After reading  Ani’s entry   …..I was really upset
and talking abt this issue with friends …..   another wierd subject came up
I want all of u to read this short message  PLZ   !!!!!
 ..its short but the sadiest thing i ever read, and u  know what!!!!!!  
Its in my country The Netherlands
I know this party is not gonna live long  But  The Idea   For Gods Sake…

In The Netherlands strangest things are happening. At the moment there has been started a new political party called NVD (naastenliefde, vrijheid en diversiteit, which stands for charity, freedom and diversity). This party stands for seks between minors and adults (no agelimit) based on free will of both, ability for minors to prostitute themselves and for acting in pornomovies from a young age. This is only a part of their partyprogram. But most shocking. There is wave going through the country. Many people don’t want this party to be a future-partner in our government. But how weird it may be, there seem to be also (too) many who want.
It’s a hard reality for many families. Someone comes along who promises the parents that he can find a housekeeping position in the big city for their 10 or 12 year old daughter. The parents will be paid in advance an amount equal to half a month’s wages as a down payment. 
What a temptation to someone who is starving! The girl is taken away and in many cases ends up in ‘the flesh trade’ as it’s called in the third world. The parents are often unaware of what has happened to their child.  
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33 Responses to Childprostitution

  1. Sudhir says:

    Sweeti – Your story sounds very familiar. This is very a very common happening here in India. How the unscruplous exploit the poor with promise of riches and lure young girls away from their homes and sold to prostitution. And to think there is even a National Party based on this. Oh my!
    Where will this all end?

  2. Jitender says:

    How could parents be unaware about this in case of a 10-12 year old? Are you living in 19th century poverty ridden India where girls are taken to the city under guise of employment and then er.. sold off?"charity, freedom and diversity" – i think someone needs to tell this new "party" that those words do not mean what they seem to think they mean 😛

  3. Destiny Queen says:

    Hi sweetie…..Thank you for popping in.
    I tried to match a few words…guess it got some life finally!
    Thank you for the diwali wishes…though i am a hindoo…i dont bother about it…
    Have a nice day dear!Smile

  4. Destiny Queen says:

    Damnnn! What the hell is this going on …are we not facing enough complexities!
    One can understand that it is need …demand and supply…why can’t they make more sane rules…how dare they let such younsters get into it legally!
    I think they should be pelted down with just not stones but with Acid!
    Why cant people stand up together and stop this…please there needs to be some stopping somewhere…can,t we come up with some solution!
    There should be an age limit of 18 to make this decision….
    hell we indians are already suffering…now this starts in the western world….why cant upper aged prostitutes…pay a bit each from their income as tax….to sustain these youngsters ….before they make such choices…..
    hell now legalisation is one factor but crossing such limits is pathetic…its worser than terrorism…atleast there you die instantly……
    what could we do i wonder…hell!!!! damn!!! sick sick sickkkkkkkk

  5. Destiny Queen says:

    Why cant larger countries join hands with smaller countries and put the resources that they use for undue war …to fight this side of our needs!

  6. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti San,
    I’m sorry to you were devastated about it ..I knew about young prostitute were existed in the most of the countries that depends on the a quantity? it seems ups down in the figures…a lots of girl were looks older than their age…it sad to happent in todays world, but always pop up it liked a mushrooms.
    Enjoy your days,

  7. Jitender says:

    Is there really so much poverty in Netherlands that people can come and offer housekeeping positions for children? Even India has a rule against child labor wherein no one below the age of 14 can be employed full time (which has nothing to do with the fact that urchins all over the cities can be found doing mean jobs).I am a little confused here. Whereas sex between consenting adults has no issues for me I suspect that the intent of this party is not to promote underage sex… that could be a fallout of others exploiting their stand. Besides, they are not in power yet and as per what you say the underage sex and pornography is already happening. However, if they are seriously suggesting that freedom extends to letting pre-teen kids have sex, they are crazy.Compare that against the fact that at least 30% of adolescents in western countries lose their virginity at 15-16 years this is kind of inevitable. The so-called freedom is already there but it is still disturbing that someone could start a political movement to legalize prostitution.You know, to me this speaks of so much sexual frustration because I cannot figure out WHY would anyone be willing to pay to have sex and it also speaks of financial frustration in people willing to get paid to have sex in front of a camera.Sexual freedom across all ages is nothing new, it has just been "change the topic" kind of topic. Never seen anyone try to constitutionalize it before.

  8. sonia says:

    Hi Sweeti,how are you?
    The above sounds so familar!This is quite common here too! Kids from remote villages are brought into cities to be employed as domestic help! Many of them are sold into brothels! Parents a re very poor and often quite clueless about the reality! We dont have a party as yet,campaigning for the above to become a right as yet! What is the world coming too i wonder!
    We have a law which prohabits employing kids below 14 yrs,yet one sees this in every street corner!
    Child prostitution is unacceptable and unthinkable…yet it is a gruesome reality!
    Hope all is grt with you!

