My Trip

Thursday morning
We left home around 10.45   AM Everything  was packed…Mountain shoes…raincoats…..and a good mood. After a big traffic  jam we arrived around 1.45   PM… Shaked hands  with the Hotel owner (he knows us by now … its i think the 10th time we visit… He has a lil baby girl now….I Have pic of  that cutie..Its a doll….(Check my photo album) 

We always have same room   Nr6  LOL…with a beautiful bathroom with drawings in the mirrors around the bathtub……… unpacked  and went for the first easy walk in the mountains…Its a kinda warming up… To get the legs used to the climb …

After a Bath and a good dinner….slept like a baby….hmmmmmmmmm 

Second day  was a bit heavier….Blood sweat ….and NO tears  lol…  

Third day  was the most heavy one….a group of friends  were with us ..  doing the walk of stairs…its only for very trained persons…( Brag  Brag) .Its not allowed for ppl with heart probs……..Its really awesome….When ur on the top  and u look down   well…u get goose bumps….The height is taken ur breath….The green tops of the trees …..and the river who is going his way between the mountains…and a lil sunshine…..and the Silence  ……

Advise: When u want  to climb to the top.. . U have to put ur feet like Charlie Chaplin….and  using every root form the trees u can get. Coz  there are moments   …that ur body likes to go backwards….

I must confess  …i had 2 slips… handpalms were very red….but im oke…A lady slipped For 20 meter….she yelled  like a pig…going down…She is oke…No probs…but very scared  after that .. 

Tired but with a feeling of satisfaction we all went to our hotel  ..had shower  Dinner… And a good night sleep…

Sunday morning….for the last time  a last climb…..My God…again a heavy one……and then  driving home   …………….Home sweet home….

Thats it  Guys….and if u wanna see some pics…..visit  my Photo album (Not yet   Its giving me probs  to add…

If u wanna see my pics

I cant add here   Can somebody help me????????PLZZZZZZZZZZ

Breaking news    ….pics are in the album I did it!!!!!  Had to to some tricks…

abracadabra  and here they are



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30 Responses to My Trip

  1. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti San,
    Welcome home! It sound you had hard time then enjoy yourself? a beautiful bathroom with BIG MIRRORS? I have losted confidence in looks ha ha ha
    I’m glad you don’t hurts yourself and your friends too.
    I look forward to see the photos. 
    Have a good rest in your own bed.

  2. Princess says:

    exciting trip it seems :)mountain climbing would be a thrilling experience I guess..Take care,-Aiz.

  3. Arun says:

    welcome back…so this time u climbed till top…..i think last time u said due to rain couldnt climb till top….anyways upload pic….and wats the height of the moutain???

  4. Gaurav says:

    haha…looks like u had a very nice time!! Hope the lady who fell 20 mtrs is fine.

  5. Phoenix says:

    Sounds like you had a great time, I wish I could get the time to go hill climbing but work is stopping me just now, I look forward to seeing your photo’s. What height are the hills you climb? Have you been mountain climbing for long?
     The bull incident was no laughing matter!! If the bulls had decided they didn’t like me I would have been in trouble, I was kind of cornered, with a whole field to cross to get away from them or a river to jump in (which I was contemplating!), luckily for me I’m quite small and obviously didn’t pose a threat to them (phew!). I had an incident with a bull (nothing serious) when i was 8 and it left me very weary of them.
     My Dad is a great student (very clever) and picks up on things easily, I wish the people I train at work had the same mentality!
    Anyway I’d better get back to work (skiving again!), I’m glad you got home safe and well and I’ll hear from you again soon.
    Phoenix -x-

  6. Ruma says:

    Hi Sweeti! No wonder I haven’t heard from you all this while! You were busy climbing hills! Great to know you had such an active holiday, and didn’t land up with any serious bruises. I will definitely try accessing the photos you have. Meanwhile, take care of yourself, and pamper yourself after this hectic holiday!Bye and keep smiling!                                   Love, Ruma.

  7. pooh says:

    hey di how ya doin??
    so u were busy climbin d hillz,wow! din knw dat my di is so adventrous huh….
    now look aftr ur self n relax 4 smtym… ya lotz..
    keep smilin:-)

  8. Saurabh Dhall says:

    have a nice trip 🙂

  9. deepu says:

    helo s been a coupl of days since i came how r u feling now after ur break? i m sure
    u had a jolly time ther didnt you?
    ohh yes, it s all seen there…now i sure for few days you r gonna have a feeling of ‘home sickness’
    all the jumbing n climbing i think should have made u drop a ew pounds ha?
    keep njoy those lovely moments…

  10. Phoenix says:

    Hiya Sweeti,
       I don’t know how you do it, but you always hit the nail on the head! Mole is a true friend, you know the ones you can speak to about anything, will help you without thinking twice about it, makes you smile (even when you don’t feel like it), the list could go on for ever, you know what I mean yes? I’ve got four friends in my life like that and I always feel privaliged to call them my best mates.
     I know very little about you Sweeti, but I do know you fall into that category of friend. You can tell your a good person and I envy the friends you have close to you, I bet theres never a dull moment and always a shoulder to cry on when your going about. As with my real friends, I’m privaliged to have great cyber friends, especially your lovely self, take care.-x-
    Phoenix -x-

  11. Phoenix says:

    A damsel in distress?…hope I can be your knight in shining armour! Why are you having problems with uploading pics? Where is it all going wrong? Don’t ya just hate computers sometimes!??
    Phoenix -x-

