Sulawesi 3

After the wedding and the school we went on….to Pare Pare the second important city and harbour in South Sulawesi…
Our belly became empty…sooo food food food…Every time we had our meals  ….it was a lil feast…..
This time seafood yammy ……..shrimps….Prepared with Kecap manis.and a salted soya product ..The other fish was called Ikan kakap ..No complaining …with a BIG BEER…this was heaven…..
A lil burp (haha) and we said goodbye to the very friendly manager…
Next stop Buginese ships The making off….wow not one iron thing is used Only wood…this was very interestings.2 guys of our group had to see inside the ship ( Profession disease haha) The realising of such a ship takes 7 months to one year.
The ships are called Pinisi..( Fenician )

OMG i forgot the pig /buffalo market in Rantepao…
this was not good for my eyes…..Pigs tied up on a kind of bed of bamboo Farmers try to sell their pigs on that market ..for transport they ty them up this way Watch my pics..Even on top of a car ..Really felt sorry for those animals… They screamed a lot…i felt a bit restless there…..For funerals or weddings they kill always a lot of pigs or buffalos…I respect their traditions But its not my thing.

Time goes fast …… so also our vacation ..We drove to the south..The first thing we saw was a poor side of the city…OMG the way these ppl had to live…..Its hurting me see ppl in such a state……
The city has 1.500.000 residents..  Everywhere  … So many lil blue busses filled with ppl like sardines…..
Before we drove to the hotel …we wanted to visit the old harbour….Probably we were something special….they all looked at us if we came out of space….Out of the bus a lot of kids came to us… asking Bonbon yeah so funny ..Even big daddies wanted bonbon.We saw such wooden ships there …  called  pinisi …  workers were busy loading the ship  …for transport goods to Java
This was our last contact with the locals ..How i loved this vacation..Every minut…..was special….
2 mo morning back home first flight to Bali..than Hong Kong …….Amsterdam Antwerp…..Home….

Tired but ………………………….so rich inside……

Watch the pics  Sulawesi 3  and 4  PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!! 

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10 Responses to Sulawesi 3

  1. Martha says:

    hi Sweeti I am back now…. Indonesia is truly a beautiful country..and you are right, the people are very nice. I miss them already.
    Ok, will go rest now. Tired….
    By the way, I met quite a number of people from Belgium too!! It’s amazing how many people come from your country!! 🙂

  2. Trouble says:

    Hwy sweeti.. Im back frm the holidays.. had a good time without any sleep :)I’m gonna cm back to see the pics.. rt nw, i need to get back to work :(love,divoo

  3. ♡ Natsu(mi)-chan♡ says:

    just wanna check if you’re fine as well.
    have a good week!

  4. Michiko's says:

    Hi sweeti San,
    I enjoyed No1-No2 entrys and photos but I’ll be honestly that  I just can’t standing to watch the all the pigs. But I just wanted to thank you for sharing wonderful photos with entry I enjoyed  them very much.
    Enjoy your day,

  5. ti_na says:

    Thanks for the comments.
    You had a good time. To c the real life and meet new ppl…
    We interest each other cause we’re different and we can tell each other we’re all attractive. And you always concern their life like sisters.
    My grandma used to eat home pig, chiken when someone came. Mum’d seen it.
    However I’ve never seen it. I just saw abit in India to kill chiken. Oh, I felt sick.
    I’ve learned we eat while we kill them even we buy them at the supermarket.
    But….I remember it…oh,,,,,I’m a coward.
    Now I need to touch different view. I need to go somewhere. We can’t have a vacation even a week in Japan. It’s hard…
    I wonder to change a job just for a vacation. I need it!!
    We can’t buy experience. That’s your treasure!! I enjoyed ur photoes.

  6. Isabel says:

    Oh I am so sad!
    I dont know whats happen…why ppl cant go in my space!
    Its open since yesterday night!
    Have a good night…hugssss

  7. Martha says:

    Hey Sweeti, love your pictures, came back to look at them. Nice shots. 🙂 Too many pigs! hahaha……
    I think most people in the west would not be able to take those pictures! The people are beautiful aren’t they? I miss their soft ways.
    I wish I took more pics, I didn’t even bring my camera!! 😦 and had to rely on my parents’. It was difficlt to coz I had to handle children and could not take pictures or they would disappear in a minute considering all the people who approached us to buy things. They would stuff the things in my children’s hands, and then ask me to pay.
    The wedding was very grand..they had professionally hired bridesmaid!! Haha..and the family members walk in like kings and queens, with beautiful gowns… and lots of good food everywhere. The husband was Indonesia, the wife was a mixed wedding.
    Well, take care!!

  8. Destiny Queen says:

    Here! here! take this glass of water!!
    offers a chair>>>>
    Lol tis ok….at times i can’t understand my own language what can i say to you lol!
    Must say you have a very happening life!
    Keep flying…smile have a lovely day!

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