Often i regret my words,
but never my silence



Rest  now….U had ur battle.

U surrendered   ….

U had to fight with unfair weapons

The enemy  killed u mentally

Plz Guide us from heaven

Life was to short for u

Life aint fair….


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13 Responses to Regrets

  1. Mandeep says:

    what a thought sweeti  . . often i regret my words but not my silence  . . 
     but some times i do regret my silence . .  sometimes i feel i shuld have said this or that when i keep numb in a situation  ..
    hmm . . nice ..
     after so many days m back to blogging . . and i see these new fundu stuff . . . gadgets . .  you-tube etc ..  stuff . .  which i dnt knw how to use . . neva mind .   . .  will get accostmed wid this stuff . . lol .
    so how r u sweeti ?? . .hows life ??
    . . .
    manD . .  !!

  2. deepu says:

    heyy sweets stil njoying those lovely moemtns??hehe, com on wake up….now u gotta put up that lost kg…ummm quite strong ha?
    no need not if u are sleeping, others are sleeping,  depu is sleeping..hehehe…have a nice time

  3. icy says:

    they say if speech is sliver then silence is golden..but many times silence may create more silences btw ppl when each may be waiting for the other to break it..
    so u had a great great holiday!love

  4. The says:

    love these words
    as i say, if we’ve right to speak, we’ve right to remain silent also!
    isnt it?

  5. Nanci says:

    hey!I enjoyed watching the photos, and I love to do those things, climbibg, mountain etc… and the motos…!!! waw!!!! tahts really cool!!! I wish to do the same :D:D:D:D:D

  6. Jacqui's says:

    Hi Sweeti
    Hope this finds you well! Just wanted to pop in and say hello.

  7. pilgrimJ says:

    you are right
    silence is often better than words…
    thanks for the wisdom…
    haha… don’t worry… I will still have a life…
    though I am busy +++, I still have time to enjoy what God has given around me.. 🙂
    God bless!

  8. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti San,
    WOW! Am I became the proffessor in the flowers since when ha ha ha
    you gave me a headache the momentLOL!  this Regrets: what you said sometimes hurt people if you said wrong thing to them?
    At present time I needs Guide from heaven for my appointment with my doctor on the 28th May….I just don’t want to have more tested …thank goodness my rashes is gone from yesterday….I had from 7th April…Yucky….
    these days my golfing with in 100 metre (short game) are disappeared…an especially putting green…because of that I having a hard time now,  the last Wednesday I lost game from a friend "one point." it was frustrating, Well next times….
    thank you for read my whinge( this word may be only Australia) Complained.
    Have a great day,

  9. Isabel says:

    Hey dear Sweeti!!
    What a beautiful poem…
    Sorry my late reply but I have been so busy these days…
    In a way that its good for me I think I was too long online and
    I dont want to make the computer my Guru!!!
    Still I miss my great friends, and I opened my comments again…
    Have a great Sunday!
    Hugs from ISA
    P.S. Gess where Ill be traveling soon??

  10. dr. says:

    sometimes it’s words that get us into troubles but other times silence do that too
    but i prefer to regret my silence on regretting my words
    love  those words sweeti
    take care

  11. Arun says:

    who is nidhi

  12. sant says:

    for your
    lots of love
    hope to enjoy

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