We dont see the world the way HE is
but like WE are
 like  we are conditioned to see him

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7 Responses to world

  1. Phoenix says:

    I’m not exactly sure what this blog means so if it’s purpose is to make you think about it, you’ve certainly achieved that! When you say the way HE is, do you mean the world? I’ve always looked at the world as a SHE for some reason.
    Anyway, I love the diper idea, I can just picture her with it on! Your right about the pee pee and kak side of things, hopefully I will be able to train her enough before I leave so she doesn’t wreck my camper van!
    Best regards
    Phoenix -x-

  2. Shruti says:

    Hi Sweeti, Hmm, rightly said..we always perceive the world as we are…Nice pic…Take care..

  3. Chris says:

    Hey you
    How are you? I see this space gets more and more features everytime I come to visit. The dancing guy with butterfly wings was pretty funny. Reminds me of a few times I drink too much, lol. Interesting quote. Most of the time, people always seem to see things through their own perspectives and not through that of others or as said in a comment below ‘the way we are’. Brings some interesting thought. Well, I hope you’re week has started spritely and I wish you well as always my little heroine (not the drug) 😛
    Chris x

  4. Vijay says:

    True…our vision is clouded by our education and experiences. It defines how we interpret what we see. Rain doesn’t seem gr8…hope the sunshine starts ruling again…soon!

  5. Sp¥deя says:


  6. Princess says:

    evrything is our perception, the way we see it and not the way it is…very true thought..

  7. Phoenix says:

    Hiya Swetti,
     This may sound daft but I wanted to share a thought with you. I read your blog again and whilst I was looking out at the city from  my kitchen window something occured to me. The view out of my window looks across a river towards a part of the city that lies on a hill, I know its a hill because the houses at the bottom are lower than the ones at the top, but where’s the hill?, all I can see are houses.
    We’ve conditioned alot of this world to suit our needs/wants, not only with cities but with farmland, deforestation, mining, dam building,the list is endless.This planet has provided us with the resources to create all  the wonders we see around us, but at what cost? It’s time to give back something to the world we’ve taken so much from.
    Best wishes,
    Phoenix -x

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