MeEt mY CaT

Last sunday it was hot….hotter…..hottest…..
After a long time of cold…rain… was SUMMER.I love the sun..and my cat CHICA loves the heat of it…miaaaaaauuuuuuuuwww.
U already met my cat ???????she is a killer YEAH
We have a veranda ..which has a lot of glass….When its hot…..THat place is a Magnetron…I take a quick run ..from the kitchen … the garden…
After some time i was searching for Chica coz normally she hangs around me…..
(Like a dog hahaha).I went back in the house …searching for her…
than suddenly i saw her sleeping in her play tower …..It was almost 50 degrees C.there
and she was enjoying her nap….CRAzy craZY…..

Full view   Click on the pic to enlarge  and u see a BIG CHICA

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6 Responses to MeEt mY CaT

  1. pooh says:

    hi sweeti di..
    so u think i m a gud detective huh..
    u knw most of my frnz call me sherlock holmes ..hehe!!
    i m glad dat u are happy dat i shook handz wit mandy..thanx di!!
    keep smilin:-)

  2. pooh says: u hav a cat at home…
    u knw wat di..i hav alwayz been scared of catz..
    in india there are only few people who keep cats as their pets….
    well say my hi to ur cute little chica..
    i m sure ur cat must be notoriuos rite??
    keep smilin:-)

  3. Trouble says:

    O so now I know why yr space has the name chika 🙂

  4. The says:

    Hi didi…
    i’ve seen CHICA…. she is sweet, sexy, beautiful, cute, awesome, gentle, tender, moody, hearty, loving, caring, (lazy.. forget it!)
    i love her…
    she is a girl… so tell her….
    I LOVE U CHICA!!!!!!, Chica, the hottest babe!!!

  5. Fαтιмα says:

    yeahh pweety cat just like her owner ^^

  6. Ameen says:

    nice pussy! 😛 i’m lookin for a cat too thse days

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