Wel friends   I told u so….  ….  His in a DIP 
But nevertheless his talking with much hope still….
He is very tired whole day    sometimes  just walking 10 meter  is more than enough.
His hearing was so bad.. and his mouth was painfull again..He could hardly eat    U can imagine…
And while he was in his bed His blanket felt like 25 kilo   pressing his body..
His parents and Iza are the only ppl who can be with him  (Infection) When his parents went home last week  He coud hardly raise his hand to say goodbey…..Can u imagine    Well when he writes that  ….my  tears are coming again.
Cant help it…..feel so sorry .
He had to go for check up to the hospital   and like he thought his Hemoglobine  was so low and his resistance  was nil.
He had to stay in hospital for getting blood   2 sacks……Hi started with the second heavy treatment now
So guys>>>>>> Its going up and down…..
It seems normal …when u talk with ppl who did undergo the same…..
U know Michael and Iza deserve  a happy marriage…and we go for it..
When those two survive this together ……..they can handle a lifetime together… dont u think.
Thx IZA  She is such an angel for Michael   (Heaven send)
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6 Responses to Michael

  1. ferhat says:


  2. ·¦·LiИќĪn_BoI·¦· says:

    Hey Marij!!!
    yes, I know what u mean, if micheal and iza can get through these hard times, things surely would be wnderful in the future. its very sad to note that micheal’s unable to fully recover… i sure hope things will be aight, and that there will be a way out for him to get over all these medical problems, once and for all. i guess sometimes even the best doctors can’t do much, cos doctors are human too ya?
    these are the moments that i always say, we need to reflect and be with god, and ask for his love and blessings, everyday. im sure his faith is strong, and so is iza’s faith, thats how they have come this far….
    we shall continue praying for him, marij…… cos rite now thats the main source of strength that we can give him from so far away.
    god bless, and may god be with u now and always….
    ur friend,

  3. guanjie says:

    God bless u and ur friends, kind-hearted woman.

  4. Unknown says:

    He Marij
    Zit niet zonder werk maar heb er gewoon niet een goed gevoel over en dat komt door een samenloop van omstandigheden dat ik liever ook wat achter de hand heb voor het geval dat…. alleen zal het waarschijnlijk wat anders worden dan doktersassitente want dat is niet in de buurt te vinden..
    Voel me daar niet happy onder en beheerst toch wel mijn dagelijkse leventje….mijn hoop is min of meer gevlogen maar er zijn ergere dingen op de wereld dus moet maar zien ,kan er helaas niks meer over zeggen omdat ik weet dat ik in ieder geval door familie in de gaten word gehouden  alsmede andere personen dit kunnen lezen. Maar er rommelt van alles door elkaar…
    Fijne dag TC Marianne
    Liefs Marianne

  5. Anant M says:

    Sweeti – we’ve been doing e-prescriptions for a long time now but the real issue for me is about the National Database not being accessible by professional doctors and medics when they are treating a casualty elsewhere in the Country.
    They have to depend upon the little knowledge the patient has about his/ her condition and what medications he/ she is on!? Not many people are knowledgeable about their conditions and medical regimes.
    12/04/2006 20:20:03

    My heart goes out to Michael & Iza.
    I find words quite inadequate to convey my
    innermost feelings for these eternally entwined souls. My most sincere prayers are being ethereally sent for both their well-being.
    May God bless them both for now and for ever. Amen.
    Published by: Anant (http://spaces.msn.com/vyas7/)

  6. SAURABH says:

    i really feel bad abt whats going on with michael… iza really sounds like an angel… i’ll ray that u guys should be able to participate in michael n iza’s marriage….
    u are an angel too.. u have an angel heart…

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