  12. Renuka says:

    Hello Sweeti,
    Lovely mountain climbing, comfortable room and hard climb, friends for company…good time spent…wishing you all the best…

  13. sonia says:

    Hello Sweeti,how are you?
    The holiday sounds grt.and quite hectic…..closest to nature that one can get…..nature at its best !! Bathroom with big mirrors…hmmmmmmm….thats interesting ;)…lol
    hope the hands have healed,now you need a holiday for some pampering with massages and packs at a spa …:D
    How have you been? I am sorry for the delay in visits,i was not blogging very back for sure now :d!1
    Hope all is grt with you!
    Enjoy and tc,

  14. The says:

    hehe! had a good time! right? wow! i wish i could fly up the mountains!!! nowwwwwwwww!!!!
    poor me!
    thanks for understanding the end of the story… the girl who commented before u, asked me many times why it had to end like that 😦
    yes, eyes dnt lie.. but there r two things
    1. can we all read the truth in the eyes
    2. even when we do understand, dnt we strive for more.. few words, few touches and few more!

  15. ahmed says:

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    nice space

  16. Phoenix says:

    Hi Sweeti,
                    Sadly I’ve never encountered problems uploading pics before, I say sadly, I’m actually glad really because I  get extremely stressed out when computers don’t work! I’m asuming your pics are on a file somewhere on your computer (or did you not manage that far?). I’ve only been blocked once putting pics on my space, a box came up and told me to hold down Ctrl button and try again, did you get anything like that? Wish I could help you more Sweeti, sorry -x-
    I had a look at your pics, that look’s great fun, although I must admit I am weary about heights sometimes, especially the photo looking down at your feet, cliffs like that make me a bit dizzy! It looks a beautiful place to explore. I love the photo of the cat (yours?), she/he is cute. Anyway, off to bed, hope you solve the pic problem. 
    Phoenix -x-

  17. Puneet says:

    Hi sweeti
    I noted that you couldnt read my last post as hindi is greek for you. so here it is, my that post’s english translation for my non hindi speaking friends. Just posted it on my space. Bye and take care

  18. Puneet says:

    Hi sweeti
    I noted that you couldnt read my last post as hindi is greek for you. so here it is, my that post’s english translation for my non hindi speaking friends. Just posted it on my space. Bye and take care

  19. Puneet says:

    Hi sweeti
    I noted that you couldnt read my last post as hindi is greek for you. so here it is, my that post’s english translation for my non hindi speaking friends. Just posted it on my space. Bye and take care

  20. Puneet says:

    Hi sweeti
    I noted that you couldnt read my last post as hindi is greek for you. so here it is, my that post’s english translation for my non hindi speaking friends. Just posted it on my space. Bye and take care

  21. Enter says:

    Sounds like u’re preparing for some uphill Olympics 🙂 Climbs are definitely not for the weak of heart nor for those who are not ready to put their body thru the grind (pat urself on the back and give a strongman muscle pose 🙂 Regarding the pics…what is the error/problem u’re facing?
    And guess what, I write about how hot it is and it pours cats n dogs in Bangalore and leaves me completely drenched too! It was fun getting wet right down to my soggy sneakers but I’m probably gonna be sneezing away for a few days. Thankfully, another Chennai trip is in the offing n that would be another week of sweltering heat with the beach there to cool off in the evenings.
    U take care n enjoy the day!

  22. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti San,
    it was great the photos especially moss grown the mountain range that’s beautiful and orchid which I likes very much.
    Now you need a special treatment facial,body masque,pedicure etc ha ha ha
    have a nice day,
    Lovexxxxxxx Michiko

  23. dying2die says:

    hi there Sonia..
    hope u r well
    wow u had an awesome time it seems.. gla dto hearthat
    God bless u
    take care

  24. Rama says:

    It was great to read about ur trip. We all need to take such breaks once in a while, and come back highly energised. Love Rama.

  25. pandora says:

    Hi there Sweeti,
    Nice Space you have here.
    Enjoyed wattching your pictures.
    All the best

  26. sillygloop says:

    I do have ac in my office but in bangalore there’s no problem with heat. It’s in chennai where it really gets hot n there’s no office to go n cool off in ac…of course I could buy a small ac but then folks at home are sure it’s gonna make me more lazy 🙂 So when i visit chennai i gotta sweat it out n then relax at the beach in the evenings…come to think of it i seldom walk on the sand/sea…i just sit down by the beachside promenade n chat with friends while we enjoy the cool breeze.
    I’m not sure what’s the complete picture problem but for a start u may wanna just put in 1 pic and see how it goes. Ping me on IM and if I’m around n not on calls I can try helping u right away.

  27. mamman says:

    nice narration of ur activity so keep the same spritis :—}}}}}}}}

  28. sonia says:

    Hello sweeti,
    Can imagine it being dangerous….ut thats what gives many the "thrill"…the "high" ! Glad you had fun and the hands have healed !! Sometimes its nice to be away from all and be as close to nature as one can to reconnect with oneelf and the natural surroundings !!
    What has happened is a passing phase and i have emerged stronger,more thankful to Him and will get at peace with my internal conflicts……thanks :") !! Looking forward now……..for yes has gone by and tom will come…..
    Have a grt day,

  29. pandora says:

    Hi Sweeti!
    Thanks for visiting My Space and for the nice message.
    Have a wonderful day!
    I’ll come back again.

  30. sillygloop says:

    Pics are certainly in and make ur space seem lush green. Enjoy the weekend!

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