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Back again

At last    Im smiling again  like an I have my space back….Im gonna visit my friends spaces again 2 mo. Its been a while and im sorry   But with the msn live spaces now i was not able to … Continue reading

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What will I write about “me”” “I”am a part of “u” And “u” are “”me” trough everything And that’s why we are “we” >   Friends   friends friends   If I dont comment on ur blog  Dont be mad @ me … Continue reading

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Life has dark periods   Life is like a rainbow It needs rain and sun to make his colours Space and time are infinit and though one cant have enough   Life is a garden filled with flowers joy, contentness … Continue reading

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Plz tell me U have it tooooo

Its still a prob for me to open ma own space….Now im in haha..puuuhhhhh and when i try to visit a blog friend…….Oepsie there i go again……OUT of space land….Plz  tell me  friends u have this too…..Hope Window Live spaces … Continue reading

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Between Love and emptiness

  My whole life im travelling Im following the roads of doubt Im searching for something i never gonna find   Coz i wanna go across death Try to make something I dont wanna break,i dont wanna hate But in … Continue reading

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MSN spaces

They did it again    SH******T

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I have ma MS

her some personal stuff  abt me….moi – meme      Im the Master in making clothes dirty   ….My washmachine is doing overtime   Often  I think i have a 100 schoolkids to wash for….  but its just for me and ma hubby.Im gonna tell … Continue reading

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