There is no Goodbye

Saying goodbye to ur love
Airport   ….Last eye contact………..
is a hard thing to do….I have a few friends who experienced this and some who are gonne experience
…in near future.  And i heard this song on the radio…and i thought  Guys…Read this..maybe it helps to get over it..
There’s no such thing as saying goodbye
I will go away, but I won’t leave you
Love, you have to believe me
Even though it hurts…

I want you to let me go
And that you will go on tomorrow
But if you’re lonely or scared
I will be there…

Come as the wind that you feel and the rain
Follow what you do like the light of the moon
Search for me in everything and you will find me
Whisper my name, and I will be there!

See what is invisible
What you believe is true
Just open your eyes
And…I’ll be with you
Everything you have to do
Is just believe me on my word

There’s no such thing as saying goodbye
Come as the wind that you feel and the rain
Follow what you do like the light of the moon
Search for me in everything and you will find me
Whisper my name, and I will be there!

Look in the sky,look at the sea
Wherever you will walk, I’m walking with you
Every step every moment, wherever you are
Whatever you do, wherever you go
If you need me, whisper my name…and I will be there

There’s no such thing as saying goodbye…


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38 Responses to There is no Goodbye

  1. Isabel says:

    Hi my friend!

    I want to share with you this video…please listen till the end!

    I wish you a great weekend!
    Hugs from ISA

  2. Princess says:

    That was a very sweet poem dear :)Evry word is so loveable and emotional ….

  3. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,
    Your poem that always tuching my hearts it’s so sweet the way you have wrote….
    I love very much.
    Have a nice weekend with love ones,
    Hi To Michael ++ his dad,

  4. Alien Hunter says:

    Hello Sweeti,
    How true, there is never a thing such as saying good-bye. The memories, both good & bad, remain with us the rest of our lives. Sometimes I wish I could "DEFRAG" my mind and get rid of all the bad memories but then that would change who I am.
    My apologies for sounding like a "Mother Hen" about the drinking & driving. I don’t want anything bad to happen to any of my friends. I have seen cars where a drunk driver ran into another. It was ugly as were the end results.
    Have a great weekend.
    Peace & Blessings.

  5. Geek Stud says:

    Hey Sweeti ,
     How ru Doing ……Very Senti Song….
    Well I Have not Seen my Sweet heart on Airport ..But My Mom & Dad …When they come to leave me …..I am hardly able to see in my mother’s eyes ….She Just Starts Crying ….& that gets into Me ….
    Hope  Everything is going Great with you
    Take care /////WARM HUG & Keep Smiling :):):):):)

  6. saad says:

    hello Sweeti. only a few hours ago i was talking to one of our space friends on messenger. she was very sad, very depressed. and i said – don’t worry. i’m there with you, every moment when you’re sad and lonely. i’ve translated my previous entry. its there on my space. regards, noor

  7. sillygloop says:

    Absolutely agree with the sentiment…no goodbyes! Finger lickin’ good is still a few days away but I can type comfortably 🙂 N definitely our employee policies n managers are very good…they encouraged me to come back only when I felt fully fit…but after staying home reading Sherlock Holmes for a few days, I sure missed coming to work n it wasn’t too bad on the finger too!

  8. Jaime Campbell says:

    How beautiful.  I’m glad that you shared that.

  9. Ipshita says:

    aww.. that is very different thing.. i dunno.. i haven’t been in such a situation so i dont really knw how to express it.. but then saying goodbye to ur close frnds with whom u thot ur whole word was complete.. is damn hard.. n no wonder, why love is so God damn hard! but its one beautiful thing that really connects us.. we all can define ourselves, dont we? but love connects us.. 🙂 nice post..
    hope all’s fine by u.
    see u! 🙂

  10. Adrian says:

    Love the song! 🙂 The poem reminds of the words a dear friend said to me some time ago, " just think of me, and I’ll be there with you"

  11. Prithvi says:

    hi sweety…..How r u ?? This is no goodbye….but it’s time for me to say goodbye!

  12. dying2die says:

    well i wish there were nothing as GOdd bye.. i just wish .. i will neevr forget the day my frnd left fr eternity .. we didnt have the time to say a good bye too , i wont forgetthe day i left from  my country .. i wish i never had tos ay it ..coz it ages i never returned.. and never have i been able to live life again ..
    God bless u

  13. saad says:

    dear Sweeti. my reply to yr comnt had become too long so i put it on my space. do visit pls. sorry for inconvenience. regards, noor

  14. saad says:

    dear Sweeti. my reply to yr comnt had become too long so i put it on my space. do visit pls. sorry for inconvenience. regards, noor

