One day 24 hours

24 hours abt   the life of ma friend….
early morning    ..His mom is trying to get her son  out of his bed….Its a difficult task  coz hi is a long sleeper 
Its not that he need much sleep…No his talking on msn till 3  or 4 AM….His mom doesnot know this of course… otherwise the house would be to small.
Oke he is coming out of his bed…eyes half open  walks like a zombie to the  shower 
The water is pouring over his body…seems that this is the only thing that opens his eyes.uhuhuh
oke he got dressed  ..His mom waiting with breakfast   she is a wonderful person   Mothers ???!!! what shuld guys do without them   hehe
he take his breakfast … slurping  his coffee  his mom yelling hehe  Where are ur manners..Sorry mom 
he is getting his books   and ready for college..take his bikeand there he goes   His mom waves  coz she is happy he made it again ..
getting in time at college… during his bike ride …  a lot of beautiful girls  say hi to him   He is one of the most fav guys in college  
Every girl likes him  His face is always smiling   >>>>>U know such guys    fav with girl….Oke  everywhere   .and always..
he goes  to the class room   for his first hour….Its a bit boring  for him  and very quickly  his eye leds becoming very heavy  and bang
there he goes
sleeping in class….Sir  is not trying to wake him up…He knows his not snoring   so let him sleep….He will not disturb him haha  sssttttt
Than like an electric shock he wakes up..No one in the clas room anymore…My God…did i sleep again!!!?????
Damn  students  they  let him there….
Well that day he learned nothing…But  his friends  make notes for him   so when he meet some on the way   they have already a copy for him,what would he be without them???
They know him so well..He apreciate this very much ..But those guys  know him so ..they do this for their best buddy.They love him….
Than he get on his bike …. waving to beautiful girls  on the way home  (His favorite  hobby) 
His mom ‘s not home…. but thats no prob for him   .he takes care of his younger bro…whos already  waiting  for him…He is the man who knows how to use the microwave to heat the food  His mom made this food  this morning….(again this caring mom)  
they eat 2 gether  bro and bro and after the lunch  his back on his computer ( His baby) well.chatting like a turbo…..
moms gets home….son is doing his homework  haha….sweat is rolling over his forehead..his having bad time  now…
but his mom is happy.  seeeing her handsome doing his best   working on his future….
than mom calls for some family matters   …and dinner 2 gether……beautiful family dinner…Im always invited … join….but i cant  
A bit to far away    haha around 10.000 km…wow……After dinner its already kind a late……Back in his room he starts  to open his msn again
chatting with friends    addicted????? muahhhhh   naahhhhh   he is not….or is he????????????? again till 3 or 4 AM
Mom thinks   her beautiful perfect smile having son is sleeping like a baby….but nah his not …..his   talking to his 578 female friends  
Yes he has..wonder….???? who he is???? Thats big secret He asked me not to tell…and promis is promis.My lips are sealed….haha
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18 Responses to One day 24 hours

  1. Alien Hunter says:

    Hello Sweeti,
    Sometimes people say things and the listener does quite understand the true meaning of the words. When that happens, a friend can get urt. A person can be feeling down and not fully listening, a friend gets hurt. If there was no intent to hurt a friend will understand. Yes, it must be talked out and clarified and "I’m sorry all around." You, My Friend, would not intentionally hurt another Friend, this I know.
    Sometimes a promise cannot be kept. If someone is doing something that hurts themselves, then they need help and a promise must be broken to help that person. It is up to the severity of the situation. The life of your friend as he is living it will not help him in life. There will be times when NO ONE will be there to help him out. What then? He fails and will be disgraced, a loss of face, shame will be brought upon him. Too much computer tme for him when he truly needs to be studying.
    My post was taken from "Move America Forward Organization." I receive emails from them and those that touch me deeply, I post. The very last paragraph, I wrote myself and that is the only part I can take credit for. Thank you for your kind words.
    Peace & Blessingss. 
    We had snow last night so will download some pictures soon.
    Peace & Blessings.

  2. Chris says:

    I’m sorry to here about you’re bro and law and his son. I hope they are feeling better. There is too much negative emotion in the world for there to be room for anymore. I hope you are well. This blog reminds me of my days in college. I used to spend all night talking on msn and then in the morning I would be too tired to get out of bed and go college, hehe. Now it is even worse because I go to work at 5am so I need to be up by 4am and go to bed much earlier. I am usually in bed now at 9.30pm watching telly but tonight I send you a message instead 😛  I wish you well.

    Chris x

  3. Ipshita says:

    omg! 578 female frnds??!!!!!!!! jesus!!!!!!!! i mean, does he even remember all of them??????? !!!!!!~~~ lol.. its quite worrying sweeti about him tht he wales up till 3 to 4 in the morning, i mean, its very very late, its almost next mornign and sleep is very important! sweeti, teach him and tell him to improve his sleeping hours at night! man, one day, he will fall asleep on his bike, may be, who knows, if he can sleep as soon as he enters class, he can even sleep on his bike and then…. @#$%^&**&^%$# lol.. i dont mean anything bad but u knw, is not good.
    and, his frnds r generous but how long will they bother to do his work , make notes for him, etc.. i mean, thr’s a limit, ya? but, ya, for sure, he needs to get a life.! lol .
    hope, i didn’t say much.. but imagine what, his mother has dreams tht he will do good in future and he should respect her..
    see u!

