Death is wispering Hello


Death needs no invitation, to cross paths with life
It is a constant of life, that breathes into the body
Then suffocates every element… of its existence
Makes Death all so dominant at th’ eleventh hour

Yet, if you believe in God and His Kingdom After
There be no need to labor o’er your day and hour
And when th’ tongue of th’ Spirit lies down His fire
It’s sign that your soul dwells in Faith and Wisdom

And then Death be just anoth’r passage to everlife
An entity with a nexus to why Death must never die
For without its arrival, your journey not be complete
Death must hav’ yo’r eleventh hour…So y’u may live

Frank James Ryan, Jr.


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22 Responses to Death is wispering Hello

  1. Ruma says:

    Hello Sweeti,               You are clearly still mourning the loss of a good friend. Death does not have any reason. One has to apply the logic that maybe the person’s life on earth was limited to that amount of time only. In our religion, we believe that the question of birth, death, and marriage are upto the Supreme Will of the Lord. Also, that everything and anything in this material world are temporary; the only permanent relationship is between your soul and God. Hence, although the pain is hard to bear, dear Sweeti, please think of it this way: that your friend is happy wherever he is. It is the way the Lord meant it to be.Bye for now. Keep well, keep happy. Love, Ruma.

  2. Jayesh says:

    Hi didi,
    thanks for dropping by my space. sweety is good. i watched the vidoes..some of them are really funny. The carmen electra one was.. like.. gosh.. i am glad they cut the video at the right point.. 🙂
    also your new car looks so cool…VW hard top convertible.. wow.. I would love to ride that one..

  3. Rama says:

    Don’t be so sad Sweety, cheer up and smile ur sweet smile.Love Rama.

  4. Billy says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    Yes, I already passed on your message to Rama. I too sometimes had difficulty entering Rama’s space but for the moment it seems fine.
    You are absolutely right when you said: "i  think when ur open to let this info  get inside u.  age doesnot matter..does it?"
    Firstly, yes, age doesnt matter – its how "wisely" you use the advantage of experience and age. Some people waste away 60 or 70 years of their life, others acquire enlightenment even at a young age.
    And absolutely correct – open up… the key has been well described in one of my posts:
       "Believe you deserve, Endure you become"
    It is not something you "seek" cos you will never find it by seeking. Like DH Lawrence wrote:
    “Those who go searching for love only find their own  lovelessness.  But the loveless never find love. Only the loving  find love.  And they never have to search for it.” (D.H. Lawrence)
    These are the true "divine gifts"… the true "wealth" or treasures of enlightened beings… Wisdom, Love, Joy and Peace… these you do not need to seek, you simply believe you deserve them, have faith you will acquire them, trust in your own ability to accomplish them… and then you endure the hardship of doing the things that harmonize with these deservations… and yes, they come streaming into your life like water down the streams into the oceans. Sometimes they come so fast, you gotta work so hard just to receive all of them truly!
    You see, the beliefs, the faith, the trust… they send out powerful vibrations into the universe and these invariably attract back into your life all the things, the people and the circumstances that harmonize with what you believe you deserve, and its all a matter of seeing the opportunities, enduring the hardship of receiving them, and Bingo! it becomes a part of you.
    The first step is to think positively.
    Well, sweeti, have a great week ahead, think positively, and be well, be blessed.

  5. Jorge says:

    Thanks for keeping up a space with a positive message. With all the negatib=ve tings going on in the world, we all occasionally need an oasis of tranquility to restore us. be well,

  6. sonia says:

    ~hugs~ Sweeti, the above was a very touching read !! If there is no death,how can one describe the fact called being alive !! Ashes to ashes,dust to dust,is a fact,is a must…………we live with the memories that give some solace to the heart and soul !! God Bless !!
    Hope you are feeling better now !!
    Take good care,

  7. Jitender says:

    Oh. Thanks.

  8. deepu says:

    hii Sweets..
    how are you doing? hop everything is fine out there with you..ha?yea ther has to be sth called hope or else everything goes up in the air..and thats the last thing to die..have a nice time

  9. Stav says:

    hello sweetie, life and death are really complicated, but we have to enjoy each of our moments in peace and harmony, and always remember our friends and relatives that love us and love them back. Have a great day!

  10. Trouble says:

    Hey Sweeti!
    Cheer up; that’s the only thing I’d wanna say now 🙂

  11. Rajeev says:

    I remember readin this poem before! wonderful! :)Chin up girl. Its just about the time! thas all! :)btw i deleted my MSN blog. I was really pissed off here. its too slow for me.Drop by my blogger blog sometime. Here is the link.

