This evening im in a mess………….i should write it down here  The reason Why i mean…..but i cant
my words get stuck in my troath. Things happen …and i can do nothing abt it…
My tears are filling my eyes   i hardly see my screen…
I know i sound  vage    i know…
Why do i feel so hurt…
My day was so joyfulll…Had such a good time at office….a bit busy  ..but with nice colleagues…with a very joyfull attitude….
and then   ..
Its like a punch in my face….no in my heart….no in my soul….IM HURT…..
I dont get this……
May be to morrow…….when there is a newday  with sunshine……..i feel better
My god  Why im i so sensitive…I need to be stronger   and use my Middle finger more…and put some coton wool im my ears
Time back  a friend said to me…
Put ur self in a plastic ball and push away the negative things ….
I tried…tis evening….
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8 Responses to Need

  1. Jitender says:


  2. Saksinee says:

    Happiness is a butterfly which,
    when pursued, is always beyond our grasp
    but if you will sit down quietly,
    may alight upon you
    Hope you are a lot better now…Sweeti…

  3. Saksinee says:

    Message from my friend asked me to pass around….

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    I will then have a collection of recipes which other people and I can compare to see who does make the hottest chilli dish.
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  4. Phoenix says:

    Hiya Sweeti,
                      I came on to reply to your last comment and tell you how I always smile when I read something from you, sadly that isn’t the case today.
     I hope it was ‘something’ rather than ‘someone’ that has hurt you today as I can’t imagine why anyone would want to hurt someone as nice as you. You are a sensitive person (as am I) and thats what makes you so special, the plastic ball thing doesn’t sound a bad idea I suppose but I’d personally go with the middle finger one myself!
     I’m sure a new day will fade your anguish a bit and you will be back to your normal shinny self again soon, in the mean time, try and smile….remember; your beautiful when you smile! 🙂
    Thinking of you.
    Phoenix -x-

  5. deepu says:

    helo are you doing now? oops,. here you hav the answer too, wats hapening at ur side? u hurt? this sounds bit sth..ha?yeaa let morrow bring you new sunshine of hope, love n reassurence, or else just listen to ‘paaya en’ hehe n you are gonna ok..
    so me back after a short mumbai trip. just went there beofre the classes would start…i tihnk i missed a lot of action in the process, so i m just catching up with it all….hugs

  6. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    Whats happent you! a few days ago you were top of the world cars and it seems evrything rosily then I was so happy fo you..
    today you have 95 degrees upside down that I felt sad for you …don’t takes notice from other people too much? 
    by now you are feeling better please keep smile go to drive somewhere get lets off your worried……
    By the way we have a long weekend(Queen’s Birthday)Amen
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  7. Ipshita says:

    Things will be okay in the enD! 🙂 it’s true sometimes you do feel unsettled and kinda disturbed but then soon things will be fine.. :):) don’t worry.. take care and just do your best.
    be happy.
    and yes, i have a new blog now! 🙂

  8. Ipshita says:

    yeah.. 🙂 good to know you’re fine now.. i changed my blog coz i was bored with my old one.. and change is good. :):)
    take care. thnks for coming!
    see u!

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