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Ma friend

ALMOST FADING I can seehow clearly you are fading nowyou dont belong hereanyhowjust follow close your eyesand listen to yourinner guidehe tells you whereto go my friendwhen near the end cause the stars look bright todayIn my heart youll … Continue reading

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Attraction or ?????????????

why are we attracted to a person, and why to that specific one??Coz of the eyes…sweet voice……looks… Oke thats fysical……Even if u did not shared a word …Eyes meet….. and here u go….on the waves of love  But i wanna … Continue reading

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After reading  Ani’s entry   …..I was really upset   and talking abt this issue with friends …..   another wierd subject came up I want all of u to read this short message  PLZ   !!!!!  ..its short but the sadiest thing i ever … Continue reading

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Ohh what did i do!!!!!!!!!!

2 day was a kind of hectic one…All day 100% attention @ office…..Those days are killing…..but i survived…Last hours of the day we were very busy… with new things that are going to happen in near future with our structure … Continue reading

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I wanna wish all my Indian friends in advance a  Happy Diwali   A friend told me a lot abt this. ( he told me its kinda of Christmas for U) .but i wanted to learn more  so I came … Continue reading

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Date was there October 16 My Birthday Yesterday i celebrated with the family….I can say I enjoyed every minut….Not that im getting older and older.. NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But one thing was my most wonderful present Michael was there with his … Continue reading

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A hospital room…….2 men  laying in bed… They become friends telling their life stories to one another, abt their…the time they were in the army …the good things of life .Both men had to stay in bed…….One patient has … Continue reading

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