…Some people explore the universe…
others loose direction …..  just going to the shop

inmagine inmagine

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22 Responses to People

  1. Shalu says:

    Hello Didi
    Lots of love to u.Thanks you is such a small word for all the blessing sn prayers u did for me.I sit at night n look at the stars n feel that i have not known u not even heard u not even seen u but still u (A pure n lovely soul) pray for my lil daughter.I m infact touched.people like u only keep love alive in this world where hatred prevails.Yes our earth needs more persons like u.
    well Bulbul is just lil well.Her school is starting from tomorrow but im not sending her as she still is not able to sit for long n get tires very soon.I shall hopefully get her blood tests reports on tuesday.My fingers r crossed.She has turned a bit yellow.I noticed yesterday only.She is very chirpy but talks very less now.It gives me worries but i do believe in GOD.He is merciful n all powerful .
    Prayers r blessings go a long way.Friends like u ,Aniruddh n Sumit are my backbone.
    I m blessed didi that u came in my life .I always pray to god that someday i should get a chance to meet u n HUG u in person
    see u
    Love n regards

  2. Shalu says:

    If u get time do check this space’s my fav space.Leave ur comments also if possible.
    Love n regards

  3. Fαтιмα says:

    Hello Marij
    I’ve spent this afternoon to make this picture just for you
    All I have to say is written there
    I wanted to give it to you before I go, before I leave spaces
    I’ll delete mine next week, please always keep this gift I have spent many time
    to do it coz you are someone wonderful, just like an angel
    I’m sorry if I’m leaving like a coward but I don’t have strenght
    will always remember you, thank you, thank you, and thank you
    I love youuuuuu so much ^^
    Bye bye

  4. Fαтιмα says:

    by the way, nice entry i think i need to go out to explore the world too

  5. pooh says:

    Hi sweeti di..
    hope u had a gr8 weekend..
    without goalz, n planz 2 reach dem…one is like a ship dat has set sail witout no
    keep smilin:-) 

  6. Isabel says:

    Hello Marij!
    Thanks for your words,
    Indeed I am happy! We all are here ppl is dancing in the streets…
    France is a very good team and we must be very cautious…
    I wish you a great week ahead!
    Right now I lost myself a bit into football I gess I needed a litle alianation…lol

  7. FreeBird's says:

    some people never stop travelling even if they loose directions.
    Talking about myself here… LoL .. ha ha ha
    Thank You again for being on my small little spaces…
    Thank you for looking into the pics
    Well, Porsche Carrera Sports doesnt comes with convertible and is a hard top..
    Wishing you a very nice shopping time..

  8. SAURABH says:

    how r u …and my apologies..i havent been on this best space for weeks now… i sinserely apologise for tht…i missed this blog …anyways….  anything new…??… well i was lost for 10 days i think…however now ia m back … and have just updated as well…. u tell me whats new on ur side…

  9. pooh says:

    hi sweeti di!!
    thanx 4 da concern!!
    how did u knw by da way?
    keep smilin:-)

  10. Fαтιмα says:

    Hey sweetheart
    have good news for you: won’t go
    thank you so much, stiil i hope you had a look at the picture i had made for you ^^
    it’s true that little by little i’m recovering that happiness but.. not at all coz my friend has left a comment on my space saying she can’t hold her life 😦 and that she has not the strenght to hang on the rope…
    i’m scared you know…
    don’t know wht to do

  11. Trouble says:

    Exploration is all about finding new directions and getting lost 🙂

  12. pooh says:

    hey  sweeti di, is it willz uncle?
    bt y did u want it 2 b a secret..did willz say nt 2 tell me da name ..
    and i m feelin much better now di..
    keep smilin:-)

  13. Fαтιмα says:

    hello dear you ^^
    have closed my space

  14. Jitender says:

    Hmm… far as I know no one has managed to explore the universe, YET.

  15. Gunveen says:

    lol… No ma’am its absolutely not connected wid my love story :D… jus tht i like hearing to this  song may b cos of da melancholies :D.. hmmmmmmm…… its so nice.. such a pretty  song.. she pourz with her heart out :).. Hope ur doing gr8 n fine n sweeeet as usual.. 😀
    cyaa.. tk care…
    loads of love,

  16. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,
    Well, it seems a lots of young people in your space and mine too at present time,
    I hope they keep it happy with all their friends….
    because they are young people that  it must be  hurt so ease?
    Does your Chika feeling hurt too?
    Enjoy your day,

  17. Jaime Campbell says:

    Hey Sweeti!
    Just stopping by to say hey.  I hope things are going well for you.  Hugs.

  18. The says:

    came to say Hiiiiiiii to my Didi!!!!
    bhai is having a tough time (in work)….
    else i am smiling from ear to ear as u say!!! haha!!!!
    Rest all is good……
    i know u will like my new story and then u will hate this bhai!!!!
    no? thats’a a bad Aniruddh!!!

  19. Arun says:

    can Germany beat Italyas Germans havnt beaten Italians in Worldcup matches………more over Italian defence is strong like a wall….anyway…….i go for Germany……..take care, thanks for the birthday wishes………..thought of writing somthing so i wrote today in history 😉 🙂 enjoy ur match….arun

  20. N M says:

    yes u are so right.

  21. Ipshita says:

    Hi sweeti! I guess u r elder to me, so i should call u didi if u dont mind. 🙂
    just a few words and see, hw a big difference it makes! it says a lot! really! agree with u.. 🙂
    thnks for reminding me again! 🙂
    i have updated my space witha first ever poem by me, would like u to go thru. let me knw if u like it or nt.. suggestions r most welcome too! 🙂

  22. Ipshita says:

    or may be aunty or aunty JI, hehe!!! kuch zyaada hee ho gaya na? haha!!!:-)

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