  9. Destiny Queen says:

    Sweetie I am afraid…this is like a chronic disease….inherent in a humans mind…cant forget we are animals somewhere….ironically we were meant to be humans with animal instincts…alas! we
    have become animals with human instincts…..
    Eradicating it completely is never going to ba a fact…the only thing is facing facts and realities one can give such conditions strength…but then strength also means protection..stability…these youngsters are not ripe enough to decide on these factors…but yes i agree…poverty!!!
    But then in a country like yours i don’t think there is so much of poverty…so many factors are there to support children…unlike our country….In the name of freedom…lets not ruin humans like this…
    The ones laying such rules should show an example atleast…tell them to take their 8 yr old or 10 yr old child and let them pose…enact the very issue they give freedom on…tell them to watch their kids on screen and enjoy and get lusted by it…I am sure…they will enjoy it!!!JERKS!
    Maturity…permits people to make choices…what rights do they have to permit this nonsense on such a young generation…shows what category of people are making such decisions…
    Yes Money gets imp here…funds…to teach them how to fish than to feed them a fish gets imp…what are these first world countries doing? I mean i understand they do a lot…cant just throw a judgemental bomb on them…
    But the amount that is wasted on war…building undue structures to show their power…offices etc…this money should go on giving a new dimension to such kids…
    Atleast till the age of 15 they should be given support..and gradually let them do part time jobs…to make way further up…

  10. deepu says:

    a blot that seems to spreading much faster than one can imagine. yes we all need to try at least the little we can to eradicate this evil. a few days back i had the opportunity to visit thier slums, though i couldnt speak to them…
    be cheerful

  11. Anant M says:

    It is not confusing. Hinduism is the original belief sysytem from which, as I explained to you in my detailed e-mails, Buddhism sprang. It influenced Hinduism in turn about the concept of including non-theist belief systems.
    Sikhism and jainism sprang from it too However, within Hinduism – there are innumerable diverse schools of thought from total theism to total atheism. It is a very inclusive and accepting way of life.

  12. Anant M says:

    However, on the ground level the un-thinking population especially the Brahmins segregate against the Dalits (the so-called lower castes). This is the  pernicious cancer within Hinduism which also must be eradicated.
    Because of the blatant discrimination against the Dalits, they are now converting en-masse into Buddhists. In the past, as I explained in great detail in my e-mails, the lower castes were left with little choice but to convert to Christianity and Islam. As I said I am a Brahman and I am ashamed of my heritage in that respect. I am not doing what I am doing to gain ‘brownie points’ or public approval but because I truly believe and exemplify equality and diversity. I behaved in this way even when and especially when I was in India. As I have maintained, persuading by exemplary behaviour is not the best way but the only way. All of us must start this commitment from within themselves to start controlling the ‘evil’ within ourselves before it consumes us.

  13. Ruma says:

    Hi Chika/Sweeti! Long time no news, but I am so glad you did drop by finally! Yes, our social calendar was choc-a-bloc till this weekend, thanks to the festive period reaching a climax with Diwali! It was hectic, fun, and a little tiring. From today all schools and colleges will reopen, and life will slowly limp back to normal.
     I am aware of all the terrible things happening to children. Maybe some are so horrible, they cannot be thought of. People who indulge in any kind of abnormal behaviour, which leads to hurt and life-long trauma, will themselves find themselves in a living hell shortly. One cannot escape the law of Universal Justice. I strongly believe in this theory. If the world does not correct itself soon, we will all be paying heavily (we already are!) for our collective follies.
    Bye and thanks again!!                Love, Ruma.

  14. sonia says:

    Hi Sweeti,how are you? Net had made the world a smaller and a seamless place ,isnt it? I too,will not be able to meet the blog friends,most probably,cos we are out of station and will be back end of the month! 😦
    Child prostitutions…a heinous crime…way out….to empower the families and kids…education and a skill that will allow them to earn and learn simultaneously! Most of the families  are poor,so money matters,education will not really!
    Hope all is grt with you!

  15. Unknown says:

    hi sweeti,its not the story of netehrland only…in our country also  there are many unexplored places where this kinda crime is going on..without anyone’s knowledge…hope our children get safe and better world…

  16. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti San,
    I love this song so much…I’m glad coming to see you in here..WOW! it’s beautiful…
    Today I bought box of pepperment "guess what"? it made in Belgium…
    I thinking about you " it cool" ha hal 

  17. Enter says:

    We all know that power corrupts…but to this extent! Unimaginable n shocking. Maybe, the schools aren’t doing a great job of educating the leaders of tommorrow. Hope wisdom and truth prevail in this battle…to live like animals is easy, let’s be human for a change!

