A hospital room…….2 men  laying in bed…
They become friends telling their life stories to one another, abt their…the time they were in the army …the good things of life .Both men had to stay in bed…….One patient has to lay on his back all day coz of his disease,even his head is fixed   …The other one to..but once a day  the nurse is helping him in a chair …  he can sit up for one hour to get the dirt of his lungs…
During this time the man is talking to his friend   …..  abt what he sees outside…
i see a lot of beautiful things…..2 white swans in the water….playing kids    ….green grass, flowers    …A boy and girl loving each other….
The other man closed his eyes and imagined  to see ……..
Every day the man was looking forward to this one hour   ….. the nurse helped his friend out of his bed and than
he started to talk .The other one  closed his eyes as always  .. and got a smile on his face  and enjoyed this lil moments.
days passed……Till one day
the man  on the window side ( the storyteller)  was laying dead in his bed…… Nurses panicked    …. and took him out of the room  
The man saw his friend leaving the room  just for  a moment  coz he couldnot move his head.
The man asked the nurse if she would put his bed now to the window side…Of course   said the nurse…….
The man was alone in the room…..faught with himself  … hands and feets to come to the window……dragged himself..He had to see what his good friend told him abt….  But how big was his amazement   …He saw a big white wall….
He yelled for the nurse   She came running to him,…..He …… whats that here…I see only this white walll…And my friend saw such beautiful things he told me……..abt  green grass..playing kids….flowers…lovers….I cant SEE??????????????
Ohh    Thats not possible  said the nurse, How could ur friend tell u That     HE WAS BLIND….
The blind man  with all his own missery ….  gave his friend every day a special moment of joy.. 



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25 Responses to Hospital

  1. Trouble says:

    That’s a beautiful story Sweeti! I’ve heard it earlier.. thanx for refreshing my memory!Have a nice weekend! Work less, relax more :)LuvDivoo

  2. ♡ Natsu(mi)-chan♡ says:

    if you’re asking if i need you.
    the answer is forever
    if you’re asking if i’ll leave you
    the answer is never
    if you’re asking what i value.
    the answer is you.
    if you’re asking if i love you.
    the answer is yes i do!

    that’s very good story!
    i wish you have a great weekend!
    (^^)v peace

  3. Chris says:

    ‘The eyes are blind. One must always look with their heart!’
    Hey honey! How are things? I hope you are not shedding any tears on such negative things today. Although it is friday 13th.. I’m sure there is always something that can raise a smile on you’re beautiful face on such an ‘unlucky day’. Anyway, somebody must have predicted my return to spaces (gradually) after naming it that lol. I wish you a wonderful weekend and hopefully without any space problems, I’ll be back soon. Take care sweety!
    Chris x

  4. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti San,
    Good morning to you, This is a lovely story …I was waiting for what’s next your post?
    This is a lovely story that Blind people can seen a beautiful things…just imaginary of their mind?  I knew they are very sensitive about being blind. 
    I was waiting for your new entry ….  something .. dreaming…loving …I likes your photos yourself…one of with big bird Ohmigosh! it’s big bird isn’t it? Thank you for sharing us.  
    Enjoy your weekend,

  5. mona says:

    hi sweety,lovely story..hows one imagination and make so much change in another’s life…so keep enjoying it…

  6. Anant M says:

    They have jointly (USA & Britain) created the mess when they colluded to such a nefarious exploitation. Britain (mainly Tony Blair) will need to distant herself from the USA (its ally) just before Bush’s second and final term (which has ended al but in real time) comes to its natural end.
    the true reason for seemingly ending the unholy alliance (in the eyes of the World only) is for the good of the New Labour Party and not for the good of the Country.
    God bless and rejuvenating weekend to you both. 
    PS: We cry because – There is a beautiful Hindi song which translated goes: these tears are the language of my heart…- we all from time to time must off-load our accumulated burdens with or without an empathetic shoulder…when some one is breaved …perhaps the only way to share their sorrow is to cry with them… often without saying anything at all….in such a situati that is the best form of communicating…in my view…with another soul….and the only way to solace the grieving heart… 

  7. Anant M says:

    I am trying to offer an open, accountable, transparent and truthful alternative to begin with. People have lost trust in Politicians who are economic with the truth. I am promoting myself as the first amongst equals who will be responsible (if sufficient Independent People sign up to my platform) to form a government truly by the people for the people. Conservatives (sorry New Conservatives) are emulating a lot of my platform about equlaity, diversity, social inclusion, social responsibility, community cohesion, social mobility, social trust, social capital and exemplifying green issues. Look out for my Diwali & the New Year Message*
    Bless you

  8. Trine Lise says:

    What a beautiful story….
    It’s quite a mystery really, that some people, even in the middle of their own personal hell, has the ability to make life better for someone else:-)
    Have a great weekend:-)

  9. Utsav says:

    hey sweeti….im on after long……..Ive officially stopped blogging 😛 i dont get time…i have professional plays im dng…3 of em..and otehrwise bsuy with school and animals…you tell me?hws life?

