If ur head and heart  are going the right way
U dont have to worry abt ur feet

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8 Responses to If

  1. deepu says:

    wawoo thats a dream car!!i hope you already playd ‘paaya en’ in that..ohh this is well said, but niway, plse look around n make sure there are no pits while you walk!!
    have a lovely weekend SWeets..!!

  2. The says:

    that’s something i was telling my students yesterday!
    they understood wht i meant…. good wisdom..
    will send that to my father for sure
    thanks! 🙂

  3. Jitender says:

    Actually you do.

  4. sillygloop says:

    Yeah…head n heart in the right way takes care of a lot of things in this world. Enjoy a relaxed weekend!

  5. Ruma says:

    Hi Sweeti! Well said! Nice, simple quote that says it all! Take care, and do keep up your fighting spirit! Bye, and all the best!Love, Ruma.

  6. Jacqui's says:

    Hi Marij!
    Josh says hi! I hope you have a great weekend! Any big plans?

  7. Renuka says:

    So true and so sweet…You always leave me smiling with your sweet comments and messages..wat a loving heart and beautiful soul you have…I wish you joy and happiness each day of your life…

  8. Michiko's says:

    Hi sweeti san,
    Indeed! if your head and your heart are not right that cause trouble in life that just simple few word you said…
    it lovely to be here, Big hugs.

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