Blacksburg Virginia Tech
To night at the campus   …..  they remember the 32 students who where killed….shot. ….
Time of crime
7.45 am The police of the university gets a message abt an incident in  a studenthostel …2 students  killed….Police advised the other students to stay inside.
Police think its abt a family fight…
All the employes and students got an email with a short note abt the killing.. In the media is a first message abt the incident with the 2 dead students.
Police of the university get a fone call abt gun shots…in Norris Hall.Police cant get inside the building coz the doors were blocked.
After short time they brake up the door. Inside they hear gun shots on the first floor…When they arrive there………. the shooting stops.
The police find the shooter in a puddle of blood..
An insane killermachine   "
Police find 32  students..  Each body had at least 3 shot wounds…
he had just one goal…..to kill as much as he could……
He wrote a note..
Its all ur fault   
Is it?????? 

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8 Responses to WhY?

  1. Isabel says:

    Yes I want to say too…
    That is so tragic…and all that people with severe depressions,
    young ones..
    The wold became too competitive…some just cant take it.
    So sad!

  2. Jitender says:

    Actually, yes it is.

  3. Atique says:

    Well its true if Love wud have been sitting at home all day and holding hands then life would have been boring \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\Also Love is not owning someone, you are right. But with love comes a lot of possessiveness which u cannot avoid….This is when a person who thinks being possessive is good would feel he is so caring….On the other hand if  someone thinks being possessive is not good would feel he/she is being harassed or is in jail…Take care !!!Atique…

  4. Nanci says:

    thats really horrible….well he had a reason to do that, but i just dont understand WHY?!!!why kill???

  5. Adrian says:

    A mis-guided soul!  May God have mercy on us all..

  6. Rama says:

    It was an incident that shocked the whole world.My prayers goes out to all the students and the teachers who lost their lives in the hands of a mentally deranged fellow. I trust this will  be a wake up call to all Americans to take a strong stand against the prevailing  gun culture.
     BTW we also celebrate our new year during the same time as the srilankans, especially people belonging to the southern parts of India. Well have a nice day, love Rama.

  7. Rebel5449 says:

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