  12. Phoenix says:

    Hiya Sweeti,  I’m kind of guessing that Deuce^ was having computer problems, it’s either that or he really wanted to get his point across huh!! I just read your blog reagrding the bird songs at dawn, it was really lovely and I’ve got to say that dawn is my favourite time of the day, I love hearing the birds chirp away (although they do wake me up sometimes when I’d rather not be!)
    I hope the sun has strated to rise in your life again although you still sound a bit dull, I’m sure your smile will return soon and brighten up the world around you.
    Sadly I still don’t have my little Angel yet but the dream is getting so close now I can almost touch it! just a few more weeks to go (I hope!).
    Take care of yourself, hear from you soon.
    Phoenix -x-

  13. Rajeev says:

    Hey enable access to ur blogger blog if u have one!Im not able to see it! :Dpeace & loveJeevy

  14. Jayesh says:

    yes didi, good looks, good car and a good soul always catch attention..I hope u will enjoy your car a lot.. :-). How is Chika doing ?

  15. Phoenix says:

    Hey Sweeti,  Really sorry to hear that, my thoughts are with you…stay strong babes -x-
    Phoenix -x-

  16. Jacqui's says:

    Hi Marij
    Heard you are feeling better my friend. This poetry you write in your blogs is beautiful. I also believe that there is a better life waiting in heaven. Take care!

  17. saad says:

    you know Sweeti, here in india, in our hindu mythology, we believe in the rebirth of every soul. the soul never dies. it only changes its form. and sometimes it reappears in the same human form. it depends on your deeds in your present life. thus, if yours acts in this life are good, there’s no need to fear death. even in muslim and christen mythologies, if your deeds are good, you should welcome death with all your heart. in islam, if you die due to some incurable disease or in an accident, you’ll be sent to heaven without any questioning. if an infant dies; along with that child, his / her parents too would be sent to the heaven for they are the parents of a soul who never committed a sin, which is pure in every aspect. death is not the completion of your journey; it’s only a break. i’ve received your mail and have already replied. but server was creating problems that day. so, i’m not sure if you’ve received my reply. take care of yourself Sweeti, best regards,

  18. sillygloop says:

    Life n death are but two sides of the same coin. Just like it’s raining out here and the sun awaits its turn. Maybe sadness will pass and make way for more cheerful times. And with every second that goes away, we look forward to living more seconds in this Life.

  19. Billy says:

    Hello sweeti!
    Thanks for stopping by to tell me… "IM gonna start Billy with think Positiv…whatever pain comes to me…". It made my day, cos it is so rewarding for me to find another soul who believes in the power of positive thinking.
    All the great accomplishments that ever happened in this world started with a positive thought. Thoughts sow the seeds of desires, wholesome desires become good intentions, intentions manifest into belief/faith, and belief/faith brings trust/hope, trust/hope gives direction, direction clears the path of right action, right actions harmonize with your positive thoughts, your wholesome desires and your good intentions… and the truth about achievments is that Right Results can only come from Right Actions. And before you know it… wow! sweeti, the world is at your command! It all started with positive thoughts!
    Just "Ask" by sowing the seeds of good intentions through the power of positive thinking, the divine source of all creation will respond accordingly.
    Believe you deserve, endure you become, and receive your divine gifts with grace, humility, gratitude and joy.
    You are now on the path to true wisdom and great enlightenment.
    Be well, be blessed, be positive.
    btw be happy too!

  20. Laf says:

    Sweetie, how r u? its been a while eh? cheer up sweetie!! take care

  21. Rama says:

    Get off this depressing mood, otherwise u will end up mourning forever, and miss out on many interesting experiences in life. You have experienced a loss and experienced the sadness through this loss, now just look around, and see happiness is beckoning u . Never use the word "I’ll try", always say and feel you are happy. Love Rama.

  22. Billy says:

    Hi sweeti,
    Thank you for your kind wishes.
    Yeah, I really love what you said in my space… a "happy new day" every day… and remember the cliche.. "today is the first day of the rest of my life."
    Thanks for sharing.

    Oh yes. I want to tell you this incredible thing, its like a miracle. Remember what I wrote earlier in your space here about desires, intentions, actions… etc… you know this is simply amazing staight after I wrote those comments from my own thoughts without reference… I came across this passage from Upanishad for the first time when I was reading a book by Deepak Chopra:
       "You are what your deep driving desire is.
         As your desire is, so is your will.
         As you will is, so is your deed.
         As you deed is, so is your destiny."
                           (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad V.4.5)
    Wow! Just as I have written! I dont believe its pure coincidence! Divine blessings perhaps.
    BTW, what you wrote about "happy new day" reminded me of a post I made last year…
       Chelsea Morning
    Okay sweeti, happy new day to you and may you find the strength from within to manifest your own destiny.
    Be well and be blessed.

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