Today    was the big day for one of my special friends…..First time flying…..
And  nerves …  MY God….i did not know that a person could be that nervous…..Questions  all over me….Its of course a big event…
first  time  u do something…hmmmmmmm .its for everything in life dont u think…..???? and some  nerves……  is….   exciting
well  his on his way to the airport now  …..Hope the bus will not get a flat tyre….coz i think he will go bananas……
and i told him   ( I gave good advise) when ur in plane….concentrate on the gorgious stewardesses…..and let them pamper u…(U know this person  is a huggybear … im sure he will get special attention  from the ladies…..His always  been such a sweeti.U know some guys have that..they are not special handsome   but   welll…..u know……
he will give me sms when his at his destination….so  just wait  and im doing some prayers ….  that his not on the wrong plane..
and now..
im going  outside  Enjoying the sun (its extremily hot here for the time of the year….already for 3 weeks…
Ladies and gentlemen  this  woman   goes outside… bikini….on the bed in the garden    ..with a drink…and my sunglasses …..and relax….
wow my nose bleeding started again……pressure???? well i dont know….maybe  i have to much and it has to come out somewhere ..haha….
so   bye bye    and  oeps   i have to take some cream with me……my skin is a bit toooooo sensitive

inmagine inmagine

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14 Responses to Thursday

  1. Princess says:

    hi sweeti,Your presence there made me happy :)Evrything has a first attempt to do….. if we hesitate then how will get the success which is awaiting on the next few steps..My first flight is also too thrilling…… *Awesome.Take care dear,much luv,-Aiz.

  2. Princess says:

    me first……yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (^_^)

  3. Sp¥deя says:

    Just a gif(t) from me for U. Indi

  4. deepu says:

    helo Sweets..i ll be delighted to get the meaning of tis song..and plese send this one too if yuo dontm ind..ha?and if you know the meaning of Nindanoa song that also plse….here is my id,
    you hav few questions to answer in my space..
    so tat glass is to collect blood or wat?hope ur ok, ha?have a lovly time…

  5. Sp¥deя says:

    Yes very sensual Enrique. YOu like him I like Bey.LOve  kisses & hugs Indi xoxox

  6. Ruma says:

    Hello Sweeti,                All the best to your friend for his first-time flight. The thought is a little scary, but with experience he’ll get hold of his nerves. BTW, if you show off your gorgeous figure in a bikini in your back garden, you might disturb his concentration, and he’ll be crash-landing near you… do spare a thought for the poor guy and others who happen to fly overhead!! 🙂              Sweeti, please visit my cousin Mimi’s space. She is a young journalist, married, and a new mother. She is presently based in the UK. Her URL is: will be delighted to hear from you, as she reads your comments in  my space regularly and likes you.Bye for now, and take care of sunburns and over-exposure.            Love, Ruma.

  7. sillygloop says:

    First times are quite memorable and I hope your friend has a gr8 experience and enjoys his flight. Summer has thankfully gone down to a simmer here in Bangalore and that allows some roaming around during the day! N seems like you’re all set for a fun summer…have a whale of a good time 🙂

  8. Sp¥deя says:

    I LOVE UUUU…kisses Indi. have a great night….

  9. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti San,
    This young man was a bit nervous that so cute…when I was first flying to Hawai there I was so exciting with other three friends..
    because not alone that makes different  and it more busy time chatter way with friends..
    The pictures is yours??????? Awesome body, yes you needed a lot of cream ..somebody help you?????????
    you had bleeding again from your nose …Let me see! you must have too much excitements D=xxxxxxx do you know everything in the moderation ha ha ha 
    Enjoy your weekend

  10. deepu says:

    heyy Sweets a biiiig thanks to you..thats a reallly beautiful song….lines are really pleasing, soothin…
    wen time permits you plese sent me that song too, ha?
    so how are you?njoying going round in sunbathing?there u r njoying sun n ni this part of the world..ohhhh
    have a nice time…

  11. Ipshita says:

    hey sweeti!
    long time! how r u? am fine.
    and yes, travelling for the first time on plane- it’s nerve wracking, in my opinion. i still remember mine when I was nervous like anything but i was going to meet my father so i was not very nervous.. 🙂 hehe..
    but yea, god be with him and he’ll be fine. its just one of those " firsts in life- like first times” u knw wht i mean.
    see u!

  12. Ruma says:

    Hi Sweeti, Where are you? Long time no news. I think you’re still busy soaking up the sun in your backyard? Well, take care, and do remember to drop by!            Love, Ruma.

  13. Sp¥deя says:

    a href="; target="_blank"><img src="; border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a>
    great weekend Indi…

  14. Sp¥deя says:

    I say me hunny, I’m sick of land. The sea, the sea is what I crave. With it’s billowing waves of foam, and it’s endless blue.
    Jack….the Sparrow allways flies. My 3-rd movie is in the air… and here’s my favourite vid..

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