Blood donation


2 day we had to go to Sint Niklaas..So I had to cancel ma Sunday run….

My hubby had to be in Sint Niklaas  to have his certificate for blood donation….

His donating blood 3 …4 times a year…..
I did blood donations too …but they did not wanted me anymore.. Low HB ..Well
I woke up very early It was 7.00 AM…(((OOhh last night had a long talk with a friend  LD Call  abt everything and anything lol )
Late to bed)
We had to be in the Town hall 10.30 AM after breakfast ,…..shower….dressing…stuff like that and poooohhhh….. we got in time at that place..parking probs dzjee…..I think there were around 250 ppl  in the town hall…
The mayor deed a speech…and the chairman of the Red Cross Belgium also…. very official stuff……
He adressed the donors with great compliments ….coz of those blood donations ppl stayed alive….It looked simple Well friends it is simple.
Just donate blood and u can save lifes ,thats just the plain truth.
chairman had a speech Not on paper But the man…wow That Guy could talk…

OOHHH btw there was an intermezzo between speeches…
a boy and girl from music academy playing the THEME OF CHINDLERS LIST Piano and transverse flute.

That was breath taking .I got goose bumps…..

He bTW dont forget 2 day its the day of the fight against




 Check out Isa ‘s blog….

OMG Friends   I dont know whats going on but i cant add pics of my digi cam anymore

Gonna check this out

In the mean time i will put these pics   So u can see  WHY DONATING BLOOD IS NECESSARY…..

The chairman of the RED CROSS said that one donation can save 4 —  5 lives   .

inmagine inmagine

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13 Responses to Blood donation

  1. Jitender says:


  2. samantha says:

    i donate blood, had to miss it this time tho coz i got a new tattooo, not aloud to donate within the 6 months. gutted!!
    thanx for dropping by x

  3. Arun says:

    hey sweetihow r u and hows life… tell me somthing….how many times u healthy person can donate blood in one yr…..and how many ml blood they take when u r givin blood? 300ML?arun

  4. Salil says:

    hey sweets!
    thank you for the birthday wishes. very kind of you to do so. and as to how you knew? well, that’s elementary my dear watson! you read about it on jacqui’s blog! correct me if i’m wrong. 🙂
    interesting post. i’d love to donate blood. but can’t. i have borderline anemia, so my doc has advised me against it. but i’m all for it.
    trust all else is well. cheers!
    ~ me 

  5. Isabel says:

    Hello Sweeti!Thanks for mention me!
    Here in Portugal only 11.000 persons join…
    All the money raised is going to Tanzania. Not that much anyway.
    There are so many faces of poverty we can help to fight everyday!!!
    I will never give up!
    Big Hug
    H.H. The XIV Dalai Lama
    No matter what is going onNever give upDevelop the heartToo much energy in your countryIs spent developing the mindInstead of the heartBe compassionateNot just to your friendsBut to everyoneBe compassionateWork for peaceIn your heart and in the worldWork for peaceAnd I say againNever give upNo matter what is going on around youNever give up

  6. ti_na says:

    Blood donation is popular in my country.
    However I’ve  never done. A bit scared…actually cause I don’t like to c blood…
    Is it painful? Are u a member of marrow bank also?
    I’ve heard many sad stories for the patients but I’ve never join…
    "I’m sorry" I always say inside of me and doen’t try.
    Oh, chiken~~me…

  7. The says:

    blood, the flow of life…. it has to be shared.. anyways, we waste a good amount of blood in the natural manner …. don’t be regardless that this blood can save someone’s life… can bring smile on more faces…
    but didi, 7am is TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO late!!!!!!!
    you have to get up early… before the Sun gets up, you have to get up…….
    No Late Night Please…. anyways,….. i think the mail is huge enough there…. read it carefully…
    ThanQ Didi for bringing a revolution in me today!!!!!
    with love…

  8. *white-flag* says:

    hey sweeti…
    tats so nice of u…n thank u for praying for me…
    yes ..its a li’l tough to get visa for u.s.
    hmm…lets hope for the best…
    neways r u doing???

  9. panks says:

    nice really nice i mean ur space

  10. panks says:

    hey glad ur like my space n thk for ur comments, anyways u said u r libran do check any other blogs too u will learn much more then this, bye take care hv a gr8 week ahead

  11. Lisi says:

    Astounding Space you have here!! Keep up the great work!!!
    take care and have a gr8 day!

  12. SAURABH says:

    sometimes i feel how can god send some1 as special as u r on this world… oh gal u knw this world is so cruel … and u r too good for it… u ‘ve got s much of love and feeling inside you…. i feel so goos to have a friend like you… i really feel good about it….
    well i havent got any chance to donate the blood… actually i am lyin i have got 3 chances and willingly i dont donate… may b i’ll do it some day… u knw i am o+ve … that makes me universal donor… that means i can give the blood to anyone however i need it from only o+ve guy…. lol what a weird thing god did to me… lol…
    anyways how the things r goin at ur end…

  13. Mandeep says:

    donatoing blood is cool i have donated twice . i do it every 6 months and have registered my self on whihc calls the donors wen sum one needs blood ( every 6 months coz . . the camp is orgainzed in my college which is organized every six months . ) its been a yr and i was in both the camps ..  in both the camps i was the first one to donate . . lol   and was also in the organizing comitee . .  to take care of the people falling down and alot of them did fell  down . .  .
    the only thing tat i dont like abt blood donation is the  needle  they use.. it was so so big and thick . .  and it hurts alot . . but the satifaction achieved after doing it . . counters the pain . .
    donate blood , save life  

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