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As long as

As long as ur with me Open ur arms and close them around me So we will never part     This moment I feel immortal The reason of my life is u Feel………….  my world is standing still The sun … Continue reading

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There is no Goodbye

Saying goodbye to ur love Airport   ….Last eye contact……….. is a hard thing to do….I have a few friends who experienced this and some who are gonne experience …in near future.  And i heard this song on the radio…and i thought  … Continue reading

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My first encounter

Saterday night…..00.30   …. after we visited friends  …….we drove home…. What preceded   All evening we had a lot of serious talks with our friends….U know….Yesterday we had a funeral of a mom of 3 kids who lived 6 houses … Continue reading

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Did u know?

Did you know that every two hours the nations of this world spend as much on armaments as they spend on the children of this world every year? Peter Ustinov (1921 – 2004)

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A message from God

Ur time is up Attention plzzzzzzz U wasted all the  richness   Listen!! I gave u enough water ……But where is it  ?The reserves are very low So many ppl have hunger.While other eat till they feel sick. I wanted … Continue reading

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Nuclear area

Living between 2 nuclear power station areas ( one is only 15 km distance situated) we get once and a while a new update with the post  .. so this is the latest 1, Start alarm in a radiation of 15 … Continue reading

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A baby only 6 weeks old died in terrible circumstances just 15 km away from us. The parents were using drugs…heroine….Social workers were visiting the family  once and a while. A hospital nurse  where the women had deliverd the baby, was … Continue reading

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