When kids leave home

 ….There comes a time…. kids fly away  from their nest,and than emotions  come up …
Moms  Dads  
u’ve taught ur children to be self-reliant, but have u prepared urself for the day when ur children will want to use what they’ve learned? Eventually  children will leave the security of the family home to start their own lives. Although u’re sure to worry, it’s important to realize that this is just another passage in the growing-up process. u can make the transition a smoother one by letting ur children know u’re still there when they need u.  
This is the start of a new stage of life for both u and ur children. Although  children leaving home is a major event, it doesn’t have to be an unhappy time. U can help ur children spread their wings without leaving urself feeling lost in an empty nest. ur children have moved out of ur home-not out of ur life. Now u can look forward to the joy of watching ur children establish themselves as self-reliant, successful adults.




I talk with a lot of friends  and in their conversations i often hear they live  hundreds of km separated from their parents…coz of a job elswhere in the country  or When they study abroad….and they all MISS THEIR PARENTS  TERRIBLY.

They all look strong….facing the world…   …but inside   


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9 Responses to When kids leave home

  1. Bunmi says:

    Lovely Space. I live so far away from home, but my mum is here on holiday, and it has really changed my life for the better…. Thank you for your visit and lovely comment… I hope to see more of you… Lots of love x Bunmi Darling x..

  2. SAURABH says:

    m glad to knw abt michael… hope he is having a gud time…may god bless him with a healthy and a prospersour life with the girl who was always with him….
    well yes it is the lesson taught by the nature… bird nourishes the children by feeding them…and one day children learns to fly and then….
    well ….hope u’ve tighten up ur shoes for tht vacation…. go and rock the party….

  3. Trouble says:

    What they need to be is strong from inside as well 🙂 It’s true though.. how the children feel abt being away from their parents.. but, in the long run, it’s good for them, cuz it makes them independent and responsible..love,divoo

  4. Unknown says:

    me too dear..staying far away from my parents..first for studies now for job…being a child i never understood ..that its too hard for parents to stay away from their children.. now when my little girl talks abt going to hostel..i feel a pain from inside..but yes they have to learn how to live a life and be independent and strong…

  5. Jayesh says:

    Hello Sweeti Didi,
    It has been Long time, been through small troubles. I am happy, it is over. Kids leave home one day. Thats the way nature created us.
    Please take care

  6. Isabel says:

    Hey Sweeti….!What happen? I was signing in and out to see if youre there but you desapear! When finaly you were there u were offline!Anyway hope i can talk with you before you go…I am going out with friends and it is doing me good!;-)Big Hug!Isa

  7. Ruma says:

     This is a subject of concern for me in the days ahead. Sigh! we all have to face this time one sometime or the other. The "Empty Nest Syndrome" is diagnosed more in women than in men, for it is the mothers and housewives who feel the vacuum more. It has become an invisible, and steady, silent disease among middle class families who have to cut the apron strings from their young ones. Today, society at large is in need of counselling in a big way, for nuclear families of today face the danger of lonliness and lack of company or comfort from people who you can confide or put your trust into.
            Thankyou, Chika. PLease have a safe journey, always be alert. If you sense something is not right, RUN!!         Love, Ruma.
    P.S. Will visit Mandy right away. What could he want from ME?

  8. Michiko's says:

    Hi sweeti san,
    My two son’s living close to my home that i don’t have to to be lonely…. sometime I think myself how I’m lucky with my family all together…. I thank you for my daughther in law’s that they had been very good to me ….I love being a G-ma too, If you gave all you love to children …they will thank you in so many ways…The children are need protect from their parents (their love)
    Enjoy your weekend,

  9. Tida says:

    ..:)I know that feelling well..for sure no matter how far kids are…They knw where thier home is…^^

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