Indonesia suffers from a lack of tourists  after Bombing in Bali and the tsunami in Banda Atceh and the eartquake…
I will write abt this holiday in 3 parts   ..Java….Bali…..Sulawesi…..
After 1,5 days travel we arrived in Yogyakarta.  Tired ..very tired   But also  very excited to see this beautiful part of Indonesia..The most impressive thing in Yogyakarta were the thousands  … No  million motorbikes on the road.Most bikers are students…20% of the population is student. Its the easiest way to get from point 1 to 2….
During the day we visited the Borobodur  the biggest Buddhist temple in the world   i wrote already abt him in former entry.( UNESCO)
The temple has nine floors  The temple was discoverd by Sir Thomas Raffles in 1811 (Also  founder of Singapore)The Borobodur was covered by trees…sand……..It took a lot of years before this beautiful temple rose out of his dirt.
The guys with souvenirs( around the temple) were literally glued on us…..They had nothing else to do probably. than trying to sell us things which we did of course….This holiday  i bought….bought   bought…..U know when u try not to watch their eyes  they leave….Ppl say.
But that doesnot work with me….hahaha
Bromo and Panenjakan and his people
Early rise…. alarm went off around 3.30 AM….We stayed in a hotel nearby the Bromo and Panenjakan….
Panenjakan is 2.700 meter level ..From that place we could see the sunrise….THis  is the most beautiful sunrise a ever saw.  (See the pics in my album) . with the vulcano Semeru  (3700Mtr) still active aside  It was like some one used a compressor to  let the smoke out of his belly…Every 15 minutes…… Here we also met the Tenger people….They are not that kind.if a may say so..
But they must be hardened by the hard life around the Bromo vulcano….First we had to take 248 steps  and after that with a horse to the top of the crater..What we saw there  was unic…Never saw this before….This day was a day of celebration for the Tenger people.(once a year and We were that lucky to be there)
They believe they have to give  gifts to the vulcano to keep him quiet…In former days  they even offered babies what i cant imagine….and living animals..During the trip upstairs a guy sold me a boucqet of flowers ….i had to throw them in the crater….On the edge of the crater were a lot of people with nets to catch the gifts…Its was a kind of game for them   a thought afterwards. ….On the way back down  we met a lot of walking people   They came from miles around to visit  once a year this spectacle.
Lil note….The day after we visited the Bromo …. he errupted….. (Strange feeling though   we were there……Imagine…!!!!!
In Yogya   I met for the first time  Joan…She is a dutch woman  and lives already 15 years  with her husband ( Java man) …I had small contact with here through mails   after the earthquake…She is a social woman and she helps ppl to rebuild the houses again….(government does not help……Like everywhere)
So I gave her a part of the money i had…  to help her…..(See pics)
And of course during the trips  a had a lot of kids around me  ……( my backbag filled with toy and candy every day….This was fun…
Sept 8 …  leaving for Bali  with  a  boat……..(on the boat was a lot of wind….(Probs with my wide skirt)    .wait for the next entry…….Im going to bed now….Jet lag  ..Im bit sleepy now….
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23 Responses to Indonesia

  1. Frans says:

    Hi friend,
    Feels good to have you "back in town" safetly, healthy and well. Also an intresting story and wonderful photo’s. Must have been a great time in Indonesia.
    Love, Cya

  2. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti San,
    Welcome home, I hope you were still sleep have a good rest after a long a journeyed that you needed. You started 3-30am in the morning…248 steps after that a horse to the top of the crate…The vulcano Semero hight  is very similar to the MT Fuji in Japan.. You had caught on the sunrise …  I imagin! your eyes were wild open to look out there that I had been that situation this was in Japan… You had bought a lots of thing that over spent the moneylol!!
    I,m going to have look it your photos. By the way I had clean up your space to make sure
    no dust ha ha ha  
    Big Hugs,

  3. Michiko's says:

    The photos are fantastic ..espacially the bromo surise WOW! I can hold my breath to keep a watch……. AWESOME… You looked very smart biside the budda 1-10 of 41 :D=
    Meon horse were a bit uncertain????
    try to play ballerine…..after few drinks…anyway you looks so happier it is a good seen….
    I liked your hair style pretty cool…I have nomore comments …good have you back home.
    Oh! sorry I didn’t mention about kid’s they are cute tooooo all the photos are good.

