Sri Lankan

Sri Lankan madness

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  1. Ashwini says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    Sorry for the delayed response. How have you been? It is quite disappointing what you wrote about the child beheading a suspect. Sometimes I wonder does it make sense for more people to be born an to be mislead into all these activities. It would be better if no more people are born, so that these fanatics dont fill poison into anybody’s heart. But this is a bitter part of life and great effort is needed in dealing with this. Can’t just take on a negative attitude and close our eyes to it.
    I have not been writing on my blog regularly as you can see. I got caught up in a lot of work and was too tired to blog from home. All the chatting and emailing sites have been banned at work. 😦
    In the first week of April I had attended a 7 day yoga program, where they taught us to meditate. It is helping me a lot. Tomorrow is a 2 hour session, I am looking forward to it.
    You tell me, whats new? How is life?
    take care
    🙂 thanks for the warm hug… sending one to you too

  2. deepu says:

    heyy Sweets..
    ohhh already 244 oz have made!!!
    i just wonder…..sorreee i think your friends back there will have to shed a few drops of tears..
    so how are you doing?

  3. Kimberly Me says:

    It’s me, Jaime.  Well, my real name is Kim and I have a new space…"I Want to Tell You More."  Come see me.  I’ve missed you so much.  Congrats to Sri Lanka!
    Sweetie Kim  🙂

  4. Abs says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    Hope you’r having a good weekend! :O)  I would love to keep in touch with you….Thanks!! 
     I am adding you to my friends list ( hope you accept) Love your outlook on life & look forward to getting to know you.
    TC & TTYS

  5. Alicia says:

    Hey, I’m dropping by to say hi.:) How is life for you?:)

  6. pilgrimJ says:

    hi Sweeti
    thanks for your encouraging comment on my space.
    yes… I hope I can both follow Jesus and not have to sacrifice too much around me.
    but as with Abraham… I think we must be ready to give it up if God asks
    but often (like in Abraham’s case), He is just "testing" to see whether we love Him more than the things/people He gives us.
    hope you are well!
    God bless!

  7. The says:

    I felt bad when Srilankan lost yest! they needed this win… the country is suffering at a lot these days… they needed something to rejoice! alas! but the funny part was when Aussies started celebrating even before winning… lol! 🙂
    Sanath and Sangakara could have made it! bad luck!
    my frnds always know that i’m Mr. Flirt! they take it for granted! even my boss! but am i? i dont think so!…. hehe!

  8. hamada says:

    Lovely I Like!!!I again Like and I ADORE!!!As a rose scarlet in handsYours I gently blossom!!!And the World is finer every day,In fact together we with you together!!!… You have punched light in my soulHaving told with love: " Wait! More safely! "… And heart whispers to me: " Forgive! "" Accept love him – RESCUE! "In fact he my Angel, Light in night,And in a life there is no more strongly a love!… him liked and waited,he in heart was with me always…… But the CENTURY of separation that laterMy love all so is strong…. Also has not died away my fire!!!he in heart was mine!.. It is deep…… I love you, my Angel!!!… You a bird of happiness for me,My heart for you,And my life believe… YOURS!!!

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