Not wanted

Loneliness and the feeling not to be wanted can be terrible.
Whom did not felt this in his life….?  I know we all did…..Ppl ignore u…….When u  are in group ppl talk with everyone but u….U feel at such moments the strong desire to run away from all this.
U go to the toilet  more than once   …at such moments.. to be alone and think…making ur terrible feeling stronger..U say Excuse me  for a moment   …..   and no one is reacting..
U recognize ????
Reading the entry of Saurabh   I started to think   .Say every day a nice word to a person…
Well friends when ur starting ur day    TRY this out…
Coz there is always a person which day will be a lot  better with ur nice word…….
Just those lil things work
THX Saurabh   Hope u dont mind that i Use UR WORDS HERE!!!

inmagine inmagine

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3 Responses to Not wanted

  1. Fαтιмα says:

    Hello Marij
    interesting entry about loneliness but wht i like the most is Saurabh’s word it’s true that when ppl say something nice to you and when you receive a smile too you feel better and it’s like sharing some unknown happiness….
    i closed my space coz i was too sad to write or comment , it’s not due to wick comment but other things, now it’s ok ^^
    have a nice day and kee smiling
    i’m going to sleep lol too tired

  2. Puneet says:

    Hello Sweetie
    Thanx for passing by n peeping into my blog. Yeah that was my cub for about 6 months, now it has already grown up to a handsome mature male n has got a wonderful companion too n must be on its family way now. Its now in a zoo in Mangalore. Thanx for ur comments. I look forward to have more of them in days to come. Bye n have nice time

  3. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,
    I listen to your Bryan Adams music now ..would you believe it…I felt loneliness for a while..I thoght pretty much it passed that just remain a beautiful  memories… but today I really felt for him (Ken ex).
    Well just tell you it not happened often enoughlol!! I’m alright keeping busy myself.
    If I had your Chika that would be  nice to cuddle her just thogh….
    Thank you for listen to me my friend.
    You have a wonderful time,

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