Ohh what did i do!!!!!!!!!!

2 day was a kind of hectic one…All day 100% attention @ office…..Those days are killing…..but i survived…
Last hours of the day we were very busy… with new things that are going to happen in near future with our structure in the nursing house..
poohhh   at last….5.30 PM   everything was finished and one after the other went home….I had to close and put alarm on..

But i forgot one thing…..My boss was still @ his office….and what did i do????????????????? Closed the door..and locked the door.
i was going to put the alarm on….and my colleague said   He  ur boss is still inside  !!!!!!!!!!!!!    Really..!? ohh is that so?????

I unlocked the door again…and YEP  there he was…….Smiling   with his coat on……… ready to go…….Imagine    I should open the door 2 mo morning…he laying on the floor….
 sleeping….without food…..almost dead   haha    Hope im not get fired 2 mo morning…………Plz pray for me…
inmagine inmagine

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15 Responses to Ohh what did i do!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Jaime Campbell says:

    This made me smile.  You are so funny!  Hugs.  Love to you.

  2. Ipshita says:

    hahhaa! funny story, ya… and since it’s 20th, day after u posted this blog, and whr u said, hope i dont get fired tomorrow morning, its today and I hope not u r fired.. and when u r back frm office, just let us know.. 🙂
    see u !

  3. Ipshita says:

    also, thanks for coming to my spac ena dthose nice comments! 😀

  4. Ipshita says:

    ya, i was just kidding! thanks for ur "lil glitter" addressing to me! lol. 🙂 see ya!

  5. Michiko's says:

    Hi sweeti San,
    What wrong your space today? it took a long times opened up here? you might closed an accidentally here too?LOL!!
    you are lucky to still you got job ha ha
    you must had a lots of thing in your mind that on the way home stop at shopping etc?
    Happy end was good news.Sweeti san,

  6. Martha says:

    hahahaha…dear Sweeti! lock your boss in? that will be the day!! Hahaha…I’m sure he won’t fire you, you are too sweet and nice. 🙂
    HOpe you have a beautiful weekend dear!

  7. Trine Lise says:

    LOL, funny story:-)
    I’m fine here, kids gone for the weekend together with their dad. It’s just wonderfullt quiet here.. Marvellous…. It’s actually so quiet that I can’t seem to get anything done today…LOL… just sits here enjoying it:-) Think I really needed this now:-)

  8. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti San,
    How are you this morning? I just like say hi! Yes I spoilt my children..I did as same as you mum.
    Always I had some fruit..but a big grapes and a watermelons…. they wan’t eat….it has a pips,  I did took out of all the pips for them ha ha
    Now they said to me that here is your turn mum…we are going to have a breakfast together
    at beautiful park restaurant 10-30am…  So,I’d like to live to your age 99LOL!!
    Have a nice day, 9-00am in here,

  9. Tida says:

    🙂 Of course not, you’re not gonna get fired sweeti. Who’s gonna sack a perfect employee like you even u put him in da office for 2 night ^^. TAke care laa….

  10. Geek Stud says:

    Hi Sweeti…..
    Well Diwali is over & tomorrow it is Eid….I have two days Off from Office …phew……
    HA HA HA LOL! funny story … Guess i get a chance like that to lock my Boss( Pleasure will be all mine 😀 😀 😀
    Small small things happens happens in this big big world …..
    Enjoy ……
    Taka care

  11. Jitender says:

    You locked your boss in.Well… interesting thing to do.

  12. Jitender says:

    Er.. your comment on the 22 Oct 2006 entry today. Erm… I know what I wrote but what did you mean? 😛

  13. Isabel says:

    Oh Sweeti! I must say that was a funny story!hehe!
    I am sure he is not mad at you and he is not gonna fire you! But I will pray anyway!
    Finaly my space is working better I couldnt even read the coments!I reduced some entries and took off some gadgets and now it seems ok!
    Have a great week
    A big Hug

  14. The says:

    Lol…. u stupid forgetful didi, work got over u!!!
    if u r free these days, come here, i’ve few work for u! …. lol!
    talking abt ur comment on my blog, …. i agree wth u…
    but there is a sad stat again, that i didnt say …
    of all the girls forced to come in the mud of the prostitution, most of them are exploited by the Europeans, mainly aged b/n 35-50+ can u imagine?
    in india, this is a sad tale and myt head is bent low for this! still…..
    i wish i could change all these… but it’s tough… all we need is solid young governement and spread of education,…. a society that fights for the cause!!! pray for us!

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