This was horror
I feel so sorry for the Argentina guys, who had to give the penalties…..with Jens Lehmann as German goalkeeper….
When the penalties were given …I hardly watched….oh MY God.
Group A – Match #57 – Final
Germany Argentina
(9 Pts) *1 1 (7 Pts)
*Winner on Penalty Kicks: GER 4 – 2
Neuville 120 min (Borowski) Cruz 120 min (Borowski)
Ballack 120 min (Borowski) Rodriguez 120 min (Borowski)
Podolski 120 min (Borowski) Cruz 95 min
Borowski 120 min (Borowski) Rodriguez 87 min
Friedrich 114 min Mascherano 59 min
Odonkor 93 min Ayala 48 min (Riquelme)
Klose 79 min (Borowski) Sorín 45 min
Podolski 02 min
Ballack, Friedrich, Frings, Klose (Neuville 85 min), Lahm, Lehmann, Mertesacker, Metzelder, Podolski, Schneider (Odonkor 61 min), Schweinsteiger (Borowski 73 min) Abbondanzieri (Franco 70 min), Ayala, Coloccini, Crespo (Cruz 77 min), González, Heinze, Mascherano, Riquelme (Cambiasso 71 min), Rodriguez, Sorín, Tévez
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10 Responses to Germany-Argentina

  1. pooh says:

    Hi sweeti di!!
    how r u??
    heard a lot frm willz uncle bout u(i mean aniruddh)…hehe!!
    i’ll b mor than happy if u wish 2add me in ur fav bloogerz list..
    thanx 4 likin my picz …
    so u knw how 2 play a guitar or wat???
    take care
    keep smilin:-)

  2. Vinni says:

    Come on… you can’t complain… the stats were nearly even… and Germany won fair and square!
    Even I couldn’t watch… but I certainly did scream! Ouch I have a sore throat now…

  3. Fαтιмα says:

    footballl, ahhh not my cup of tea!!!
    i don’t understand why mom loves it now since the last year she only said bad things about it coz she cudn’t watch her fav series, ahhh yes dear ppl change so quickly ^^
    i also wanted to say…farewelll
    i’m going to stop blogging will delete my space
    only bringing pain coz of some ppl i have met
    you r not one of them, keep smiling, a smile is the better thing you can give to someone
    but i can’t smile now thaks to spaces….. u r wonderful i wish ppl were like you but no
    many of them are just… em lemme find the words…. stupid? na!! oh here it is : acting just like animals ^^
    will always remember you ^^

  4. Utsav says:

    😦 i lost 50 bucks with that :(:(:(shit shit shit how waws it possible…

  5. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    Sometimes it hard wached in any games which you didn’t agree with it….that it happened in all the games…my friend has told me that when the situation just change to other channel …they watch the football and golf the sametimes.
    Have a nice weekend, also Michael too.

  6. Jayesh says:

    I feel sorry for Argentina too.. their goal keeper had to stay out..:-(

  7. Arun says:

    i know Arg would fail………but never thought that the winner would be decided by penalty………try luck next time Arg… r u and hows lifearun

  8. sillygloop says:

    The ref was too liberal on the Germans and the Argentine coach messed up (no messi first, and next…pulls the plug from attack and tries to sit on a 1 goal lead). Tevez created some great chances and showed great skill in outwitting 3 or more German players often!

  9. Vivek says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    Thanks a lot for stopping by at my space posting your comments .It  looks that you too have passion for football..Whom you think is going to conquer the world football this time..
    Keep in touch.

  10. The says:

    brokenheart… yet 4 yrs later.. i will again RISE!!!!!
    SPIRIT is all ARGENTINA stands for…..

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