Ardens and Da Vinci

Glad to be back friends.
We had a great time BUT it would be a lil bit greater with some sunshine….
Thursday when we left home,,,, it was raining………We had a 250 km trip ahead…..It took around 2 hours and a half when we arrived in The Ardens.Do u remember ur history class……Worlds War 2 …1944 Heavy fights……So many soldiers were killed…
Thursday in the afternoon we did some easy walk.Always the first day Coz our legs have to get used to climbing and descending….
But the rain kept coming down …..So the adventure and climbing activities fell literally into the water.
Its to dangerous than…..U can imagine ….slippery ..Oke we have mountain shoes but eventhough its not recomanded to do those things.Its a bit like suicide…
U can see on the pics in my album……it was even with those easy walks …. very wetty haha
We had to walk into the water to continue the walk..
Shoes out……wringing out ma socks……And i will add…….It was very cold Around 15 degrees…..
Not funny…….
The other day we visited a nature area with all kinds of animals.. Later on…..back to the hotel and just relax
Reading my book abt forced marriage… ….And a long hot bath with the lights out….Jus relaxing time .In the evening dinner with wine ….
Those three nights I did sleep rather well……Im not complaining…
Sunday when we started to pack our bags again The sun started to shine….
What did we do wrong???…… get those 3 days of RAIN.
2Mo Working day……
Ohhh Yes Abt the Movie THE DA VINCI CODE
A young friend of mine said  after seeing the movie….IM CONFUSED    ……
The Movie Is banned in Sri Lanka….Ma friend Duminda  just mailed me…..
If u ask my opinion. abt the movie….
Its not my kind of entertainment..Why ppl make such a fuss abt
this movie..Why does everyone wants to see this movie……Just to say  I have seen him????????
Im happier with my three days rain.. and watch the green nature, that God created…..
Love to u all.
The Ardens are heaven for bike riders…..Not us on the pic   …….just ppl passing by.
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5 Responses to Ardens and Da Vinci

  1. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    I’m glad you had good night slepping up there..why you read the book? I looked all your photos that explain
    the whole story of your vacation…I agree with you why the rainning all the time while you were away…
    still one way you had relax that is more important on your situation, and my situation was this morning I had
    my blood test again and tomorrow eveing I am going to seen the doctor..what he have to say…..

  2. Arun says:

    welcome back sweetiits seem rain had spoil ur trip a bit……so u didnt like the movie… let me see then…anyway take care c u laterarun

  3. Jacqui's says:

    When it comes to the subject of God, everyone makes a fuss…
    It’s crazy. Glad you had a good time. It must be amazing to just drive to another country…here you can drive to Mexico or Canada….ha, ha… When I lived in Alaska, we couldn’t even drive state to state. Too big to drive. Nearest city to me was an 8 hour drive…

  4. Jaime Campbell says:

    Oh, it sounds like you had SO much fun!  I’m sorry that you fell into the water.  I bet it was COLD!  And it rained the whole time?  Yuck.  Some rain is good, but not 3 days.  😦
    I’m glad that you’re back.  I missed you.

  5. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    I had good news for you my blood tested result from 4.00-4.3 range the doctor is very happy he said
    I do not need yet the Born marrow and lymph biopsy’s CT scan..what relieve from that I can’t help being anxious about my situation for a month that it has been a long wating times…I hated a wating ….
    I felt like a 100 years old ..well only one years different between you and I LOL!!
    Thank you for supported to scarcely cat.
    Hi to Michael   Michiko 

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