Attraction or ?????????????

why are we attracted to a person, and why to that specific one??Coz of the eyes…sweet voice……looks… Oke thats fysical……Even if u did not shared a word …Eyes meet….. and here u go….on the waves of love 

But i wanna talk abt another kind of attraction.Or do i use the wrong word???????????

When u can talk with a person abt everything …. dont have to think abt a subject …               talk talk talk from morning till evening..And crazy but true…………..  u never met the person in real life …but only on  chat or mail …….  miles and miles away….

Is it ……..coz u like to talk … ?

Ur a so called Chatter box (haha) ?                             or u need someone that  listen to ur stories?     or his reacting on things like u want ?????                                   U have same intrests?                      I dont know…  what is it?????

This way i wanna say thx to all my space friends   for the friendship…

A slogan from my provider …..  It opens ur world   ..INDEED  it did..!!!


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35 Responses to Attraction or ?????????????

  1. Jitender says:

    1. Homosapiens is a social animal.2. Our society inhibits us from talking face to face about many things. So we do it online.I will not comment on the love thing.

  2. sonia says:

    Hi Sweeti,how are you? The above was a nice read :)! Internet has indeed opened up the hannel of communication and it is boundaryless! We meet so many ppl ,but can relate to only a fraction of that, because maybe ,we like the person,the mental wavelengths match,is easy to talk too or sometimes one just clicks :)! Looks in spaces become secondary ,its the mind fortunately,that matters!
    The male preference here is age old! We worship the female deities here,yet discriminate against the girl child! Its a deep psyche…that we are dealing with! The problem seems to be getting better in one way that ppl are opting more for females when they adopt yet in many places aborted female fetuses are found thrown in empty wells (punjab) and floating in lakes (rajasthan)! The man:woman ratio is already imbalanced in many places,The capital,in the latest census shows 836 women per 1000 men! Also in many places where the ratio is imbalanced, there is a shortage of brides and guys are marrying outside their caste etc! Problems are many and hopefully with time they will be reversed! Awarewness is imp to take any corrective action!
    Have a wonderful day and tc!

  3. Anant M says:

    Thank you for your contribution. Consider this in support of my entry:  No emphatic statement can be made about Hinduism that cannot be contradicted; it truly is a religion of opposite and complementary forces that embraces an extraordinary diversity. Stephen Huyler, in "Meeting God: Elements of Hindu Devotion"

  4. ᄊøᄊᄊï€ Øf 5 ß♀ÿz and â gยгℓ♂ says:


  5. Destiny Queen says:

    Hi there sweetie…
    Internet World …a viallge of a different order…
    ironically…i have felt…maybe because i dealt with more men online…as i guess opposites talk…but at times i have posed as a man to talk to girls too lol…believe me…they can crush me to death if they knew it…
    I feel both them men/women/girls/boys….are able to open up more online…now i guess its more of a security feeling that …maybe this stranger you talk to…would just fade away…at times bonds happen…have heard of marriages…met through chats!!
    Kids do get in a mess…wow! Real mess…they dont realize where to draw lines..risky!
    But yes this blog did open a new door to communication…each space has a story of its own…
    I have not done much for anyone sweetie…and when i do…none will know!
    As for me liked or not liked…really does not matter…lol you do see i gallavant recklessly…
    I have never bothered about what public,society….as a matter of fact what the world said…
    my life a series of backfired cliches i say lol!
    Hey smile there!

  6. Destiny Queen says:

    As for love…wow so many definations there would be lol…
    Biology,physics and chemistry…
    Chemistry is the name of the dance….and ah so much more…if we go deeper…
    An open mind is richer than an open purse!
    What say?

  7. Ipshita says:

    In case of love, I am a total illeterate. i have no idea how it is.. the whole love thingy at all.
    about friends! thanks! 🙂
    the mickey and mini mice cartoon ws funny! lol
    thr is an upd8 on my space aftr long tym.. hv a read wen u get tym.. me on a brk frm studies else i’ll go mental !! lol
    see u

  8. Martha says:

    Sometimes I ask myself the same question! haha…but especially online. I wonder, I have warned all my nieces and nephews, not to simply talk to people online, and to beware etc etc……..and here I am, I have broken my own rule coz I have met so many friends online!!!! hahaha… but of course, still have to be a little cautious?? well..HOpe you have a beautiful weekend Sweeti!! God bless you!

