A lot of ppl think when they are succesfully in one thing its compensating 
what they lack in the other …
But is that so>?????
Maybe its for a short time….
But is succes in ur job enough compensation for a bad marriage or a bad health….or personal shortcomings????
real effectivity requires balance.

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17 Responses to Balance

  1. sillygloop says:

    Being acknowleged as a good human being needs quite a bit of balance rather than acing one aspect of life and flunking in some other.
    And yes detective, it’s definitely a bangalore copywriter lady 🙂 I’ll sure think up some additional clue for everyone!

  2. Ipshita says:

    yes, i knw, u r talking about th equilibrium.. in life.. it definitely takes time to get used to tht kinda thing, but it will be fine. 🙂
    Sweeti, i hope all goes fine.

  3. Megha says:

    hey sweetuuu…
    you r abs correct!
    i guess this was for me.. 😦
    by the way profile pic is very nice!….
    n yes i will listen to the song again 🙂 !
    hugziee to u too 🙂 !

  4. The says:

    Hi Didi!
    love wht u said, Economics says, EVERYTHING HAS AN OPPORTUNITY COST!
    but i say, we gotto strike a balance between the Human Face and Professional Face of life!
    good thought and i love the song
    dnt mind, i downloaded it at my comp!
    love ur comments!

  5. Jitender says:

    Sometimes, yes. Sometimes not.Jitender Saan- I need immigration sponsorship- darkspace … where truth is revealed (well, sometimes)- Television Addiction

  6. Puneet says:

    What u said here really hit me bulls eye, but sometimes we dont know what to do? Yeaah that windows media on ur space gave me idea to get one for my space too, and yeah that song was just superb, dint understand the words but melody knows no language. Isnt it? would hear it again

  7. Prithvi says:

    Hey Sweeti !!!! Sorry, just was a bit lazy going about every space saying this news….sorry about that…!!

  8. Prithvi says:

    Hey Sweeti !!!! Sorry, just was a bit lazy going about every space saying this news….sorry about that…!!

  9. Prithvi says:

    Hey Sweeti !!!! Sorry, just was a bit lazy going about every space saying this news….sorry about that…!!

  10. Prithvi says:

    Hey Sweeti !!!! Sorry, just was a bit lazy going about every space saying this news….sorry about that…!!

  11. Prithvi says:

    yuck!!!! this MSN sux big time…i didn’t expect that i would compromise for the lost days wherein i didn’t comment over ur blogs! Look beneath the n.o. of comments by me ! 😛

  12. Megha says:

    i knw sweetu wat u mean- i have a Libran mom and Many Libran frns..around me,
    who r the living evidence of BALANCE ! :O
    O gawd..!!!!!!!
    i’m an extremist! big time…
    the recent post on my blog will just give u the glimpse of how i sometimes end up living!.. 😀
    n u don need to thnk me for my remarks- i cant kip myself away frm ur space- the music here,
    this rose here, im already in luv wid the aura on ‘Your Space’!!! 🙂
    luv u ..

  13. RAM says:

    Wow….that gave me a lot to think about. Yes, balance is required in all we do.
    I hope the speech goes well. They say if you imagine everyone in the audience is naked it helps to relieve the stress….but since this is in your church, perhaps that might be a bit strange…HEHE.

    I hope you swing by and check out the projec ton my space and participate in it.

  14. pilgrimJ says:

    yeah.. I love my job
    I am so glad that GOd gave me the chance to work as a doctor
    very fulfilling and satisfying indeed
    I totally agree with your entry today.
    we need balance in life…

  15. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,
    Your were right! Your B/D sign is balance So you know what is about it..If we can balance in ourself that  no problem in this world?.
    I trying to my balance diet on these day that I don’t want to happened again likes last year.
    I hope you have nice day at work (Tomorrow)

  16. Adrian says:

    Oh yes, we can have it all with ‘self-control & balance’ in our lives 🙂  Have a great weekend!

  17. deepu says:

    no sweets I m nt at al in a bad a condition. I breath heavy coz I don’t jog like you, but I play a little hard….
    seen cricket? Hmmm world cup is around corner, of course people from that side are not interested in that….but hav a look then you will know why pant…got to do a lot of quick running and swift moving….
    aaand i would always look for happnies over success..wot you say? a successful person need not be happy eh Sweets?

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