Silent demonstration

For Joe
I mentioned in a former entry (april 14 th) the death of Joe. Killed in central Station in Brussels.
The culprits are not found yet…There are video images spread all over the country.
2 day was a silent demonstration against violence …… in honour of Joe…
PPl with flowers ……and his photo……..
80.000 ppl came 2 Brussels to pay their respect and demonstrated..
Not accepting what happened….
Click to enlarge plz
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3 Responses to Silent demonstration

  1. Unknown says:

    Wow ziet er mooi uit marij en als je het groter wilt hebben kun je gewoon op het plaatje klikken en groter maken  have fun en je hebt ook een leuk effect met animaties met water
    Fijne dag marij
    TC Marianne

  2. Raje says:

    80000 ppl attended to pay thier respect :(…atleast if one has come forwarded to help this guy on tat day ,he would have been saved…:(…hope this shouldnt happen to any1 in future..

  3. ·¦·LiИќĪn_BoI·¦· says:

    hiii marij….
    yes as rajeswari said….. as much as its heartening to see 80,000 ppl come to pay respect…. if there was at least just ONE of those 80,000 to help save the boy before he died… things would have been so much different!
    anyways at least now, im sure the culprits will be a lil more scared………
    i hope they find the culprits and sentence them to LIFE IMPRISONMENT!!!
    tc marij , and god bless!!

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