  9. Geek Stud says:

    HI Sweeti,
    Nice color of space……I found it refershing
    Ummm Long time no see as was very busy …….after 2 days off had to work on weekend……i had to work on weekend:( Yikes…….(Friday & saturday is weekend here)
    Well bout child prostitution some people have a SICK MIND in our society & we have to educate them whenever we get the chance if we want to fight all these evils of society…Well Yes Manypeople take advantage of the needs & circumstances of other people & exploit them …….Both Male & female have their role to play in society have to undrestand each other  & work together instead of fighting & finding on whos better……
    Will Talk on this more cu later .
    Have a great weekend.

  10. sonia says:

    Hi sweeti,how are you?
    Many ppl and families are more comfortable marrying within the same caste! Things are changing in cities but not so in villages! There are rigid rules regarding the same that are centuries old! Intercaste marriages are getting common now,oarents do accept after sometime! There can be rigid opposition,the couple may be ostracised from the community,disowned by the family etc and in some cases easy acceptance! Depends totally on the situation ,place and ppl!
    Hope all is grt at your end!
    Tc and have a grt day!

  11. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti San,
    You know I had problem with write english…there you had helps in word that  just simple word to said I understand you" what you wrote"…..a little things we were understand each other ha ha
    ONLY my imagination????????????? I knew this is a just blogging…but some friends are different to the other… I believe in this is the pen friends isn’t it? except opened…
    All I can said it has been GREAT getting to know you my friend.
    Enjoy your day,

  12. sonia says:

    Hi Sweeti,how are you and glad that your day was grt :)! Here life carries on at the usual pace! We have just come back after a short break,so that was good!
    PPl do fall in love and do get married! Some with family opposition and some with acceptance! It would be nice if the couples in love be allowed to marry and live in peace! In smaller places and even in cities,arranged marriages are more common! The improvement over the years being that the couple have the final say (in many cases)! In some cases,the marriage id decoded by the parents and the couple  may see eachother for the first time on the wedding day! (this happens in very traditional families) But,thank God now,the mould is slowly breaking! India is deeply steeped in tradition and there are some strict dos and donts in certain families/societies etc!
    Hope all is grt with you!

  13. Jitender says:

    I need to leave that house before I do something. That is why I want to leave India but people just assume I am an "India hater". If I leave that home while in India I will be lost because I know I can never go back. Right now I am holding on by force because no one wants to take the responsibility of asking me to leave outright. I lived alone in India for 11 years and it is not a nice place no matter how much some people try to glorify its virtues.

  14. Jitender says:

    You will not find many families in India that do not watch those programs. In my opinion it is soft pornography where everything happens except complete nudity and sexual intercourse. But it has become quite normal.Per your previous posts on sex, I do not see sex getting ugly when right from infancy children are exposed to poronography on government approved national television. When I was growing up there was only 1 channel on television and the censorship was ridiculous because by today’s standards there was nothing to censor. I do not condone censorship but then I do not condone parental irresponsibility in exposing their kids to such material.Exactly what is the difference between the music videos of today and letting your 10 year old son drool over lesbians with sex toys is not clear to me but apparently it is pretty much ok with most other Indian parents.There is no point in asking why the Uber Bitch wants to watch that nonsense when the entire "steeped in tradition" India wishes to reenact the Kamasutra with their kids as their constant audience.

  15. Jitender says:

    In previous comment:
    "I do not see how sex can keep from getting ugly when right from infancy children …"

  16. Martha says:

    Hey Sweeti I keep seeing your comments on diff spaces. Looks like we have some same friends online. How has your week been? I hope you have been happy :). Take care my friend!*hugs*

  17. deepu says:

    No sweeti, it s not miss this or miss that kind of contest…that’s the unusual thing about this pageant. All are winners in one way or another…anyway it all went on very well..
    eyes meet, voice ring in the ears, heart beat goes faster, but is that all??
    No, i think, we love someone bcoz of some other reason….thats why Blaise Pachal said, heart has its reasons that reason does not understand….ha sweeti?

  18. Alien Hunter says:

    Hello Sweeti,
    I believe that when one talks with someone they have never met, that the person has a need for a close personal friend to talk with. Talking about oneself online is dangerous. Recently a seemingly harmless individual started getting sexually graphic with his pictures sent to people he "talked" with and sent them lurid comments which no person should have to listen to. He became demanding, threatening, and trying to make the innocent person feel guilty because he was no longer welcome. Please be careful what you talk about and with whom you talk to online, we are all hidden in our own way –  some more hidden than others. I do not like for my friends to get hurt for no reason.
    I am glad that you liked the "Pome." It is not something I would write to my wife. A dozen yellow roses and a self written poem, never to be shared with anyone else is what I would do. October 30, two of my blog friends are gettig married and I tried to talk the bride into having the groom read the "Pome" to her during the ceremony – not going to happen:) Then another dear friend has been asking about "Rednecks" so she has a aprtial answer to her questions – don’t you Hearts? OOOPS! I didn’t mean to mention any names;)
    Peace & Blessings my Friend.

