New kind of aggression..
Wednesday a 17 year old boy Joe….was killed in the central Station @ Brussels (Belgium)  5 knife thrusts…..Died 4 hours later in the hospital.
He got steamed  by 2 other guys. The central station was overloaded with travelers. Joe had to give his MP3 player to the steamers….Hows that possible….Ppl  did not help the guy
The culprits are not yet found…
Ppl saw those guys doing …….and were afraid to help 
Whats going on here???????
Are we afraid to get hurt…..Dzjee  I just heard the father of the boy who died.. he was on tv…..He lost his son. Cried…..
Can we look the man in the eyes   ?????
Kids get steamed by other kids in groups , on playgrounds,even @ school.  To give money or even to give those devils money every week….It looks like a kind of Mafia..
Those kids are so afraid to tell any one…….
Update  Saterday april 15 th. evening 19.30   News bulletin
I see the funeral of Joe on tv….
The poor guy his life has ended and he had so much to look forward to…SO YOUNG…
I heard a time ago  The world is killing itself   …..well  nature…
we destroy…..well young life (JOE)….we watch him  being killed………Think   …..Its starting …  the world … how long will it take???????

inmagine inmagine

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19 Responses to StEaMiNg

  1. Isabel says:

    Hi Sweeti!
    Thanks for your kind words…
    Now I am fighting some demons…but I will win!
    This I know.
    Hope u Hve a great EASTER!
    Big Hug n thank u again..

  2. Ameen says:

    well the sad and bitter trutn abt majority ppl are is they are just to selfish about their precious live and dont wont to be involved in such things. only if they were in such a situation would they realize this. otherwise when they  see something like that happen on the street just ignore. unless they knew the person. well thas human. bt are we being human as ‘human; defined.

  3. Unknown says:

    Hey Marij
    Ook voor het eerst skeeleren, ikzelf had niet verwacht dat ik zo zou gaan zweten en heb nog geen spierpijn gehad maar na het skaten douchen voel jeje een ander mens, ga morgenochten inderdaad als het droog blijft weer zet geen wekker maar ga lekker vroeg dan is het zo rustig in de buurt.
    Ben benieuwd hoe het jou afgaat ik dacht er te gemakkelijk over het is zwaarder dan ik dacht maar geeft niet raken we het koude zweet wat kwijt dat is zo weer aangevuld, blijf trouwens redelijk op gewicht eet wel iets minder maar nog wel veel boterkoeken whaaaha, op mijn werk even met een dieetiste gesproken of zij een tips wist hoe je nu gezond aan zou kunnen komen weet je wat ze zei: Walnotenpasta eten gezond vet meestal wel bij reformwinkeltjes te krijgen heb het nog niet gehaald maar vind walnoten wel lekker…
    Fijne paasdagen Marij
    TC Marianne

  4. Raje says:

    hi …
    this is really sad…everything happend b4 a crowd…:(….i really dont know how ppl r not aware tat it might happen to them anytime if it happens to some1 else or it can even happen to thier near ones….hmm….
    well had a gr8 tamil new year….:)

  5. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti!,
    I’m sorry these thing was happened in every countries today’s world that after the gun stricted by police..
    we had more young men used a knife to hurt other people which is no reason to killed..
    White people are normally don’t handle a knife but mostly An asian people used knives a lots.
    Today’s  people were became selfish then back in an old days ? I hope you are agreed with me….
    It’s sad to seening more young man killed by madly people’,perhaps more people were from stress today??
    Good old days,
    Hi ! to Michael  I knew you had bad times, but please "be strong " God be with you all the times.
    Big Hugs,

  6. Princess says:

    Very sad and unbelievable. Every kind of crimes and things that hurt fellow humans are occuring every now and then everywhere. :((.

  7. guanjie says:

     The things like you said often happen in China, sigh~~~~~~ i used to think it never happen in countrys like Belgium, i thought the European ppl were brave enough, so pity… i was wrong. Otherwise, i cannot imagine teen-age crimes happen in developed country are as frequently as in developing country.  Our sage—Confucius says:"人之初,性本善",that means everyone is virtuous and kind-hearted by birth and by nature. but i cannot believe it.

  8. Vijay says:

    Starts out as bullying in schools and ends up as muggings and murders like these. The schools need to be set right first…a safe environment and good education can stop such criminal tendencies at the root. A pity again that no one came to help…in India that’s the case in many cities too where everyone’s happy it’s not them getting beaten and turn a blind eye so they don’t get in trouble with the gangs or the police. A vigilant public can make things easier I hope!

  9. Varun says:

    holy cow can they be dat mean..?
    seems like i should be armoured..big time..
    and surely carry some ammo

  10. Jitender says:

    Scrape civilization and you realize it is merely a vineer and does not go to the marrow.

  11. A Utah Woman Am I says:

    I think you bring up an excellent point here Sweeti.
    How can we watch someone hurt a fellow human being?  Well the only rational (if you can even call it that) would be that we are afraid to stop the mis-doing.  Our first priority is OUR safety.  And if we feel that that will be infringed or dangered…we will do nothing. 
    Surely it is a hard and wrong crime indeed, though I wonder had a group of people been assembled to stop such an act would it had been stoped? 
    Are we willing to give up our life or even a helping hand for someone we don’t even know?  Some would.  Some wouldn’t.  And what more can I say then "C’est la vie".  We can’t change the past, only hope that things like this do not happen again.
    Wishing you a happy easter Sweeti!

  12. Albachiara says:

    Hi Sweeti
    My language isn’t portuguese but it’s italian! ahahah! 🙂
    So… that little baby is died… it’s a sad story happened in Italy!
    It was a pleasure read you on my space, I hope read you again!
    Happy Easter
    Take care

  13. Jaime Campbell says:

    That is horrible.  SOOOOO sad.  Wow.  I’m so sorry that that’s all over the t.v.  I know it’s making you feel sad.  The world is killing itself…I hadn’t heard that before, but it certainly seems true.
    I hope you are doing well.  Love you, Sweeti.

  14. Stav says:

    That is so sad…
    Poor kid

  15. Kadir says:

    Its bit sad isnt it? I guess they are learning it form us. Unless we become better role models, its hard to control the action of our kids.

  16. Arun says:

    Thats sadThis generation people lost the power to react…when somthing like this happen…the first thing that comes to their mind….’why should i go behind all those trouble, waste my time and get hurt’..its always better to leave…..may be thats the reason….no one…helped the boyanyway take carehappy easterarun

  17. Sudhir says:

    Hi Sweeti – The world is going mad. Violence has become a way of life. Violence, that is all you see on TV, even the cartoons are full of violence. Computer games are dominated by violence. So what do our children learn?  Violence. Wonder who we can blame for this. Us?

  18. ·¦·LiИќĪn_BoI·¦· says:

    hey marij!!!
    well its terrible to hear what had happened!!! but the very same things happen in Russia too in a much bigger way! they have nazi groups that attack anyone who’s not of Russian origin, or who’s skin colour is not white! thats how sick the world has become.
    over here in SL, things were not so bad when I was in school… but now things are quite different, and kids in local schools sometimes hav gotten caught by the teachers for carrying knives in their pockets! thats the scary thing of school life, and how thuggery and violence have little by little crept into a once decent society!
    its far worse in the local universities…. and thank god i studied in a private university! 🙂
    take care and god bless,

  19. Jin says:

    kid rock said in one of his song:"only god knows why…only god…"!
    so throw the troubles away…

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