I had a dream last night
full of colours and joy
I dreamed a was a dolphin..deep in the ocean
and it was joyful
I was gliding through the water It felt like soft silk around my body
I swam with other fish and saw the water moves through the coral
Some soft light shined into the water …I got some power and lifted myself out of the water
saw the world ……splashed back…into the shelter of my home…
My home was not the real world…..My home was  the silence of the ocean…..
all of a sudden ppl came swimming with me….Did not know where they came from.
they did not needed  oxygen   ….just swimming with me  and jump with me out of the water and back….
Back to the warmth of the protected ocean…
And than ….  i was myself again….. I swimmed with dolphins……  PPl were gone…I was alone with the dolphins.
I woke up and i could remember everything…..So wierd…Normally i forget in 10 minutes what i dreamed
I felt like a fish in the water….Free without worries ….  smiling…

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18 Responses to Dolphins

  1. Shalu says:

    Thanks didi for ur lovely wishes.Well i do need them..
    Ok did sumit has a blog..The guy who commments on ur space as Funky is Sumit only..
    Still i m leaving his blog’s Url…click this..Sumit
    Bye didi
    lots of love n hugs
    May we meet some day..n hug each other in real
    Urs Angel

  2. Shalu says:

    Oh forgot to write..Ur dream was very beautiful..i too like dolphins very much..Yes wish we were likes fish in from worries n just know how to love n not to rexpect anything ..
    See ya

  3. Utsav says:

    Dolphins are something i long to be..I wish in my next life i become a dolphin..Well thats after i complete my good deeds this life…Yes i have been doing volunteer work and taking car eof street dogs for some time right now…its sad that i didnt make you people awarre of that..but i hope to go a long way..Today my dogs tumor burst..dude to his mistake..but its okay now…Needs 10 days medical attention…But he’s fine..Hes a strong and ever smiling dog like me :P..Cats..hmm i rescued more cats this week..All are rehomed..well i better go now take care..Yeah cats they love sunrays falling on them when its pleasant..I mean 50 degrees f is damn pleasant by our indian standards..Well enjoy love utsav

  4. Prithvi says:

    hey there……wow, a blog a day,keeps sweeti happy  isn’t it ?!!! uhmm….yeah,the bombay blasts were horrifying,infact my latest blog is on that….

  5. Jitender says:

    If I had just one last wish, I would like a tasty fishIf we could just change one thing, we would all have lungs to singSo long and thanks for all the fish.

  6. Jayesh says:

    Wow i love dolphins too.. they r cutest "stinking" creatures… ha ha.. and I heard there is some other speciality about male dolphins .. ha ha… Just dropped into say a quick Hi…

  7. Jelena says:

    Hello Sweety,
    Just dropped by to say quick hi. 
    Beautiful dream.
    Again i have neglected my space, and computer too. Guess this fair weather it just dragging me out. Also i have managed to pass some exams and preexams, huh 
    Wish you nice weekend

  8. Michiko's says:

    Sweeti san,
    It was fantastic dream that you were in the dream world ….did you wore a silky nighty?
    what a  pity that it  you cant stayed a little bit longer with all the dolphins …. it seems you are happy now. its nice to  hear bright entry of yours.  
    enjoy your day,

  9. Dheera says:

    thats gr8 that u remembered this dream of urs. mayb a message embedded, maybe a hidden desire.
    maybe sumthin to say, mayb sumthin special. u cud decode it better.:)

  10. Mandeep says:

    i also had a dream last night . .
    i was a shark .  . .  . so the next time you have the same dolphin dream . .  better watch out ..  coz mandy can be anywhere . 
    and sharks are dangerous . .  in water . . lol
    cya ..

  11. SAURABH says:

    hmm… dolphons….u r a dolphin dear…u r humble…sweet ..nice..lovely…and just so great…. i think dolphin wud dream someday of becomin u ….
    how come u have love for the whole world in ur heart…how come u love everyone…how come u heart fel bad for every disaster to this mankind….
    u surenly are an angel…. i am sure abt it…
    may god bless u ….

  12. Jayesh says:

    Hey Sweeti,
    Thanks for that little piece of advice about gymn and work out.. I shall always keep that in mind… The other Sweety does not go to gymn.. she is very busy girl..with lot of responsibilities to meet and 24 hrs of day is not enough for her.. She is also bit underweight..
    Speciality about male dolphins.. they have the hardest male organ..and it is all muscle.. as compared to other species who have vuscular…

  13. Melissa says:

    Hi there!! Yeah it was hell with this move and now here in Central flordia I am dealing with the humidity and thunderstorms.  Arguughghgh.  Although it is not as bad where I use to live.  Apparently there is a huge fire racing in the desert.  It’s sad. 
    So far I’m okay I still have more stuff to do.  LIke setting up my OWN internet connection instead of swiping someone eles’s. LOL.  I like the dolphin story.  I’m gonna remeber that when I go see them here.  Yeah there are tours and dolphins swim with you!!!.  There is a lot down here to do and can’t wait to do them.
    You take care sweetie!!  Love ya, Missy

  14. Sudhir says:

    What a ‘fishy’ dream. LOL. That was a good one. I do love those creature. I have never seen any other more playful ones before. And so graceful too.

  15. Shawn SKC says:

    Huh sis, talk about Zidane, yes he is wrong for giving a head butt. what he should do is give a right hook on his face. heheheehehe This is what he should do cause u’ll never win an arguement so why argue.. By the way my house is still untidy and i need a maid to take care of my garden, dog and the house as well.. I’ll never worry of what is my next challange as long as i have my angel with me.. God bless sis and take care.. Thank you for being my angel…

  16. Puneet says:

    Hi Sweeti
    Thanx for visiting my space. Yeah those pictures of Chandu are about 4 yrs old. I kept him for 6 months, then it was sent to a zoo in Mangalore. Now its a handsome adult and having its own shepanther, may be on family way now perhaps. Such chances you get very rare because its illegal to rear carnivore animals in home, I cd do so as I was the forest officer there. From security point of view also its not advisable to keep them, as ultimatelt they are wild only. So you wd have to do with only those pics.
    Bye, Have a nice time

  17. ti_na says:

    Hi, Sweetie!
    Did u work in a retirement home? I’ve learned " smile " has power to heal our hearts.
    I checked the mean of dolphins,swim.
    Dolphon in the sea means lucky and swim means ur success, dreams come true by a dream dictionary. and people who helped u is just ur feeling that u felt strong with them, they made u happy…guess. If u see someone particular….u may see him oneday in real life. I often c weird dream and make me fun and scare….Some dr. say there are some means in our dream. Someone say it connect heaven. U might c new view of heaven!?

  18. Princess says:

    Wow, Beautiful dream. So exciting. Metoo do not remember dreams all time, but some weird dreams like the one you got never fade out of my mind. 🙂
    With love,

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