Message for all my blog friends 
Im very busy now….. and i feel sorry i cant visit ur spaces.
This evening gonna watch the Da Vinci Code with colleagues from office….. 
2 Mo  I have a very busy day and thursday we leave for a 4 days break on a small holiday,going to the south of belgium doing some nature walks,,climbing  and stuff like that.  
That means early rise and going to bed  before 00.00  haha
    I will be back sunday..



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18 Responses to Message

  1. Vijay says:

    Have a great vacation!

  2. Chris says:

    I wish you a wonderful holiday. You could say I had a long break…but only from spaces and not from work 😦 Sorry for not being around lately. I wish you a well and safe trip with plenty of excitement. Also, I am intriqued with how the ‘da vinci code’ film will be like. I have never read the book but I hear it’s very interesting so I might be going to see it myself at some point.
    Take care and look after yourself always.
    Chris x

  3. Michiko's says:

    Hi sweeti,
    I’m very happy to you having a holiday…..I think you need really your metal have rest….trying to escaped
    from your worried.. come home with your a fresh your mind ….  I really meant it not with hung-over LOL!!
    have a great time with your hubby.

  4. Christopher says:

    Psssssssssssssssssssssssst Sweeti!!!
    Make sure you have a great time okay? I was missing your comments, so I had to come quick to make sure you were okay! I hope the movie was okay too, a lot of hype about the movie, in most cases, the movies never live upto the hype. Just take some time and relax pal, I’m sure you’ll feel great after the trip!
    Take care dear buddy,
    Your pal, Chris

  5. Priyank says:

    Hey thanks 4 dropping by…
    Sorry I could not respond earlier but my comp broke down.
    Neways, u have a happening place here. Keep it up.

  6. Frans says:

    Today I’ve made the finest naturewalking I ever had in my life………

  7. Jacqui's says:

    Hey Marij
    Same here. I feel bad cuz I’ve been so busy too. I think I’m going insane.

  8. Jaime Campbell says:

    Have a great time, Marij! 

  9. SAURABH says:

    go go go… rock the world baby… u knw u need some time to relax too.. u gotta go and have a wonderfull week ahead…
    have loads and loads of fun… and dont forget to carry extra battery for ur camera…coz i want u to put tons of pictures up here…
    u just go and rock.. and hey waych out when u do rappling or soe adventurous thing… i want u back on blogs assoon as possible and that too in one peice…:P  ;)… lol…hehe…
    and who all r goin along with ya… m i invited…??

  10. Arun says:

    yo buddyhav a nice trip……arun

  11. Baris says:

    helloooooo 🙂 I wil put somethings but Im busy with our site. :s see you next time take care… you erased my name on your blog list 😦

  12. FreeBird's says:

    Hi marij,
    really been long time since i checked ur spaces.. must admit been going thru a lot but its really glad to see that you have taken off your time and choosen to relax yourself.
    Its glad that by the time you are back you will be full with life..
    Stay happy and a big hug ..that was pending from my side.

  13. MKOC says:

    sweeti, here i am having a short break off exams; it is going to end on 9th June.
    have a nice holiday… i am looking forward to your comments :lol

  14. Fαтιмα says:

    Hello sweeti, oh my dear i missed yoyu a lot, do you know wht happened to me? my hard disk was dead lol so i couldn’t be online and had to wait my pc to be fixed, awww poor of me lol!! well i’m at school when i’ll be at home i’ll read all the entries i have missedhere and i’ll post the appropriate comments, i like you dear!!!
    have a nice hollidays and thanx you a lot for your comment !!!! kisses from …. me of course, hi hi ^^!!

  15. Kiran says:

    hey sweeti!! thats awesome! hope you enjoy ur vacation. be careful and take care!!
    big hug!

  16. Michiko's says:

    hi Sweeti,
    Your house was open…So, I coming  to inside then sat the your beautiful the sofer then listen to the music
    and  I opend the bottle of red  there I have a glass of red was good aged wine..yummy thank you. 

  17. sillygloop says:

    I saw ur message on Michiko’s blog. Maybe I should write more mysteries so u can get really tired and fall asleep the moment u hit the bed. Jokes apart, take care of ur diet and dont tire yourself too much. I’m sure this will pass soon. Have a great weekend!

  18. Isabel says:


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