Michael Isa

Good news……
After almost 15 months of pain…..tears…..prayers…..candles….faith…..Hope…
I have good news…
Like most of u know  Michael ( My lil nephew) and Isa had the intention to get married around september 2006, in Poland.
But instead  of churchbells.God decided different….Cancer was the name   
Marriage  was in the fridg …..At that moment the only thing of importance was survive…
Hospital visit….  Chemo…..Feeling  sick….and stuff like that….
But Michael was hard for himself and with the help of Isa (she was always there for him) they survived. And last august he had a clear scan…So with their positiv mood  they went to visit Isa’s family in Poland…and drove  around Europ To visit old friends..Like nothing happend.
But then another stone fell on them ….a bacteria…(during this time his dad had a brain stroke  with all the emotional pain for him and the family)Now we are in november 2006…..
so in short time  he was back in the hospital with 41,5 fever   ..same hospital  were he was for his cancer….Now we are back in a sad stadium
lil spots became big wounds… Coz of his bad fysical situation his recovery took a long time. But now afer 3 months his feeling good..Wounds are healed…..and the old Michael and Isa are back…alive and kicking….with the best news ever
They gonna marry at the end of 2007 in Poland   ( 13 months  later ………….
We all try to join them …………. for the most wonderful day of their life…..
When u survive such hard times together  … I believe…..No I know………   U survive marriage…
The sky was loaded with dark clouds…..but when u have the positiv attitude  and with the help of God U survive  
I wanna say thx to all my space friends who always were here to support Michael..his dad,my  sis and Isa.
Im not gonna write names   ……coz imagine i would forget one?!!!

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21 Responses to Michael Isa

  1. Isabel says:

    My doggy is very sick and i am taking care of him and going to the veterenary!
    Nevertheless I think of You!
    Have a great week,
    Hugs from ISA
    P.S. I am so happy for Michael recovering!!!

  2. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,  
    What a LOVELY NEWS! I was DELIGHTFUL to  heard this after all the hard time for Michael, I would like to Congratulation on this joyful moments to you & Isa that both found TWINKLE STAR in your hand, I hope stay forever ever xxxxxxx this is lucky seven for you and  BIG HUGS.
    I imagine it! how hard time the parents and an aunt’s family had been through the painful time, God bless to your families!
    Sweeti san! your dream come through just on the time (before you go to a trip) that I’m very happy for you.
    Have a great day,

  3. Nanci says:

    hi sweeti,
    im happy to know that your family is uch better now, and this is a new opened door, enjoying life, becase this is a short time wihy happyness and sadness, so we must be strong, I know its easy to speak and the practsie is another thing, but the true is that we must be strong.
    I wish happyness to you and all your family.

  4. RAM says:

    How wonderful to hear things are improving for them. I know the wedding will be beautiful! It is true that we appreciate life so much more after surviving such difficult things. Best to your family!

    Big Hugs from Paris,

  5. Chris says:

    Hey you.
    How have you been? I’ve been away for a little with work duties and all but I’m back again for a bit and thought I’d pay you a visit. You always bring me a smile with you’re happy stories and I’m glad this story has a happy ending too. It seems Michael and Isa have been through so very much hurt and pain through the months but hope and love has been there to keep it all together and hopefully now there is no more room for bad luck. I wish all the best to you and everybody around you for this week and throughtout the year of course 😉
    Chris x

  6. Jitender says:

    Ho! Good for them.And you too.Jitender Saan- I need immigration sponsorship- darkspace … where truth is revealed (well, sometimes)- Television Addiction

  7. deepu says:

    Hi Sweets
    That indeed is a great news! And I m very glad to know that. Hey Isa is tying the note? That’s another beautiful thing to know….God loves….
    How are you doing>?
    I m just going off to some sort of study leave…I think it is better to study sth than blinking during xam eh?
    Have a nice time

  8. Ruma says:

    Hello Sweeti! This is an absolutely real, soul-stirring love story, time-tested and solid! Thank you for this amazing true life story of courage and hope. When one reads of such brave souls, one feels ashamed to be bogged down with lesser and trivial worries of life. God is very much there, and May his Blessings be with Michael and his new wife.Love, Ruma.

