship has been the most important relationship that man has experienced. According to the myth, ancient man gathered around a new fire to celebrate peace and brotherhood among tribes. The legend tells that if you give a "Circle of Friends" to a person you care for, your bond of friendship will endure forever."  It’s a candle holder, the candle meaning to be the fire of friendship and bonding.

  4. Trish's Place says:

    Hi Marji,
    How are you  doing? I pray for Michael. He is a real fighter and good to hear the Doctor’s have been encouraging. Nice to read about your kids in Sri Lanka.
    I haven’t been around much so thought I  better check in.

  5. Isabel says:

    Hey 1
    I dont know the real meaning but shoud be "unity"
    It is lovely that what mankind should be like!
    Oh a shower makes wonders…I am feeling better
    A litle crazy and feeling like party..this weekend.
    Lately I am in ups and downs!
    Take care my friend

  6. FreeBird's says:

    Well thanks a ton, Sweeti Should I say.
    About photography I am just a beginner. Well I too was on it.. but not in these photographs.
    My one’s are here on Pics-  page 2 & 3. Hope u treat your eyes again from these pics…
    How fast…. in India is a big question… there is no speed limits but its the roadsand traffic that dont allow you to fly through.
    Yess, Its me always on a motorbike. kind of die hard enthusiast with the bike and travelling. Yes you can say thats Y im a FreeBirD.
    Whats this M stands for … while I am sure u have my intial right M = Mani = Mussafir.

  7. Princess says:

    It is like the kind we see in TV, i.e., In Cricket matches the players hold each others shoulders and dance.
    May it is also a kind of dance praying for unity or praising the lord for uniting them or celebrating their unity.

  8. ·¦·LiИќĪn_BoI·¦· says:

    Hi Marij!
    yes, I agree with most of ur friend’s comments….. its something to do with Unity, and Bonding and and how no matter what happens the 7 of those people will always stick by each other! Its also probably got something to do with tribal peace and brotherhood, between different tribal leaders!
    well it teaches us a lot…..it teaches us that as human race, unless we are united…. if we are divided, we will fall!
    Nice blog, Marij…. and a very nice sculpture….. hope it doesn’t have any Voodoo Magic inside….. cos that mite be very scray then, ya? hehhehehhe…..
    tc and god bless…..

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