  18. Alien Hunter says:

    Hello Sweeti,
    Thank you for dropping by & wishing my brother Happy Birthday. It is also my fault for not coing by more often, my humblest apologies for that. A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.
    Child prostitution is one of the worst evils there is. Those who wish to make it a reality need to be taught a lesson in the harshest manner possible. Their punishment when they die will be one they will regret.
    Maybe the attention needs to be turned away from the trivial greed of people to the true needs of the world. The concept of legalized child-porn infuriates me. The world is civilized? The cavemen were more civilized than the world has become. May it all work out for the BEST. Those who promote such a party are the true infidels of the world.
    Peace & Blessings.

  19. Martha says:

    DEar Sweeti, this happens in many countries, poor countries….like Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand……. but I never expected this problem to occur in the Netherlands!! WHat I think is taht in many parts of the world, people are becoming SICK. They allow many things, and the rules become more and more loose to fit the minorities with weird lifestyles…
    in the end, many people suffer, children suffer…………
    Many children are suffering today………and I just wish IT WOULD all STOP.
    I get paranoid too, knowing I have to protect my little girls.
    Take care my friend!

  20. deepu says:

    most welcome sweetiiii to this land of india…i visited that place to talk to, listen to the so called, society labelled prostitudes, but i couldnt meet them…so just had a chat with the NGOs and came away…mayb sooon i ll go there…

  21. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti San,
    Good morning to you! I knew you are still in bed? about eight hours different in here and your country. Do you know during the time I wrote this song then I singing along sametimes ha ha
    It’s easier for me very similarity of the tune the Japanese songs ….
    I only liked dark chocolate..I’ll try Belgium chocolate….I ate normally on the golf course after 9 holes that a little bit to keeps it up sugur level…now I trying to harder ….but it nearly end of years ha ha 
    Hopefully for next yearsLOL!!
    Have a nice day,

  22. sonia says:

    Hi Sweeti,how are you?
     Really appreciate the charity work you are doing! If each one of us did our bit,the world would be a better place to live in! Its a gt way to give back to the society and connect with Him! Its fulfilling and makes a person thankful for what we have in life,instead of running after the have nots! I believe in it too and doing my bit here educating my maid’s daughter in a good school,buying stationery,some food,sweaters/uniforms and distributing in a school supported by a temple i visit,etc!
    Hope all is grt at your end!
    Tc and have a grt day!
    PS: i did two blogs on ‘female foeticide’ and ‘child rape’ some time back…both harsh realities,both prevalent….

  23. Arun says:

    i think everywhr its thr….doesnt matter whether the country is rich or poor…

  24. Destiny Queen says:

    Hi sweetie…Sorry for the late response….
    Talk of "Prada"…even if they do win in getting hold of such characters…they go scot free…
    All the efforts go invain!
    DEATH TO SUCH CHARACTERS IS THE ONLY WAY TO CREATE FEAR AMONG THEM! ALAS! they are all moving with big hands to support them….it goes so invain…so invain…..
    I have seen enough of dirt for a life time…i feel like to puke!!!!!
    Hence i shun company of all orders…
    One of my experiences i will state…i wont go deeper and further…of more things i have seen!
    I once trained girls(short period,it was to go further) brought back from red light areas from india in nepal….to sustain themselves and get a job… was a well built concept…something how it should be done…tailoring,painting,pottery etc which needed skills more than education! Child minding,house work whatever small way they could sustain themselves in.
    Young girls from between 13 to 40…
    Somehow i am one character who is able to reach a persons heart without difficulty…once they cried with me…it broke me i walked away…
    They were being trained and further used….what rubbish!!!!!!! There is power plays over everything !   Gradually those very eyes saw me as a prey…a polished person who laughts and walked with a stride of a panther! Instincts that of a cheetah…guts of an eagle…fights like a lioness…but failed to fight this side of it why????? I was powerless!!!!!!
    No one would employ them…where ever they went they were mistreated…raped by these employed people…and thrown away again …saying they are but of course prostitutes….they chose prostitution….suffering with various diseases….can you imagine the rest?????
    Hence Sorry…WHAT THE FUCK>>>>>>>>>>LET IT BE LEGAL AND LET THESE WOMEN HANDLE THEIR DESTINY!!! WITHOUT BEING CRUSHED LIKE THIS!!!Child prostitution……god!!!!!!! God! dont make me a human again thats all i say!!!! Why to blame other people when the very parents sell them offff……..
    How far can we save them??????take them away from parents on birth???? Give them money and buy their babies???
    The only sane way would be to open an orpanage…where they can leave the kids if they cant handle them….and here too what?????? who has the sheer heart to take care of them like a human???So many get carried away with money…i have seen dirt…the thought of anyone doing justice to these babies…does not filter my mind with clarity!!!!!!!!!And so many probably would rather sell the baby…..than to leave it in an orphanage….money will be there!!!! God i do feel helpless…i do…i do! I swear! I dont want to give money…i am not rich…still facing storms in the sea…..but even if i do….i want to see the child get hundred percent…support or nothing at all….cant leave things half way…its not me….and i will find my own way to do what i want to…one fine day…its never too late….
    For youngsters…opening an institute…where they aquire skills…is better than  educting them…skills…are equally good as education….infact at times much better…but then….i hate the power plays that may be looming on thier heads….and i am to be a part of that??? i shudder!
    Mother Teresa died….so did princess diana….Both were for the needy….
    But how mother Teresa helped….on that final day…all tv and attention was focused on Diana why????If such a power did charity what was the big deal????
    Hence its again power!!!
    I am sorry Sweetie…i dont know what i say…i really dont know…