  4. Michiko's says:

    Hi sweeti San,
    That’s today’s generally youg boys lives that more important to up date with his girl friends than his school work?
    His mother didn’t see things at all?  in a way a bit worry for this boy ….if is my son…I would be concerned about his study.
    Everybody is difference way of life….I wish a good luck to him.
    Enjoy your day, Hi to Michael and getting better for your Bro-in-low

  5. Geek Stud says:

    Well MOTHER IS MOTHER NO ONE CAN TAKE HER PLACE , But the boy has to understand that tomorrow 578 girlfrends( HIS NAME SHOULD BE IN WORLD RECORD…Phew !!!) I will have to take some lessons from him ….:)
    yeah but these girlfrends won’t b making his future …..Dreams what his mother has seen for him !!!! Lucky guy true frends he has notes ready w/out even asking perfect !!!!!!
    Well i can see lot of positive things also …Just that he has to hit the right BALANCE in his life ……HAPPY life THEN THERE AFTER !!!!!
    Parents would have to do littke talking with him & that’s it !!!!!!!!
    Well wassup  with you ! Sweeti
    Enjoy your Weekend & Have Fun & Keep Smiling :):):)

  6. deepu says:

    Ufff i thought i almost knew the guy…hmm
    enjoy the dentist??!! Yeaa sweettee I had a nice time…sounds more like your Netherland song, I was on songs wen a few drops of anesthesia was injected nito my gums…hahaheebye the way, it wasn’t a cleaning thing, but removing an extra how are you doing ?

  7. sonia says:

    Hi Sweeti,how are you today? Really happy to know things are better with Michael and your brother in law……..Thank God :)!!
    And this friend of yours ….thats alot of blog friends/chat friends  to have…wow!! His mom is a typical mom…selfless,loving caring and having full faith in her child! This person is spending alot of time on the computer,arent his studies getting affected?
    Hope al is grt with you!
    Tc and keep smiling,

  8. vesuvious says:

    lolz..sweety… poor mom…..u know wat? i dint wanna join chat but i had 2 join coz of one of da ms blogger frenz..hmmm.. i became addicted to chat but it wsa a healthy chat……made frenz..few but very gud…2. n’ abt  chattin 2 make bf’s….nah! nah!nuttin doin..i jus hate tat…. newazz hw ya doin….? wat u doin now? hope all’s fyn at ur end ..bye tc;)

  9. Geek Stud says:

    Hiiiiiiii Sweeti………..
    KEEP SMILING 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Alien Hunter says:

    Hello Sweeti,
    The times are changing and not for the better. When I was in grade school, we could take toy guns to school to play with. Now we would be arrested and our toys taken from us. Yet, predators can exist on the internet and nothing is done. We are so civilized that we are out of control. We have progressed so much that we are as infants, needing to be trained and educated. Someday the woorld will collapse from all the progress and advancements in civilization. It will turn into anarchy and Hitler, Idi Amin, Poppa Doc, & Castro will seem as nothing. A bleak future to look forward to but if one looks at history, it has been the progression of civilizations for eons.
    Peace & Blessings.

  11. ♥. Fatima says:

    **********(¨`·.·´¨)******************(¨`·.·´¨).¸.(¨`·.·´¨)*******(¨`·.·´`·. ¸.·´*** `·.¸.·´`·.·´¨)* **`·.¸.·´ *      Hiya      *`·.¸.·´*********(¨`·.·´¨) (¨`·.·´¨)******* ********`·.¸(¨`·.·´¨)..·´******** ************`·.¸.·´************
    Hello here I don’t know if you still remember me I was the blogmistress of this following blog and as it will be definitely closed I wanted to let you know about my new blog!! Yeah finally I have made up my mind an I’ve started a new blog I hope you’ll have some ime to visit me
    Have a nice day, keep blogging
    Love from Fatima !!
    ☆ ´¨) ¸.☆ ´¸.☆ ´¨) ¸.☆ ¨) (¸.☆ ´ (¸.☆ ` ☆Fatima☆

  12. Trouble says:

    seriously, what would guys do without moms :)nicely written sweeti..hope the things are fine with yr bro-in-law..God bless everyone!*hugs*Divoo

  13. deepu says:

    Nooo sweetii so far i hvnt come across a girl who has given me a second thought…perhpas i m not intersted for the time being, got to do a lot of other things…having a GF means spending a lot of time with her, right? ok thank you very much for answering to that test.but let me humbly acknowledge that i dont feel that test-questions have come out well. i shouldnt have been tat lazy to prepare only 9 of ’em..
    reading that this is wat i felt about you..plse go thru n see if it has sth to do with you…
    you re realistic, self-displined, fair, moraly heroic…but gudgmental, dogmatic, anxious….problems with anger n impatience…
    bye the way, nothing of these need to do to be true in ur i said i was a little hazy n lazy about the questions….
    have a wonderful time…and see howmany are falling in n out of love..

  14. Tida says:

    Thx sweeti, for ur kind encouragement. I feel better now:). Hop u r doing fine. Take care urselve. Big Hugs for my lovely friend

  15. Alien Hunter says:

    Hello Sweeti,
    It isn’t that we let these things happen. People with money and power who have fallen in love with those two things are doing it. If honest people could get elected to public office, things could change. If businesses were run honestly and fairly, life would be better. All we can do is remain true to what we believe in and true to ourselves. Teach children what is right and what is wrong, guiding them to do right. Point out things that are wrong but I will not ask anyone to join that battle with me.
    Peace & Blessings.

  16. Ashwini says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    Thanks for understanding me and for your sweet words. Life can get cruel at times. And sometimes I wonder for what am I being punished. But I know that no one can make me happy unless I can learn to be happy on my own. I try to enjoy… i like to write, sing, paint, travel… thats what I do all the time.
    Some days are bad but some are good. If I can learn to cherish the good, the bad will go away. Won’t it?
    🙂 Thanks once again.
    You take care dear

  17. Kim says:

    interesting frnd u hv there

  18. SAURABH says:

    lols….whos he….lols…..

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