  10. Isabel says:

    Hi Sweeti!
    Thanks for sharing the nice story…
    I am so scared of end up in a hospital…
    Thanks for praying too!
    Hope you are having a great weekend.
    Big hug,

  11. sonia says:

    Hi Sweei,how are you? The above was a grt story! The blind man did what he had to do and brought some happiness and cheer into his friend’s life inspite of being visually impaired ! We need more ppl like him who do have they have to do without bothering about the results or what he/she gets to gain from it!
    Babies…love them and yes they do get many things with them…lil fingers and toes :)…hungry mouth and poopng backsides…toothless smiles and twinkling eyes….! Mine is quite grownup now and in a diff phase now..:D
    Went throuh some of your snaps…very nice and you look grt :)…you seem to be fond of travelling  …
    Tc and have a grt day!

  12. Michiko's says:

    Hi Big my friend!
    I just says hi …you knew what I got from ha ha ha
    I waiting for my family are coming soon …xken’s birthday tomorrow..I could afford to ‘ve one too many wine ha ha….perhaps! after they goes home .. I can listent the music that I left my heart in SanFrancisco by Tony Benett. Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra.but after age those are just memories.. I didn’t listent anymore there is more other music WOW! good ones…
    I told you my plans for today,
    Enjoy yours too,

  13. Ipshita says:

    Thanks Sweeti for u visited my space! and ur wishes! I’ll be back soon.. I do visit my space on weekends, so ya…
    and this story was so sentimental, i say.. i mean, u knw..  …. hmm..
    nicely written ya..
    see u!

  14. Kadir says:

    Yeah – Certain ppl can give hope and change your life.

    I thought Im going to hurt myself but I guess I wont be. She is all mine now – I’m feeling great. High on life 🙂

  15. Jitender says:

    Yeah well, sometimes games get to you.

  16. Geek Stud says:

    How r u doing ….
    Some stories are an inspiration to our lives……..
    Our eyes will see only what we want to see ……
    Some are just great  an angel of god  we all have one inside us  just have to find it ….
    Have a great week ahead …
    Lots of love

  17. Destiny Queen says:

    Beautiful Sweetie!
    The Power Of Love!
    The Human Bond…which flies beyond walls…beyond sight!
    Smile have a lovely day!

  18. sonia says:

    Hi Sweeti,how are you? Yes,i am enjoying her,thanks! Love your attitude towards life 🙂
    Tc and have a grt day!

  19. Isabel says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    Thanks for praying for me…I am feeling better today!
    I want to wish you a great week ahead!
    Big Kiss

  20. Martha says:

    So beautiful Sweeti…. I can tell from this, you love life too…and are a compassionate person. 🙂  Hope the weekend was beautiful. So have you planned your next travel? If you ever come to M’sia, let me know ok?? Take good care!

  21. Sumit says:

    ya, y hurt if u can love!

  22. Trouble says:

    Sweeti! whssup? hope you’re not VERY busy hmm? :)Love,Divoo

  23. Michiko's says:

    Hi sweeti San,
    I hope you had a SPECIAL weekends.. and tonight WOW! we were lucky to ‘ve one more day …
    Enjoy tonight with your hubby it got be fantastic????…my friends ..

  24. ♡ Natsu(mi)-chan♡ says:

    Hi sweeti,
    didn’t update yet?
    well, anyway i hope you’re fine as well.
    have a good day.
    (^^)v take care

  25. VegasMarji says:

    Hi Sweeti.. I am so glad you came to my space so i would come here, it is very nice, i loved the pics from your vacation, very nice too and when i read your story about the blind man I felt like crying then i saw ur blog on crying an read it ..
    so i cried and now like it said i feel better, it seems tears come to me so easy,
    like i’m always cryin about something or nothing at all, that was a good blog,
    both of the ones i read and the one about the trip awww feel so bad for the poor children, that is very sad and almost started crying again, and would have if i hadn’t just cried so much! 
    You have a very nice space and hope you come to mine again when we get back from vacation and i have new pics from the trip and hopefully good stories to tell about it… the music u had on too– it was very enchanting i loved it!
    Keep up the good work on here great job!!…
    have a good day and a great week.. take care ..
    i’ll b back when we get home ..
    hugs to you sweetie.. xoxo~M~xoxo  

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