I wanna ad this poem  for my bro in law…His fighting now the battle of his life in the hospital  ….
Whats happening now  in my sis lil family life …………..its not normal anymore…
First Michael her son ….and now her husband…Her hubby is now trying  to recover from a very very big stroke…
The priest in ma nursing house said to me once…     U get strength  for the cross u have to carry
well i think its not  fair  ……….  some ppl have a cross  of plastic  filled with air…
But my sis  has a cross to carry  of stone
I wish  i could wake up   from this horrible nightmare….
Fairness is as a teardrop
Sliding down your body and
Away from grabbing hands
Once you think you caught it
It slips through your fingers
Unnoticed till it strikes
Hard and fast
Abandoning you
Untill you are an empty shell
Craving filling
Going after it again
And again
And again
Until the message goes through
Your thick skull that life
Is NOT fair and you hane
To pay your price for living It
But you continue to hope
For the ever-abandoning fairness
For that is our nature
Which we can NEVER
Abandon as the tear that
Abandons and relinquishes us

© By koolbw101 


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22 Responses to Fair??????????????

  1. Isabel says:

    Good morning Sweeti…
    No is not fair but I gess its life and sometimes it becames wild!
    I am praying to you brother in law to be well…he will get better you will see…
    What may save him? Hope …He must not loose hope!!!
    I wish you a great week ahead with lots of love,

  2. Jitender says:

    At times like these, don’t you ever wonder at the level of stupidity in people who say, "Everything happens for the best." I am sure they will try to assure you that in the end your sister will be glad that all this happened to her.It is not fair, it never is, and if it is happening for the best then perhaps your sister would find more happiness if things were left mediocre, at best.And my compliments to your husband for his views on television. It is the new opium of the masses and a whole lot more dangerous than "hope".

  3. Anubha says:

    Well life ain’t fair for all sweeti, I am really sorry to hear that your sister is having such a tough time. But I am sure God will give you guys courage to sail thru this rough weather & life will be normal again.
    I kinda agree with Jitender, that how we say, "Everything happenes for the best". I wish you good luck & pray for your brother-in-laws speedy recovery.
    Take care Sweeti. A warm hug from India to Belgium dear.

  4. Alien Hunter says:

    Hello Sonia,
    If a  work about love is not shared then it is meaningless. Feel free to download and share with as many as you can. Sharing & caring are acts of love and cannot be denied. Thank you for asking although it was not necssary for this one. It is here to be shared.
    Life has never been fair. But the tough times come to test our Faith. To see if we truly believe or do we merely speak empty words? Our faith will see us through these times no matter what happens. I do pray that your family will be given the strength and courage to face all theat they are going through. I wish for the best for your sister and brother-in-law and you as well for the situation afffects all family members not just a few.
    Peace & Blessings.

  5. ♥ Aimee says:

    they are in my thoughts…
    :o) smiles are contagious…pass one to people that you love and those you don’t… :o)

  6. Sudhir says:

    Hi Sweeti – Beautiful poem. Very touching words. How is brother-law now? Hope he is better. Sudhir

  7. Mandeep says:

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  8. sonia says:

    Hi Sweeti, really hope and pray that your brother-in-law is doing better now! Its in these though times that the faith is really tested! may God Bless them!
    Very deep words …and so true! Life does feel unfair at times,but its hope that keeps us going when the going gets though!
    Best wishes and prays from our side,Sweeti! Hope he is up and about soon!
    Love and hugs,

  9. Ipshita says:

    aww.. after long, i could actually open ur space, else all times, it froze!!!
    and ya, I am sorry for the sad thing.. but ya, umm.. i dont knw what to say.. ya, these things r never fair.. never! but, then, take care and pray, we’ll pray. and ya.
    wont say more now..

  10. Geek Stud says:

    Keep your faith & trust strong  & Pray …… Rest leave on life ……U only told na that hard times test us in life …
    I am praying too..
    TAKE CARE ..

  11. Martha says:

    Hey Sweeti,
    Don’t carry the cross alone. Let Him (Christ) carry your burdens and your sis’s burdens. Pray and belief! Take care my friend!
    **Hugs** for you.

  12. Nanci says:

    hi sweeti im sorry for that is happening, this is life and we must accpet in sipe of being hardPray with faith and u will see that He will listen you.and im here supporting.Kissesps: hope now is much better

  13. Jitender says:

    The "women" in my house do not do any work or shopping. They have servants to do the work and the only shopping they do is not for household items but for clothes and jewelry. For them cooking is just something that needs to be done and over with even if the eater (including their respective husbands and malnourished children) does not get any benefit from the cooking and basically gobbles the food since there is no taste to savour. The servants do the laundry, the dishes, the house cleaning, while they either lounge in front of the television or go to spend the hard-earned money of their husbands. You described them quite literally: eating, sleeping, watching television, and personal shopping. That is the sum total of their existence.I must have missed on your earlier post but what exactly is the reason behind this paralysis? Was there a back problem or an accident?My grandfather was paralyzed on the left side of his body but he recovered enough to move around. It is not something I’d want anyone to suffer.

  14. Anubha says:

    That’s such a reliever sweeti, I am sure your bro-in-law will be fine in no time.
    Thanx so much for those lovely notes of yours.
    Much Love & warm hug to you my dear.
    My good wishes and prayers.

  15. ♥ rikiiii says:

    Hiya sweeti.
    how r u?.long time no c.
    i hope u rin the best of health, good, n well.
    oh. i hope ur bro in law gets well soon, may Allah give him the best of health.
    the above was v. nice. drop by sometimes, plz
    take care.

  16. dying2die says:

    all i have to say is ,ay u b strong and your sister go through this part of life with your head up .. and God bless u all .. amen

  17. Alien Hunter says:

    Hello Sweeti,
    I hope your friends enjoyed "Downloading Love" as much as you did.
    It takes a lot to recover from a stroke, never let the sufferer of a stroke quit and those who work with him make them push him as hard as they can. Prayers are with all of you.
    Peace & Blessings. 

  18. Geek Stud says:

    HI Sweeti,
    First of all how is ur brother in law …. Wish he is fine ……
    at late night when no one is around you walking on a beach hand in hand with waves listening to the sounds made by them  with hands all spread ……breathing in air …wow   if feels like i dun want to go anywhere else ……I dun know if it is romantic but it makes me feel ALIVE…..

  19. Ipshita says:

    Hi Sweeti!
    wots up? am fine. ya.. thr’s an update on my space.. just have a look when u get time! ya, take care, bye!

  20. Michiko's says:

    Hi sweeti san,
    As I did mention in the mail that it’s not fair for your family had such a bad times.
    I will keep pray.
    Please take care,

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