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Chasing Cars

Relaxing time . I love this song and wanna share it with u… Here are the lyrics ….. and You tube is playing now We’ll do it allEverythingOn our own We don’t needAnythingOr anyone If I lay hereIf I just … Continue reading

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The Big BANG!!!

We certainly know that our universe exists, however, this knowledge alone has not satisfied mankind’s quest for further understanding. Our curiosity has led us to question our place in this universe and furthermore, the place of the universe itself. Throughout … Continue reading

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    The fragrance stays behind in the hand of the one  …… who gives to rose..     This sentence i read  in my lil book The thousand  ways to Enlightment  of David Baird…   This lil book was given … Continue reading

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Churaya Tune Chain

 Vijay ..  One day  ur songs will be played in Bollywood  movies…… Churaya Tune Chain Churaya Tune Chain

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Mother love

Plz watch this You tube video…. Thx Duminda  for sending this special video…   Its incredible ….  how this  wild  jaguar  mom….. cares for this lil baby monkey….   Puneet  thx  for the info   abt motherlove with animals… I quote  ur words..   … Continue reading

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  If ur head and heart  are going the right way U dont have to worry abt ur feet

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Death is wispering Hello

  Death needs no invitation, to cross paths with lifeIt is a constant of life, that breathes into the body Then suffocates every element… of its existenceMakes Death all so dominant at th’ eleventh hour Yet, if you believe in … Continue reading

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