  19. Isabel says:

    Hi Sweeti!
    Thanks for you comment!
    I so love your space like this…has so much more life!
    Regarding atraction….I believe in Karma and I think those ppl have previous connections. Well i cant think of any other explanation!!!
    Wishing you a great week ahead,
    Loads of love,

  20. Frans says:

    Hi my dear Sweeti,
    Everything that happens is arranged, planned in advance. I don’t know by Whom. God ? Angels ? Spirit ?
    It is no coincidence when two people find each other- it does’n matter if it’s phisycal or on the internet  –  and can talk about everything. It just has to happen.
    Just like my favourite song which is back on your space. My heart is beating again. It gives me a very warm feeling and makes me happy and gives me new energy ! Many thanks .
    Me XXX

  21. Geek Stud says:

    Hiiiiiii Sweeti…
    Yeah I just keep walking…. Evryday is a new day & i want to enjoy the Drive
    Well For Dengue precaution is the best medicine till now …….In dengue your BloodPlatelets content in Blood go down tremoundously with high fever ……..patient needs blood transfusion every 2-3 days…… lot of liquid diet & INSIDE GUTS to fight & survive …….
    May god bless us all…
    Lots of Love

  22. Martha says:

    Hey Sweeti, thanks for coming by to read my story. I have put up part II now, and I hope you will read when you have time. I wished I kept in touch with Rees, but unfortunately no. 😦
    After she moved, I lost touch, and then I came back, so I have no news. You will know a little bout what happened to her if you read Part II. How was the weekend? Take care girl!

  23. Jitender says:

    If you believe in god, thank it that you are in Europe and not more to the east. You can do that readily enough.

  24. sonia says:

    Hi Sweeti,how are you doing today?
    Laugh away lady,its teh best medicine :)!! And the world shall laugh with you!
    Yes,there are times when the bride and groom see each othewr on the wedding :)!Sounds quaint…isn’t it?
    Keep jumin’n’screamin’kickin’………:)…liofe is good!
    had a crazy day today between comitments and kid’s classes! Got some time now to blog :)…pure bliss at the moment…house to myself …..for only an hour though 🙂
    Tc and keep laughing,

  25. deepu says:

    yea i love to sleep in time, at least on time..but somehow that does nt happen…even now, it s already half past 11.00 pm..hoooo , wen you love doing sth, that has the upper hand at times, ha?

  26. Jayesh says:

    Hi Sweeti didi,
    I think i m going to be in same league. ha ha.. Thanks for stopping by my space.
    Also thanks for putting my favorite song back on your space . I love that song Paya. I listened to it on your space only first.

  27. Alien Hunter says:

    Hello Sweeti,
    It is good that you have found someone. I know that good relationships can come from the internet but they are seldom. I DO NOT want my Friends to get hurt so I sometimes overreact. My apologies.One situation I am aware of started with good onthe internet and then when they got married it was evil meets evil. For YOU a Texas sized HUG and much love. May the sun shine always on your face and the wind be at your back.
    Peace & Blessings.

  28. Destiny Queen says:

    Hi there Sweetie!
    All goes fine…so far so good!
    Go run gurl enjoy yourslef whatever you do!
    Take care

  29. Chris says:

    hey sweety.
    Dropping in to wish you a wonderful Halloween. Also, it is an honour to call you my friend. Take care 😉
    Chris x

  30. Geek Stud says:

    HI Sweeti,
    Sad but every year quite a few people die becoz of dengue …..
    Take care.

  31. ♡ Natsu(mi)-chan♡ says:

    hi sweeti,
    your new theme looked nicer.
    evergreen…haha i like it.
    have a good day.
    (^^)v take care.

  32. Trouble says:

    Sweeti in love or Sweeti confused about love? :)The questions that you’ve asked in this post are quite confusing. The whole concept of love, attraction, infatuation, etc is confusing. But when you’re in love, you know it 🙂

  33. Trouble says:

    Oh yes, that was Air Sahara. I don’t wanna bad-mouth them though. The fight to Delhi was quite good 😀

  34. Unknown says:

    hi sweety,dont know what name should be given to this but yes some kinda relationship do exist otherrwis we dont feel hurt when any of our net fren do..and things like that..anyways…wish you always stay in touch with all..take care..

  35. Anubha says:

    Interesting blog, well lately I’ve too made a lot of online friends sweeti, so I am in complete agreement with what you just wrote in your blog. There are sum people whome you get very close to, whereas not so close with the others, strange, but true.
    I like your light hearted happy blogs, nice visiting your space sweeti.

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