MSN spaces

They did it again    SH******T
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13 Responses to MSN spaces

  1. Michiko's says:

    Hi sweeti san,
    I wish msn hasn’t change around with out told us…this thing happend before ..I thought was my computer play it up?
    and this morning my space was out working for three hours…I totally agree with you Sh***** we are good friends
    aren’t we? hi to Michael,    The music is nice to listen a while writing comment.
     I hope you have nice day tomorrow.

  2. Jayesh says:

    Yes.. I share the same feelings.. I did not know what you were talking about till I opened my space today…:-( This is pathetic.. I see lot of grey on my space now..

  3. Jayesh says:

    Yes I miss my black.. 😦 It used to be so good. I couldnt find anything better.

  4. Jayesh says:

    Wow.. the new song on your space. I like it very much..

  5. The says:

    Now it’s not Shit…. it’s nice didi…
    i like this new format…
    and …….
    each moment is changing this time……………….
    if tomorrow never come……
    what i am talking??? well, Kal Ho Na Ho!!!! lol…………

  6. Isabel says:

    Well it took me a lot of work but i like it now…
    My space was looking like a salad…hehe!
    Now i quite like it…there are so many new features…must come and see and tell me what you think…
    I like your as it is now! Its much better!

  7. Sumit says:

    hi sweety!!
    nice to read ur reply , my dear!

  8. Trouble says:

    It was shit but the shit would get better Sweeti! 🙂

  9. saad says:

    do we know each other sweeti…. from eternity… well, at the age of 99 now, you could be the nurse who gave me my first bath at nazareth hospital. eh! if you ask saad, my son, to sing a song, he remembers only one – har ghadi badal rahi hai…. bye,

  10. Michiko's says:

    Hi sweeti,
    I don feel comfortable in this new space yet…some photos it looks funny thogh
    anyway new thing is need to be get used….
    no complain about it.
    Enjoy your day, now your time 2-00pm, hi to Michael,

  11. Fαтιмα says:

    I’m just ick of all these changes in msn

  12. Jaime Campbell says:

    I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!  Will they ever leave it alone?!
    It’s good to see you, Sweeti.  I haven’t been around much, but I feel like I’m making my way back.
    Hugs and love,

  13. Mandeep says:

    yeah ..  i also like the old format . .
    new sucks .. .. . 
     Love ,

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