GiVe Me Ur FeAr

U say…Im free….. but u mean….  Im so lonely
The look in ur eyes says everything to me
I feel exactly like u … u can be honest
U feel ok ……… but ur mouth is trembling
I know that i can help u….but u have to want it urself
doing ourself a favor..thats all i ask
put away the fear ..
Give me ur fear and i give u hope
give me the night ..i will return him to morrow
as long as i dont loose u …..
.i will find my path with u
Look at me…..
Give me the feeling to belong
I go with u …..I never let u go
Give me ur fear…….

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25 Responses to GiVe Me Ur FeAr

  1. Gunveen says:

    Wen eva…. a person writes a poem… m sure derz always some inspiration or to say some person in da mind….:):)…hope u stay calm n happy even after letting da fear within :) care..
    cya 🙂

  2. Tida says:

    The words above are so nice sweeti.:)Hop u r doing fine. Miss you..Take care

  3. Maria says:

    Hey Marij,
    How have you been? We haven’t talk to each others for a long time! How is your day?
    It’s blogging time so i picked up few spacers linked on my Europe list and you are the one of them… a friendly hello to you, hope you’re doing well. 🙂
    Ok pop back when you have time, tell me some of your recent news ok?!!
    Circle of Spaces

  4. Ameeta says:

    Hi Sweeti!!!! how are you doing hun?
    It’s been so long since ive been on and seen your comments on my blog.
    Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

  5. Vijay says:

    A good one on the power of sharing ones’ feelings! How’ve you been doing? It’s been raining here during the afternoons and the heat is down. But I’ve been going home late and plan on going back soon today so I can enjoy the beautiful weather as I roam around town. You have a great evening!
    Also…there’s another mystery in the air 🙂

  6. Fαтιмα says:

    Hello Marij, wow that’s a lovely poem dear. Is it for your beloved man???? hehe!! I do admire people who can write their feelings so simply, it’s not my case unfortunately!!!! snif!!

  7. Chris says:

    Hey Marij.
    I love the poem, it’s very well written. Infact I’ve gone back to writing a few poems lately because it’s such a great way to unwind. I hope all is well for you and life is treating you well. I see I have had many blogs to catch up on but they all share something beautiful and also something wonderful about you. Take care.
    Chris x

  8. Yousef says:

    Hi Sweeti
    How are you?! I hope you are fine & doing GREAT…
    "Give me your fear & I’ll give you hope", a great trade indeed!!
    I’m glad that you come for my space to close your eyes & just listen, sometimes that’s all what we really need!!
    Take care,,,
    Yousef Hani

  9. Mandeep says:

    so u wrote it urself ???
    awesome work marij . .
    but for whome is this written ??..  who is the "u" in the poem . .hmmmm
    do tell me . .dear .. . ok !! . . 
    and u can take my fear instead if he is not intrested to give away his  ..  ??  will tat do ??
    Love & Regards
    Mandeep ~!~!@#

  10. Mandeep says:

    really  happy to knwo tat ur life still goes on hapily and full of joy . .  just  dont knw wen my life will start going hapliy and joyfully . …  rite now im living in my own grave , . . …  in a circle of  lonliness . . . lonliness which has taught me alot about me . .  which has taken  me far away from others . .  ..
    lol . . 
    njoi !!~!~

  11. sillygloop says:

    An apt comment regarding our birth and our destiny Sweeti! And yes, who can be rich but the ones with joy and laughter…money is not everything and will never be so. Take care!

  12. Mandeep says:

    thanks . . i would love to be tat "u ". .   and i m always opens . . 
    thanx alot sweeti . .  muaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh  :)) :))
    but didnt get wat u mean by " U start thinking   abt life and the WHY’s dont we???? "
     didnt get this line . .dear . .
    and thanx for telling me  tat i look better while smilin .. most of the time i m smiling . .  wats inside me is not shown on my face .  .. lol
     god bless !!

  13. Mandeep says:

    oh i get the why’s of the life . . 
    i have already thought alot abt it . .  still thinking . . snt have any answer to these whys , ,.. .
    read this blog i wrote while thinking abt the why’s . .. . . . —–>!3C7B73D0262E9CE9!1383.entry
     do u have  answere to the whys of life ??  do tell me . . .  plz
    LOve & regards . . . ..

  14. Mandeep says:

    i think  u got me wrong . . in none of my blogs ( even in tat april blog) i have writen tat i want material goods .  . . material things do hold somewat importance in my life too . .  but i m quite sarisfied wid what i have got . .  its the immaterial goods which i have failed to achieve .. love , care , respect . . etc . . 
    if u dont have  material goods .  . u can still have  a hapy heart ..  but  the want for love . . is killing and very painfull , The desire to be loved by some one is wat  i m trying to overcome . . !~!~
    Regards . . .

  15. Anant M says:

    No, Meera was born not on the exact date but in that Jubilee Year – hence known as Jubilee Baby. Her date of birth is 30 October – you’ll be glad to hear

  16. N M says:

    nice one.

  17. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    I love the way you used the word it is very delicate….Are you feeling for toward to some one close to you
    you better be …when you love some one that always brighten eyes with fully in love….just beautiful to look at the person. I always think love is the most beautiful thing that even  with out money …
    I enjoyed your poem.
    You have enjoy week end with you love ones…Chika too,
    Michiko   Hi to Michael.  

  18. The says:

    Hi Didi……
    well, well, well…….. i can see the way u r smiling now going through my comment….. No?? then SMILE… plssssssssssssssssss …… hahaha… that’s better!!!!
    life is based on these assurances and fearlessness…… and i’m learning all these by touching them by my fingers…. and who knows it better than YoU ??
    "give me your fear, i give you hope."…. that makes me speechless Didi…..
    I gave you all i feared and you gave me all i needed and need!!!!
    Love YoU Didi…..
    Smile 🙂

  19. Sudhir says:

    Hi Sweeti – Beautiful just beautiful. Your poem. I took the liberty to copy it into my hard disk to read it again in leisure. Do write more.
    Lot & lots of hugs to you. Sudhir.

  20. Fαтιмα says:

    Hello my sweety Marij
    How are you, I came here still thinking of Michael, I don’t know why but I am about to cry coz life is hard, ppl suffer with pain, others waste their time doing things without caring for the others and there’s so much violence…. Pls if you have any news about Michael Le m know about it oki, I do hope all will get better and better for him
    I hope too that all is fine for you, you know i do like you my lil sweetuuuu, love you so much!!!
    Have a nice day my dear and i hope you’ll enjoy your week end!!!!

  21. Arun says:

    hello sweetihow r u and hows lifelong time not seensaw matches yesterday????predict todays winner… prediction is Eng v Pra – DrawSwe v Tri – SweArg v Ivy – Argbut i dont think that will come correct any way let me know urs…..yesterdays my prediction for one match wasnt correct….equ beat pol…..take carearun

  22. Jaime Campbell says:

    So beautiful.  You write really well.  The love comes right out of the words.

  23. Raje says:

    hey sweeti…
    clap clap…its really nice…..:)…Give me ur fear…wow….i really liked ur blog ya…

  24. SAURABH says:

    an excellent poem…excellent… asking for an emtion…and yet so much givin…. u have a golden heart….saurabh

  25. Gunveen says:

    oooooooooooooooo yea :D…;oD hehe tanks for da huggie…hug u baq 🙂
    N hey… i rememba writing a comment on this blog…u deleted it…:(( waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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