Fallen angel

I just had a good talk with my friend and i must confesss  I feel better   better   better……
My life is going through some changes….now…..and i feel soooooo good with it…..
I found this poem and i read it some times……. and i wanna share this with everyone ….

I have fallen from sky,
Fallen to the ground,
I am the angel of sadness,
Angel of lost hopes,
Angel of lost dreams,
I am the fallen angel,
Fear me not,
I am here for reason,
That reason is to have a second chance in life,
That life I was given for a reason,
They took my wings,
They took me apart made me human,
I was the fallen angel,
But that fallen angel had one chance in life that she was given,
This angel won’t make the same mistakes she made before,
This angel will go down the right path that has been chosen for her,
This fallen angel know what she has to do to be forgiven.

Jennifer R…

This angel is gonna make a switch in her life……..will be continued…….

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18 Responses to Fallen angel

  1. Gunveen says:

    Oh hw sweet:)
    And m sry bout da commet :$…. i din realize tht……:( :(..i din even hv a look at da top NXT click :p…. hehe.. to ERRRRRRRRR is Human 😀 😀 ;oD

  2. Arun says:

    helloo my yesterdays prediction…not up to mark……england won, swe and tri draw…last one was correct…..Arg won…well today prediction  isned v ser = drawmex v ira = mexang v por = por:)))take carearunp.s wat a pic she got no face…..

  3. ferhat says:


  4. ti_na says:

    Hi, sweeti!
    Thank u to drop in.I like ur comments(~_~)/
    Well,… fallen angel….A fallen angel lost her wing with much pain like a baby is born in this life. She choosed her life and she might have punishment. But She is lucky to know what she has to do be forgiven. We, human hurt someone without notice sometimes and don’t know how we have to be forgiven,….There are many sad news these days and I thiink about…ooops I’m very sentimental(T_T)~~
    I always fine cause chocolate make me happy. What always makes u happy, sweetie?

  5. Marianne says:

    Erg mooi, Marij en space is inderdaad traag daarom ben ik ook gaan prutsen bij http://www.mariannes.punt.nl
    dat bevalt mij toch beter er zij al velen overgegaan of naar http://www.punt.nl of naar http://www.web-log.nl
    Het wordt weer warmpjes vandaag!  en heb geen zonneschermpje alleen een rolgordijn en woon in zo’n lekker woning met platte daken dus nog warmer..Heb misschien in augustus wat geld achter de hand dan haal ik daar een screen van lijkt me ideaal..
    Wens je een fijne dag vandaag
    Liefs Marianne

  6. Arun says:

    hello sweetiyesterday prediction was good….2 was correct 1 went wrongtoday predictionIta v Gha = ItaUsa v Cze = DrawAus v Jap = Drawtake care arun

  7. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    I thought angel are always pure and happier …I never hear about fallen from sky?? it’s sad Isn’t it ?
    I imagine, it must chaotic life she has in past poor angel… it was very heavy punishment Wasn’t it?
    I’m glad she worked herself to find way for her life that I hope happy ever after just likes movie’s.
    nice to read bright story thank you for sharing, Have you told Chiha too…LOL!!
    Big Hugs,

  8. Toonfactory says:

    hey thnx 4 droppin by & leaving that sweet comment…gonna add more work soon…

  9. Saif says:

    LOvelllyyy poeM:)
    Ure Table for micheal was reallt Touching>
    Hope he has a quick and HEalthy recovery:)
    —-When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I’ve never tried before." – Mae West (1892-1980) —
    keep roking
    peACe outt

  10. Mandeep says:

    angels  . . .
    one of ur angels of lost hopes , lost dreams …..  has fallen into my lap also .. 
    dnt knw wen this bitch will go away from me . . .lol

  11. Vijay Krishnan says:

    Change isnt always bad and I hope it works out for you. Have a great day!

  12. Trine Lise says:

    Beautiful poem..
    Thanks for the anniversary wishes, that means a lot to me:-)
    I’m soo lucky, I found my soulmate:-)
    Read abt MIchael, hoping he has a quick recovery. Cancer is a terrible thing, not only for the one getting it. Everyone close to him sees his agony, his pain and his stuggle for life. The graphis  you made for him was very touching.. Wishing you both all the best.
    Take care.

  13. The says:

    Hi Didi……….
    This is an awesome correlation .. isn’t it………
    Fallen Angel, with broken wings, broken hopes, broken dreams….. but the angel now knows what to be done actually!!!! Yesssssss
    LovE yoU Didi….
    Great Life…. Have a Great LifE

  14. Arun says:

    Fra v Swiwas the worst match i saw so far……..todays predictionspa v ukr = spaintun v sau = sauger v pol = ger

  15. Tida says:

    I’m glad u r feeling good now:) Wish u a joyful life^^ miss u ..take care

  16. sillygloop says:

    U dont get away that easy…grab a token n wait till u r number is announced…the tale will be under construciton for some time now…n if the soccer gets any interesting it could be delayed by a long time 🙂

  17. adi says:

    ur a doll….
    take care sweet muffin..
    – adi

  18. Aisha says:

    did i mention that this is a great space.. keep it up..

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