  9. Trine Lise says:

    Hi Sweeti:)
    Dropping by, I haven’t been all that much online lately. But now, at least for like a month, I’ll get my act together and drop by more often:-) Promise!!
    Aww… soooo happy to hear that Michael is doing so good, and that the wedding is back on!!
    All the good wishes in the world to them, they deserve it so much, they have really gone through enough now. Now they should live happily ever after, if that’s a possibility outside the fairytales;)

  10. Puneet says:

    It was wonderful to hear from you after so long on my blog. Yes your guess was right, my those lines were about nature. Now I’ve just put up English rendition of the same to help you savour it. Here is wishing all the best to Michael and Isa. They are bravehearts, no doubt, braving many a storms together, now with marriage coming to them like sweet drops of rain, they must cool down and forget all the miseries, and enjoy it together, All the very best to them. Real life incidents like this always reinforce our faith and trust in Almighty, whether you call him Allah or Christ or Buddha or Rama. Any name but the soul is the same. Ok Bye , Have a nice time, just be on my blog and let me know

  11. Adrian says:

    Great and inspiring story / post. I wish them all the best life has to offer! 🙂

  12. sonia says:

    Hello Sweeti,how are you? Things have not been very great at my end!!  Hope all is and remains well with you !! I will be back soon to read all that i  have missed !  Take care and God Bless !!

  13. Jacqui's says:

    I’m so glad to hear about Michael! That is happy news!
    Take care..hugs!

  14. Jacqui's says:

    I’m so glad to hear about Michael! That is happy news!
    Take care..hugs!

  15. Jacqui's says:

    I’m so glad to hear about Michael! That is happy news!
    Take care..hugs!

  16. Alien Hunter says:

    Hello Sweeti,
    That is such great news that Michael is doing well. When a person stands by someone who is extremely sick, that is true love and nothing can ever break that bond. I know.
    Thank you for thinking of me with the freaks and their problems. I have tried to keep that part away from others so they would not be attacked by the freaks. Unfortunately, someone went around acting like they were me and people got hurt. Ruma even got hit by the nasty freak. That made me angry. The people who hurt others do so because they hurt so much themselves deep inside, they hate themselves and want others to feel the same way. I pity them for being so full of self hate and anger. A person who is standing for TRUTH cannot be hurt or at least I can’t. I enjoy reporting the freaks to MSN.
    Peace, Love, & Blessings. {{HUG}}

  17. Trouble says:

    That is some news Sweeti! I’m happy for Michael 🙂
    May God bless the couple!
    How have you been? I’ve been quite busy, as usual, and will be so for another 2 weeks, most probably.. phew! 🙂

  18. Princess says:

    great news girl :)I’m really very happy for them.Only very few survive such obstacles in life.Convey my regards,-Aiz.

  19. Ipshita says:

    that s a greattttttt news sweeti!!!!!! see, being together n having faith is the key to hope n hope encompasses all!  🙂 all the best to them.
    and its good to see u r happy now.. 🙂
    see u!

  20. Renuka says:

    I came to your space thru Michica. I am glad I came, This is so touching it brought tears to my eyes. I wish the couple all the joy and happiness in the world. Their love is true and beautiful, Its rare to see such love..Wishing you happiness, joy, peace and sunshine. I will visit again and read more of your blogs…

  21. Ruma says:

    Hi Sweeti! How have you been? I just dropped by to say Hello and tell you that Sonia has updated her space. Please visit her site and find out what kept her away for so long. Life is full of testing times, and it is upto each one of us to take up the challenges. May God grant each and every one strength in moments of crisis…as He is helping Sonia.Love, Ruma.

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