  25. Sudhir says:

    Hi Sweety – i thought i was already in your list? LOL. Take care.

  26. Destiny Queen says:

    Educating them opening their vision…their needs….and not giving them employment….jesus can we take a break and see it from a different angle too…
    Those who want to study and have the apptitude so be it…those who have an inclination towards a skill so be it….i have seen enough educated people in a life time….who frustrate to no extent…especially from small towns and places….where they dont know where to go next…they get chewed up on the way…..

  27. Destiny Queen says:

    In uk i saw a beautiful method……children put up in homes where they get support from the government…hats off to them!!
    But lets see this side of it…these women….have certain rights only as to how to handle these kids….these kids grow up with no emotional bonding….all pampered to the extent where they take these mothers for a ride…due to legal fears they abide with the kids…
    ok now….these women…they too have a jolly time…take these kids out for shopping or whatever…and dont give a hoot…what why when these kids pick up anything…why take the headache…the gov supplies it all…they are suppossed to stand there like a dummie…why bother!!!
    Ok lets say some bother…the kids make a mess out of such women….by making a fuss and throwing tantrums which makes the legal system…look into it…and thus always takes side with the kids…why??? because its become more of a puppetry….
    Who has the real heart to really look into these kids…make a way…give them the pillar to crawl on to bloom in a healthy manner???
    If this factor still breathed among the majority of us…child prostitution would not have been such a major problem!
    Where do i begin to tell you how…lost we all are!

  28. Destiny Queen says:

    Good Or bad does not matter for me end of the day sweetie…
    bu yes i suffer….my life never has been normal….i see suffering….i shun life!
    ah yes these tears…form my sea!

  29. Destiny Queen says:

    Dont get me wrong here sweetie…
    i never got into anybodies hands….(hope you dont cry for me)
    I am not a character who can lay hands on easily lol…bastards…they seek weak children and women!
    And believe me…one needs to walk through it to see the fire consuming life….i walked…but ah the memories scorch me!

  30. Destiny Queen says:

    I could not fight for them….that made me feel so impotent!

  31. deepu says:

    For a couple of days i will be away, wont be abl to use net..more on that in my space…..byeee..God love a cheerful giver…

  32. Isabel says:

    Dear Sweeti…
    That is horrible….child prostitution i cant understand how evil a human beeing can go, because that its realy eavil…i just dont understand…and i pray for those children that suffer so much!
    I want to thank you for the time you have given me at msn…believe me that helped me a lot! God bless you!
    Lots of love my friend and thanks,

  33. sonia says:

    Hi Sweeti,how are you today? What you read is a harsh reality in many countries! Here,in many states,amongst many,there is a boy fixation! Call it religious,call it social pressure…a boy shd be there to carry on the family name,take over the business,you receive dowry instead of giving one,the son is supposed give fire to the funeral pyre etc…so the male is a preferred gender! Thinks are slowly changing,it will take a long time before the girl child gets her rights!
    Where as child sexual abuse is concerned,its prevalevt everywhere  again! Paedophiles lurking in every corner! The answer is to educate the kids about the ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’ from a very young age and try to keep them safe! Have lines of communication open with the kids so that they can really talk to you! If such a thing is happening,it needs to be reported and the person involved, exposed and removed from society,preferably forever! Many countries have very sows to deal with paedophiles! The internet…chat rooms is also known for such creatures to be hanging around who tend to make conversations with very young kids…education on this is also a must to inquisitive young minds!! I have a 13 yr old and i am constantly talking to her about the above,encourage her to read the realities etc!
    Hope you are doing good! Dont take everything to heart (hugs),sweeti! We as individuals can only do our bit to make a difference and that is what really matters  🙂
    Tc and keep smling!

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