WiSe MaN

Just one conversation with a wise man
is better than 10 years of hard study

>inmagine >inmagine

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6 Responses to WiSe MaN

  1. Utsav says:

    yepp agree…btw im good and am back.!

  2. pooh says:

    A single conversation across da table wit a wise man is worth a months study of bookzz..
    keep smilin:-)

  3. Fαтιмα says:

    serenity, nice pic ^^

  4. sillygloop says:

    Great conversations make for good memories, introspection and inspiration that could take you to the next level too!

  5. Jayesh says:

    Couldnt be said better …
    Jay ~:o)

  6. Jenny says:

    I agree with you, a conversation w/ a wise man is better than 10 years of study…
    Thanks for passing by myspace, and indeed im trying to learn how to really feel, Im glad you came through to me by Yousef, really nice guy. I like ur space, you have a like a bright spirit shinning through all these words and pictures…represents a lot to me, and o.m.g. im in love with the song u have "…please forgive me I cant stop loving you…" well hope u find yourself fine, and hope to see more of ur works…

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