As long as

As long as ur with me
Open ur arms
and close them around me
So we will never part

This moment
I feel immortal
The reason of my life is u
Feel………….  my world is standing still
The sun ….the light    as beautiful as u
U keep me alive………….This last kiss
This last kiss 
Dont leave me here


A lil note

Friends ask me the name of the band

This is no song

I wrote myself

Maybe idea to make it a song?????????


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14 Responses to As long as

  1. Jayesh says:

    Hello didi
    nice look to your space .. Been out of spaces for a long time.. I dont know if it is a come back.. because i m not sure how often i can blog..

  2. Ruma says:

    Hello Sweeti! This is a beautiful poem on togetherness. Both you and Sonia come up with beautiful thoughts and poems…both of you are equally talented!How are things going for you? Is the weather getting a little warmer? We are enjoying springtime here. Although it is perfect weather-wise, there are lots of people going through flu, cough,and allergies. February to March isn’t good health-wise, but one tries to make most of the glorious weather.Bye for now…have to rush! See you later! Keep smiling!               Love, Ruma.

  3. Ipshita says:

    Hi Sweeti!
    noooo, am not … I am NOT leaving bloggin!!!!!!!!!!!! NNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t do it….. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was jus a bit tired n very very tense with some present situations.. thts it..  😀  life’s like tht, sometimes good sometimes bad.. yea.. i’ll update soon, dont worry, sweeti!! thnks for ur concern.. 🙂 btw, did i tell u, the song "Iraj" on ur space, is so soothing.. i dont understand the language but its very beautiful when i listen to it 🙂  and, yea, today all seems to be fine.. and so came to ur space.. the poem is nice.. it takes one kiss whr two souls meet… hmm..  and as long as u love somebody, thrs no going back.. 😀 thrs a great depth in ur poem, i see that..
    see u!
    btw, once again, the song on ur space"Iraj" is just amazing! thnks for putting up such a soothing n simply beautiful song! 🙂

  4. Megha says:

    first f all i luv dis song toooooooo!!
    can u pls mail me these songs…sweeti…
    both of them,
    n thr lyrics..
    my mail add is
    n the poem is really sweet!…n moving…
    i hop i updat emy blog soon,.
    n hopfully wud like to write some meaningful stuff thr 😀 …
    how r u doin?..
    n hows life…;

  5. saad says:

    hello Sweeti, hi Sweeti, where’re you Sweeti, everyday i look at sun at 4:30 and ask him – where’s our Sweeti. the sun doesn’t reply, and i don’t see you, such a beautiful poem, i’m copying it in my mind for my best friend, take care, regards, noor

  6. deepu says:

    firsltly a big hug for you dear Sweets…this s been lovely from you.yes as you said it s not enough to get published. but there i felt some emotion, there was life,
    there was desire, there was love…
    i know it s not an easy topic to write on. but being a woman i thought you should be able to write sth…anyway. dont worry if you cant. just forget, but if you can better on it, plse go ahead…i will love to read from you.
    can i ask you one thing, i dont know if i can ask. if it s wrong from my part i m sorry, ok?
    why is that you are not a mom?m sorry to hear that Michael is suffering from cancer…bye the way, how s in-Law doing?
    this write up of urs is too sexy, too lovey, too moving. i wanted to write on it..but i ll do it soon…
    experince matters a lot, right? thats why you have got  it right..heheee
    didnt tell me anything about this na nanna nee la la la lallallaa ooooooooooo

  7. Nanci says:

    hi swetie, that’s terrible beautifull lyric can u plse tell me the name of the  band who sings that?i love it!!!kisses

  8. sillygloop says:

    Some moments are meant to last forever!

  9. saad says:

    Sweeti Sweeti my dear Sweeti, how ashamed i was you know till i received this reply of yours. i was there, trying to find the sun in the sky. and the Delhi sky was covered with dense fog. there was no sun. i was worried. my best friend was visiting me that hour. she was getting badly irritated why the hell i was so concerned about the sun to see Sweeti (i don’t lie to her, never). then i opened yr space and showed her yr pictures. only then she allowed me to look at the sky properly for some time. she too felt sorry that i couldn’t keep my words due to strange Delhi whether. never mind. next time may be. take care. regards, noor

  10. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,
    This is another a romantic poem with sweeti music on your space.. but I don’t understand even one word ha ha
    beautifully combining atmosphere in here, WOW! it doesn’t matter along as two of togethr…I love to kiss in the rainning as same time listens to the waves by the sea…Oh! Sweeti san! I better watch the news on TV 6-00pm in here …
    You have nice weekend with your hubby,
    Hi to Michael + His dad and your sister.

  11. Princess says:

    my friend….
    u write so beautiful.
    much luv,

  12. saad says:

    hi Sweeti, if you’re talking about 03:30 morning of 3rd feb, then for me, its passed. so sorry Sweeti, so very sorry, it was not possible otherway too, at 03:30 morning, delhi sky is full of fog, i cannot see moon, Sweeti, if you think it okay, pls drop me yr phone number at my email –, and suitable hours, if i see sun / moon at that hour, i’ll call you to confirm, best regards, noor

  13. c says:

    Beautiful just beautiful  🙂

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