Never trust a person who only tell u his problems,
and dont let u be a part of his joy

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10 Responses to NeVeR

  1. Isabel says:

    That is so true…how are you? I finaly set my space better but still have some features not working like the friends edit! At least ppl can visit and I miss them all…Oh you have 10 days to go!!!!I am so happy for you!Lots of loveIsa

  2. ♡ Natsu(mi)-chan♡ says:

    Hi sweeti,
    yes it’s true.
    good friend is for both happiness and sadness.
    have a good day.
    lov & peace (^^)v

  3. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,
    I have learnt from men when he start talk about his problems it time to very carefully to not involve in his conversation…it often happent in after few drinks…. and wormen are the same.
    Your mine is already toward to Indonesia? it was luckily Michael was fine that I’m very happy fo you.

  4. Shruti says:

    hi sweeti,i wont comment abt trusting but ya the one who always talk abt his /her problems will soon or later finds a resist from their frens..bcoz everyone have thier own problem and when they meet they wont to lessen them while enjoying together n if one is cnstantly holds with his problem then the next person tries to avoid it………nyways take care

  5. Trouble says:

    It’s okay to share your problems with your friends, rather, one must. But yea, it does get irritating when a person talks about the problems all the time, without trying to figure out how it can be avoided. Some people talk about problems to find a solution; some do just to get sympathy, without even trying to look for a solution.So whssup Sweeti? 🙂 How was the weekend?Love,Divoo

  6. Geek Stud says:

    HI this is Rohit
    Very True u have written hope u dun mind if add on sumthin to it
    if person is discussing only problems with you he is very mean & selfish &
    beware of him as he is a backstabber………….

  7. The says:

    i wish i was like this….
    i wish!!!

  8. KHALID says:

    Thank you for such enlightening one line quote. A thoughtful message. Keeping on posting valuable lines. Have a nice weekend.

  9. L says:

    Seems my Sweeti had her share of rubbish lately……… Remember eventho friends me seem to go up in smoke, the good ones are always ………. somewhere, somehowYoure dear BRASSIE

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