This is my personal horoscope for 2day
Are your goals, plans and dreams the same now as they were five years ago? Hopefully the answer is no — life is far too rich and interesting to stay in the same spot. It’s time to redefine your ambitions.
My goals have turned for 180 degrees. I used to take everything for granted
For some years now my life has changed for the better…We have a word for that…..
Ive seen the light..some laugh with it ….But i dont….As u all know I dont care abt material things….having a good life is more than that. Its easy said…I know by a person who dont live in a third world country….
That there are human beings without basic things i cant accept …
and thats my goal now..Try to do something abt it…
Starting with the kids….Its just a small thing i do….but it gives me such a
good feeling…..

inmagine inmagine

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5 Responses to horoscope

  1. SAURABH says:

    hey dost…
    hows u …
    well i dont believe in horrorscope ..lol….hehe… but its kinda ok…. anyways…. so hows life treatin u now….. whts new…??… may god bless u …..
    any new movies….????

  2. Arun says:

    Life = Footballin football ur aim is to score a goalin life ur aim is to attain certain goals like a good job, family, wealth etc etcin football people will foul you…..in life also same….in football people will act even if u didnt foul them…they make sure u atleast get a cardsame in life full acting…….hey sweetihear the song celebrate the day b4 the matchtake care arun

  3. Isabel says:

    Hi Marij!!!
    I like your life goal!
    Sometimes I think that is my goal too, some others I feel so fragile that I dont believe i can make it! Well I ve been throught some hardtime but I guess I had enought and I am gonna be ME again!
    Awww!I am happy I taly won! They merit it!
    Take care

  4. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    I don’t believe in horrorsope totally but I do took notice from  that if wrote about bad thing in my stars(pisces)  I just to be careful the daylol!!
    As you know lots of Italian people are live in Melbourne,after they won the games that everywhere in the restaurant or green grocery people’ were still happily celebrating.
    Enjoy your day,Sweeti san…hi to Michael.

  5. Fαтιмα says:

    this is a nice goal u r such a wonderful person

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