ThE iTaLiAn WaY

  AN ITALIAN GOES TO MALTA…….   His story……


One  day  I gonna  to  Malta  to a  big  hotel,  in  the  morning  I  go  down  to  eat  a  breakfast.  I  tell  the  waitress  that  I  want  two  pieces  of  toast.  She  brings  me  only  one  piece.  I  tell  her  "I  wanna  two  pieces".  She  say  "Go  to  the  toilet".  I  say  "you  don’t  understand,  I wanna  two  pieces  on  my  plate".  She  say  to  me:  "you  better  not  piss  on  the  plate,  you  sonnawabitch".  I  do  not  even  know  this  lady  and  she  call  me  a  sonnawabitch  !!

Later I  go  to  eat  at  a  bigger  restaurant.  The  waiter  brings  me  a  spoon  and  a  knife  but  no  fork.  I  tell  her  "I  wanna  a  fork"  and  she  tell  me:  "everyone  wanna  f@?k ".  I  tell   her  "you don’t  understand  me…  I  wanna  fork  on  the  table".  She  say:  "you  better  not  f@?k  on  the  table  you  sonnawabitch" .

So  I  go  back  to  my  room  in  my  hotel  and  there  is  no  sheets  on  the  bed.  I  call  the  manager  and  tell  him  "I  wanna  a  sheet".  he  tell  me  to  go  the  toilet.  I  say  "you  don’t  understand  I  wanna  a  sheet  on  my  bed".  He  say: "you  better  not  shit  on  the  bed,  you  sonnawabitch".

I  go  to  the  Check  out  and  the  man  at  the  desk  said  "peace  on  you",  and  I  say:  "Piss  on  you  too,  you  sonnawabicth".  I  gonna  back  to  Italy !

inmagine inmagine


If Italian friends read this.

Dont be offended  plz…..Just for fun hehehe

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23 Responses to ThE iTaLiAn WaY

  1. Christopher says:

    I love this joke, we used to say it among our friends and laugh our heads off, it is funny!
    By the way, the exam went well today. Thank god its over!! Thanks so much for your wishes Sweeti!!
    I do hope you are finel and that Michael is keeping alright too.
    Have a great day, I’ll be back.
    Take care,

  2. Aman says:

    very good…. i see spring is in the air
    hope everything is good

  3. guanjie says:

    haha ~~~~~~~
    very funny………..

  4. priyanga says:

    funny one.just drop to say hii.finally i got spring break for a week.
    tc pal

  5. Absolutely_Whacked says:

    heheheh, something I don’t want to perlive, but funny anyway 🙂
    just passing and gonna say you have a good space

  6. Isabel says:

    Lol! Thats a good one!
    It could as well be in Portugal…
    Humor is great!
    wish you a very good week!

  7. FreeBird's says:

    Thanks for dropping me into ur blogosphere… first of all…
    Even I wanna have a fork on a table.. now 😉
    J/k – have it read few times already and it still makes me laugh each time…

  8. meghna says:

    well i haven’t been around for a while… blame it on exams… stilll got another 3 weeks of it to go.. so i won’t be around for some more time too..
    take care

  9. Anant M says:

    If you do not say the untruths – you probably won’t get elected – like me.
    To believe in, say and exemplify the truth – there is price to be paid – a lifetime of exclusion and isolation perhaps
    Hello everybody, outs-outta dere in a-radio and a-TV landDid you know I hadda bigga hitta song in Italy with-a dis, Shaddupa you faceI singa dissa song, alla my fans applaude, they clappa dere handsThat make-a me-a feel so goodYou oughta learna dissa song, itsa realla simpleSee, I sing, "What’sa matta you", You sing, "Hey", then I singa the restAnd then at the end we can alla sing "Ah shaddupa you face", OK let’sa try i

  10. linda says:

    I have been painting, finished three pictures this weekend……all work and no play makes me irritable so here is a fun Easter Card from lindas fun house……..        Love ya

  11. SAURABH says:

    i also have an audio file of this conversation its really funny… anyways how the things r going ?? hows michael ???

  12. sillygloop says:

    You did find the rite cultprit (keep this a secret till I announce it ok 🙂 and Joshua Tree it was! If you see Raje’s comment, you can understand how the Statue of Liberty clue works. Have a great day!

  13. meltem says:

    Hiya Sweetttiii:)
    In the end i am back from England! It has been a long time since my last comment! nice to be in spaces’ life, miss you…
    take care…
    hugs and kisses
    p.s. i like it, very good!

  14. Sudhir says:

    Hi Sweeti – how are you. Nice joke. As I am not an Italian I enjoyed it more.LOL

  15. ·¦·LiИќĪn_BoI·¦· says:

    HEY MARIJ!!!!
    hahahahahahahahhahaha, yea I remember reading this story when I was in school! It was such a crack up and a huge joke among all my school friends! as I was reading this, I started to remember my school days, so yea, thanks a lot for that! 🙂 its awesome to remember the nice old days of school!
    thank u for ur very kind comments on my blog about me and Sanduni. yes, my life is so special because of her, and I will always look after her. she has always been there for me, during all my bad times, ever since she came into my life. Love is an emotion that can never be explained totally…. its something sacred, special and something nice to treasure.
    btw, yes, you can add her link to ur blog list of friends…. and thats no problem, I am sure she won’t mind at all, she would be happy to be in ur list of friends. u have done so much for our country, and we are so happy to know and have a friend like u, Marij.
    Thanks, and may god bless u always
    Warm wishes,

  16. Arcopol Chaudhuri says:

    Hahah…this is hilarious. There’s a section of Marathi speaking people and Gujjus too who’d be mistaken like that.Totally funny this one…Cheers!

  17. Arun says:

    thats a cool one lolkeep it uptake carearun

  18. Anant M says:


  19. N M says:

    this is funny shit

  20. Isabel says:

    Thanks for your nice comment!
    Wish you a great day tomorrow!

  21. ·¦·LiИќĪn_BoI·¦· says:

    Hiiii Marij,
    Just dropped by to say a hiii…… hope ur keeping fine….. 🙂
    thanx for adding my gf sanduni’s blog link to ur list…… thanks a lot! 😀 and yup indeed, she is my angel, my one and only angel!
    hope ur family and everyone’s keeping fine, and hope micheal too is recovering well. plz convey all our wishes and prayers to him.
    lots of wishes,

  22. Jaime Campbell says:

    Hi Marij!
    Wow.  I have missed visiting with you so much.  Feels good to be here.
    I love this entry! So funny!
    As for me, I’m still trudging the adoption road, but I’m doing well.
    Hugs, Sweeti!
    Jaime Sweetie 🙂

  23. Unknown says:

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