  4. Geek Stud says:

    HI Sweetie ,
    Thanks for visiting  my space ,  Ist one to comment on my space  you win urself a chocolate from me ….but  when will you get it i dun know
    I was also on holidays for 15 days  I went o Ajmer  Pushkar ( Rajasthan )  & Delhi….. Will load the pics tomorrow  check them out …….
    & Yes Enjoy & do lot of dhamal for ongoing vaccations……
    Rohit ( Mr.Handsome )

  5. Trouble says:

    Hey sweeti! Nice to see you back 🙂 Missed you here!Indonesia trip sounds like good fun! M not able to see the pics right now 😦 sm prb i guess! I’ll be back to see them :DLove,Divoo

  6. The says:

    God bless u … god bless u!!!!
    and ThanQ

  7. Isabel says:

    Hi Sweeti!
    Welcome back! I missed you! Here nothing new happen…the same ole crap!!!
    Awww I bet it was wonderfull…n u went to borubodur!!! It is sayd their ppl got enlightened all at the same time…must be a very special place!
    I hope i cach u online!
    Loads of love,

  8. linda says:

    my end of the rainbow…. I am so happy to hear from you.  I dream of your trip, and I read… I wish I was there to give the toys to the children.  The volcano erupts but it knew better than to do it while you the bringer of such love was there…  Of couse who should I see writing to me on a day I was so down, you my rainbow.  The view of sunrise sounds so precious, I think there are many beautiful sunrises all over the world…. I know I was in the Arizona desert and the red dirt aglow and high platues and there is where I knew such pleasure if sunrise and sunsets….. and I think of you as this golden red light.
    a saying for you dear one:
    In Life every ending is just a new beginning……………………
    much love linda, kisses and hugs.

  9. Jacqui's says:

    Oh Marij!
    I loved reading about Java. And the pics! You are so lucky. That’s pretty freaky the volcano erupted the day after you were there..maybe it didn’t like your flowers! Ha, ha! Your backpack full of toys and candy..I’m sure the kids loved you. Thank God for ppl like you and Joan.

  10. sillygloop says:

    Welcome Back!!! It definitely seems you got some good luck landing at the volcano during the festival of the tribe there and then again escaping the wrath of the volcano too! The Bromo shots are really great. And yeah…seems like there’s still a lot of market for computers to penetrate based on ur statement 🙂 Take more rest n beat the jet lag soon!

  11. Guru says:

    Welcome back. Great pics, lucky you. Good job on helping people and putting a smile on those little faces.
    Coming on the Astrology part, i believe .. when in love, it’s never necessary to match astrological charts. Majority dont follow it. In Hinduism, when marriages are arranged – astrological charts are matched… which is the norm… but again you get the odd ones everywhere.
    Have good rest and see you around. Take care, peace 🙂

  12. ti_na says:

    Wow~I’ve never been there but I imagine the place like I’m walking there.
    I need to see, I need to hear, I need to feel.
    I’ve a Indonesian friend. I love her meal~so nice.
    Do you like Indonesian foods?
    It must be very hot there.
    You always concern other people. You’ve a big heart.
    You have many brothers and sisters on the earth.
    I always think about my life…I realize I must have a big eyes to see the real on the earth.
    Sweetie, take rest wellx

  13. mona says:

    hi sweeti,how was your vacations….me also going fine; have something new on my space just check it..have a great day …

  14. Alien Hunter says:

    Hello Sweeti,
    It looks like you had a very fun time. The pictures of Borobudor are simply awesome. A picture cannot do justice to the beauty it contains. To be able to be up close to it and examine in detail for I am sure there are many that cannot be captured in a picture.
    Thank you for the compliment on my blog. I must give credit to God. It is His inspiration that led me to the conclusions that I came to. Yes, those who should be teaching about these days are failing in their jobs. What a shame and waste of talent.
    Have a great week.
    Peace & Blessings.