  15. Isabel says:

    Hey Sweeti!
    I have not much to say that i can say here…Ill talk with you latter!
    Here this link should work on MP
    . – .       ‘ – . )                               ( . – ‘ –  .   . – . \                     \ ‘ ,              \                                  /                , ‘ /                         l               o ‘ – – D                  c – – ‘ a                  l                           \             /         l                    l         \              /                          ; . _     _ \   ‘ – /                       \ – ‘   / _     _ . ;                       . ‘         _ _   ` \ `      HAVE           ` / `       _     ‘ .                      . ‘         . ‘     ‘ . l ‘            A             . ‘          ‘ .         ‘ .                 /             \           ‘ . _ ,                , _ . ‘           /               \               ;                 ‘ – . _           \             /           _ . – ‘                  ;              ( l                       / ‘ – . _  /            \ _ _ . – ‘ \                     l )               \     _ _           , ‘                                        ‘ ,           _       /                 ` /     ` \ . – ‘ l              Lovely                  l ‘ – . /        \ `                   l         l     ‘ – .                                      . – ‘       l           l                   l         ‘  – .       )            WEEK            (       . – ‘           l                    \               ) – ‘                                      ‘ – (              /                     ‘ – – – – – ‘                                                   ‘ – – – – – ‘
                                                    HUGS FROM ISA

  16. Ruma says:

    Hello Sweeti! You are a very good poet! This is an excellent creation…full of sentiment, emotion and deep love. Lucky person for whom it has been written for! You deserve a pat on the back for this, Sweeti!           How have you been keeping? Busy with your job? Haven’t seen you around for a while, so do come over to my site. Bye for now…have to send the kids off to school…it’s early morning here!Love, Ruma.

  17. saad says:

    sure Sweeti, see you at 12 / 4.30. noor

  18. Geek Stud says:

    Hiiiiiiiiiii Sweeti….
    Thanks ..Well i tried lots of combinations ..& I Finally Locked on this ……Its Kool ….
    Today is My B’day ..So wish me my B’Day 🙂 & MOM was the 1st one to wish :D…..
    CU .. & A BIG HUG & A SWEET HUG & A WARM HUG for Sweeti
    LOLZ Keep Smiling :):):)

  19. Puneet says:

    Hi Sweeti
    Its really sad and traumatic to see our elders fading right there just before our own eyes. We can never apprehend even in our wildest dreams that there will come a day when our elders have to leave, and when the day comes, parting is really so very painful. If parting is sudden its always better, you dont have time to think about, you dont have time to ponder anything. See one of my friends passed away just like that. they had a party in the night. So he slept never to wake up again in the morning. I think people who get lifted like this by the Death Gods are always very lucky ones. but its not in our hands. Everybody has to undergo and bear his or her share of pain.
    I would like to read the story that you have mentiond on my blog. Please do send it to me. And yeah There is something new and sweet on my blog, whenever free just peep in n lemme know how was it. Bye

  20. Geek Stud says:

    You are right on Time ……..
    & you are so sweet …Muuuuaaaaahhhhhhhh ……MmmmmmUuuuuaaaaaahhhhhhh
    Thank you Sweeti .

  21. *white-flag* says:

    hey sweeti….
    how ru doing….
    actually i was out of spaces for a long time….am back now….
    dropped by to say…."Hiiiiii….."

  22. Puneet says:

    I am touched to say the least, after reading thru and knowing your and your mother’s trauma. I can feel moisture building up in my eyes. Yeah some times you feel why Gods are so cruel. But thats all life, one cant question Him, the only way is to understand our own limitations, and accept what has befallen us and our own people. We are all bound by our karmas accumulated not from this birth alone but many many more in the past. Who knows what mistake we might have committed unknowingly, for which we may have to pay now. Its really a trauma to see our elders suffering like that before our own eyes and that too when you dont know how long that trauma is going to last…… Really Sweeti, I can understand how you would have withstood this trauma of having your mom in front of your eyes but no use. you cant talk to her, you cant hear her, nor can she feel you. But as I said in my comments earlier. every one has to carry his or her own cross, one has no choice. but you should feel the satisfaction of caring for your mom to the maximum extent. You were not wanting in your efforts, you tried your best. Now after that whatever happens is Gods wish. You know in Geeta, a religious scripture of Hindus, Krishna says, Karmanye waadhikaraste maa phaleshu kadaachana, meaning, you have to be just concerned with making your best efforts, rest leave it to me, dont ever be concerned with the result – thats my domain. So you tried your best, that was maximum what you could do. Moreover see coming and going are essential in this world, so better to take it all philosophically. Isnt it? Come on cheer up….. moreover your mother hasn’t gone anywhere, she is always there, within you, always in your thoughts, she is immortal in her thoughts. One more thing you know Einstiens theory, that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, Soul is also like that, it just changes its cloths thats all. So your mom is somewhere very near to you. who knows her soul might have taken rebirth in the form of a kid in your family itself, check out those kids in your family who were born within 1-2 months of her sad demise. You know,my parents take me to be my grand father as I had lots of similarities with him, and was born just few months after his death. Same way my own daughter was born just 2 months after the tragic death of my sis-in-law. she carries much too similarities and similar habbits as that of sis in law, even same face, and me n my wife feel she is none other than her . So dont worry your mom is still keeping an eye on you, she is just behind that beautiful tree in your backyard, she is just around the corner. Come on Cheer up . Bye

