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SeX or Violence

Why do so many parents get upset when their kids see sex, but not even blink an eye when they’re exposed to violence on TV, in movies or in video games?   Only in the United States is sex considered … Continue reading

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Let me  standing in the pouring rain with my head faced to the ground.. I need to be alone……….   The first drops  …where like tears running down my face I liked the way ur fingers were running through my hair…. a kiss….   … Continue reading

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Often i regret my words, but never my silence    Nidhi   Rest  now….U had ur battle. U surrendered   …. U had to fight with unfair weapons The enemy  killed u mentally Plz Guide us from heaven Life was to short … Continue reading

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My Trip

Thursday morningWe left home around 10.45   AM Everything  was packed…Mountain shoes…raincoats…..and a good mood. After a big traffic  jam we arrived around 1.45   PM… Shaked hands  with the Hotel owner (he knows us by now … its i think the … Continue reading

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On Adventure

Thursday morning im leaving for the Ardens   ….  a lil TIME OUT.. I Need a break  … If ur interested  Here im hanging out We going to do some adventure stuff   .. But Sunday evening  ill be back….. bye bye … Continue reading

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When u keep silent towards ur teacher  abt the things u dont know…. he cant teach u. To admit ur ignorance is mostly the first step to gather knowledge. Thoreau said…"How can we grow when we dont know anymore the … Continue reading

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Buddha’s lost children

  Director  Mark Verkerk(Dutch guy)  stayed a year in the heart of the "Golden Triangle" to make this moving and touching movie.   Excellent documentary about a man, Phra Kru Ba Neua Chai, that used to be a professional Thai … Continue reading

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We dont see the world the way HE is but like WE are …or..  like  we are conditioned to see him  

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Miss you nights

Ive had many times I can tell youTimes when innocence Id trade for companyAnd children saw me cryingI thought Id had my share of thatBut these miss you nights are the longest Midnight diamonds stud my heavenSouthward burning like the … Continue reading

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Today    was the big day for one of my special friends…..First time flying…..   And  nerves …  MY God….i did not know that a person could be that nervous…..Questions  all over me….Its of course a big event… first  time  u do something…hmmmmmmm .its … Continue reading

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