  15. Ruma says:

    Hi Sweeti! So nice of you to inform all your blogger friends that you’re back, safe and sound! Your entry was short, but highly enlightening. What a wonderful experience you have had. It’s great to know that the money you and your friends had pooled in was handed over directly to people in need. You must have lost lots of weight climbing the 200+ steps to the temple. Amazing experience!
    Thanks again Sweeti…you really live up to your name!
    Love, Ruma.

  16. Martha says:

    You are back!!! Wow….you sound like it was so much fun, and yet tiring! and so nice to hear about you making all those kids happy with your bag of goodies! 🙂  Welcome home anyway! 🙂
    I leave for Indonesia on Monday. 🙂   I hope the trip will be ok, coz, you know, I have to take my luggage, my one year old baby and my four year old daughter!!! and last minute my husband cannot come!!!!! I hope I won’t be TOO tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to enjoy.
    Take good care!!
    Was it at anytime dangerous there? just wondering….

  17. RAM says:

    SWEETI! You"re Back!  So happy to see you here again! 
    INDONESIA! WOW! It sounds beautiful. I will have to put it on my world travel list. I have never been to this part of the world. Can’t wait to read the rest of your adventure. The temples sound fascinating. The people are amazing in these parts of the world, aren’t they? I’m just wondering what they did with those gifts after they caught them again? Did they re-sell them to the next group of tourists? LOL…funny thought.
    Off to Morocco this morning, but I wanted to stop by and say hello before I left. It will take a few days to drive south to the African continent. Hopefully I can get back online quickly. I will be there for a about 3 months working on the house.
    See you soon my sweet friend.
     Hugs to you from around the globe.

  18. prachi says:

    hi buddy,you have a great time in Indonesia….its good you are back with great spirits…

  19. Martha says:

    Hey Sweeti, good to know it’s not dangerous…sometimes i get paranoid…. you know, simply coz there are many illegal Indonesians in my country…and many of them criminals who rob and murder and then run back to Indonesia. 🙂 I suppose I shouldn’t worry, but enjoy my holidays huh. I will be attending a wedding, followed by tours…a total of 6 days there. My parents are going…they will help me with the older one..only I have to handle the baby. You know how it is, when they start to walk, she doesn’t want me to carry her, and she doesn’t want to walk where I want to walk either!! hahaha….Wish me all the best!! haha..
    Take care !! and hope you are resting well. 🙂

  20. Shalu says:

    Hey didi
    Welcome back!It seems u had a wonderful vacation. People like you should always be on move as where ever you go u help n spread’s  good to  know u gave ur saved money to the needy which ualways wanted to..i can imagine the smile on the kids face when would give them these candies…I will enjoy the pics now n writeyou again abt them…
    Love n hugs
    Urs Angel

  21. The says:

    next entry??????

  22. pankaj says:

    Hi sweety,
                     To begin with ….let me confess that even i am going to read your travelouges in three parts! LOL.
                I am very much delighted to know that you too share my concerns over the Global Evil called RAGGING. It has been there since time immmemorial….And p’ple say that it’ll surely continue. But what I ask is "for how long?"
                Yes, you are right when you say that the p’ple can’t stop ragging because they are all caught up in the web of peer pressure….That surely is a very great factor in this whole issue….Just imagine…Without anyone being there to supposrt the raggers or derive the fun out of it…Ragging would soon lose it’s sheen and then let’s see who cares to Rag!
              But, NO! People are not that way. They always live in the fear that someday even they could be left out of the group…we are all afraid of being ALONE!
                 But, there has also been that secluded and rare species who don’t care about feeling the AIR OF POWER!
                     Did someone tell you "I am one of them?".
            Anyways, I am more than happy that you have begun writing down your memoirs…..I am another happy reader.
                 take care…..

  23. SAURABH says:

    hey nice to c u back after the vactaion..and sorry for not visitin ur space earlier… anyways u have written "they even offered babies" so wht d u mean by tht..i wanna know i details… well i guess u did tht right thing by givin tht lady some money…may b she can help some1 really neefull… so u gave all the toys to the kids wow.. d u have any toy left with u for me as… ohk m moving to the nxt entry now.. and will look at the pictures after the 3rd entry…

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