  23. The says:

    Yeah Didi…
    sometimes we just get obsessed with present! and who knows it better than me that how hard it is to bury someone’s thoughts from mind… no matter how hard we try, the love, the momery, the smile,the fight always pop up in my mind and leave us helplessly tossing!
    oen day we think that we can survive without one person and years after we realise that as if some parts of our body is cut wth the absence of that person!!! haan! it’s a heavy load that we bear!
    beautifully written… beautiful is what i can say at best!! beautiful!

  24. sponix_ says:

    waw!!!! who’s that belong??? really touchs me…..!!!!
    I would like to know who sings that!!!
    the last time i left someobody was 2 ppl who very important to me, i miss them!!!!
    have a nice week

  25. sonia says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    How are you today? Beautiful poem and so true! There is no such thing as "good bye",as it has a sense of permanence in it! " C U soon" feels better! As it goes "just think of me, i will be there….feel me in your heart,even though we are far apart,feel me in the wind,whispering your name therein,feel me by your side,today,tomorrow, the night……."
    How have you been? How is life? feeling better??
    Tc and love to the family!

  26. Princess says:

    no, quite boring here.I’m fine dear,

  27. Princess says:

    hi Sweeti,I forgot to tell you about our Republic day… sorry.To know more about the special day see this site much luv,-Aiz.

  28. Martha says:

    Sweeti, your poem brings back memories..and i Can feel ths whole thing. I’ve had this experience many times…..and some very painful ones.. In some cases, the farewell was forever. It really hurt for a while, i mean, terrble crying, depression etc etc…but with time, the hurts gradually lessened. WIth some, it was not a permanent farewell…and our friendship continues over email.
    In the painful ones…sometimes I look back and realise that though it was very painful, it made me a stronger person, and it was for the benefit of me…just like a parent tearing a harmful addiction from a child’s hands. The child might not like it…but it is for her good. I’m sure God tore me from a particular person for my good. 🙂
    Anyway, strangely Sweeti, I cam to say bye too. I’ve decided to shut my blog down. It is hard to do, and I’ve been struggling with this decision for a long time..But I decided…it is time to do it. Please leave me your email add? perhaps one day, if you decide to come this way, we can meet. 🙂
    God bless you!

  29. deepu says:

    Halo Sweets, I got a glims of this from Sonia’s space, and I knew you have done sth fontasic up here.
    And I m not disappointed.
    OOooo the ever emotional face of Sweets..
    were there pearly drops welling up in ur lovely eyes….
    I have expericned that only once, there after, it s they who experience as I leave them after each holidays.
    But as you have said the string of love is strong, lasting , binding that it always keep us in that world of relationship. Right?
    Have a nice day…love makes us poets, eh?

  30. Adrian says:

    Thank you. 🙂
    Warm hugs,

  31. Ipshita says:

    🙂 Thnks sweeti!
    see u!

  32. SAURABH says:

    indeed…. this is no goodbye….. well said sweetie…. 🙂 very well said….

  33. Tida says:

    Everytime i come to your space, i always feel your sense of love and caring. Sweeti 🙂 Its nice to come back here..after long time. Thx for da lovely message you posted.. Yah..and There is no Goodbye!^^
    Take care and big hug for u always.

  34. Puneet says:

    thats a beautiful poem. You are right there is no goodbye, let there be on byes. There is song in hindi, kabhi alvida na kehna, never say goodbye. Thanks for your beautiful comments Sweeti Bye

  35. sonia says:

    i Sweeti,how are you?
    So work is keeping you overly busy…do take care of your health :)!!
    Thew poem happened when i read the beautiful song at your place! Somehow just touched my heart…the words :)!!
    Kid is doing grt,her final exams start next week,so she is studying hard!
    Where the house is concerned,we are trying to zero down on an architect! I need someone who will be receptive to my ideas too,thats very imp…guide me,what is doable or not!
    What has been new with you?
    Tc and enjoy te day!

  36. deepu says:

    HI Sweetsthats so nice of you to have painted those lovely words for me…can i ask you something? are you a mom?coz i need some help as i have mentioned in my space…
    tina tinna na nina nanan sth like that…but very nice la la laaa…hehehe i love this one..
    have a nice day

  37. Megha says:

    so true…….!!!!!……
    n underneath the pain…lies…

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